Thursday, December 3, 2020

Fraud. It's Everywhere, I Tell You!

So much has befallen us during a brief columnar break, it’s hard to choose where to resume. But let’s go with Trump, about whose disregard for and danger to our country there’s no longer doubt.

Maybe he believes his own lie that, but for a massive, super-coordinated plot, involving both parties in several states, undetectably faked ballots, highly selective voting machines, and secrets kept by thousands of people, he won the election. Fraud so carefully constructed that its very invisibility, repeated denial by Republican election officials and now, even Attorney Generally-compliant Barr, PROVES its existence.

Once and always the conman, Trump has raised over $170 million by flooding gullible supporters with pleas to help “save” the election, set up so he can use most of it however he wants. Delusion or deception, out more he rants, in more he rakes.

Millions of planted, nurtured, and harvested Republicans believe. Maybe even Rudy, whose embarrassing act has been serially thrown out of court, even by Trump-appointed federal judges. How laughable must his arguments be for that to happen? 

So, other than furthering the grift with a worrisomely demented forty-six-minute video tirade (“it’s statistically impossible I lost”), what’s Trump doing, amidst the pandemic’s brutal resurgence? Taking charge, honoring his duty of office, putting aside wounded ego for the sake of America? Golfing. Tweeting. Golfing. Lying. And golfing. His “presidency” was always pretense, holding rallies, tweeting, and watching TV, dumping responsibility on others. Taking credit, never blame. Now he’s not even pretending to care.

Above all, history will remember Trump for his deeply destructive, unwell behavior since becoming a loser. Wounded, possibly hallucinating fraud in the absence of evidence, in language so inflammatory it endangers lives, he appears ever more detached from reality, as predicted by his niece, his ghost-writer, and his former bagman.

Yet Congressional Republicans say nothing, as increasingly vicious death threats to truth-tellers, including from Trump’s own lawyer, force recipients to hire bodyguards. This disgrace to America is entirely on Trump.   

Encouraging state legislators to overrule the will of their voters; threatening governors who certified elections; the unwillingness of his party to speak out: it’s a knife to the heart of the Republic without precedent. Long after Trump returns to kicking golf balls back onto fairways, the damage will remain, as his country-forsaking party continues twisting the blade.

Likewise, court-packing Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court majority. In striking down New York’s restrictions on gatherings, they pushed the dagger to the hilt, spinning the First Amendment upside down. Covering all large groups, those restrictions in no way singled-out religion. SCOTUS, though, conferred special status. Like Trump, Church/state separation is on its way out.

In their silence, Republicans show they need Joe Biden’s election to be considered illegitimate, lest he awaken their voters to the damage they and Trump have caused when he addresses it with much-needed seriousness. When competent leadership and a well-intentioned Congress are more vital than any time since the Great Depression, Republicans are AWOL. Even here, where a trounced candidate is similarly Culpable in dismissing results of a fair election. 

Previewing a future stump-speech, shape-shifting Marco Rubio called President-elect Biden “elitist” for bringing educated, qualified, experienced people into government. It’s a time-tested call to the chronically mystified. Future of the Republican Party, other presidential timberlings Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley have chimed in, too, and worse. 

If Trump’s “presidency” is a stain on America that could conceivably fade, the devolution of his party, absent total tearing-down and rebuilding, is permanent. This post-election period has confirmed their disdain for democracy. Party to a minority of our population, it’s in their interest to discredit voting, as they resume what began with the swearing-in of President Barack Obama: obstructing, complaining, offering nothing, no matter the harm. 

Of which Trump’s creating as much as he can on his way out, especially to the environment. And his pardon of conspiracy-mad Michael Flynn, who subsequently called for a military junta, is an act Mr. Barr previously agreed would constitute obstruction of justice. 

Then, for those who dismiss Trump’s Putin-cahootin’, there’s precipitously ending the “Open Skies” treaty to explain. No longer can the US overfly Russia to observe, among other things, troop movements against neighbors. Making sure, he’s having the specially-equipped planes destroyed. And he’s threatening to veto the defense budget, which includes actions against international money-laundering, of which Putin, Russian oligarchs and, allegedly, he have partaken for years.

Post-election Trump is like the burglar who defecates on the bed after stealing a family’s treasures. Which is tricky while wearing a straitjacket. 


  1. In every column you always have one worth remembering, for this one I like "Long after Trump returns to kicking golf balls back onto fairways".
    The best thing about today's column, is, that we are 30 days further into the 2 months and 17 days of insanity that our country must get past.
    After that, we can begin to start plugging the holes in the dam, applying cold-packs to our black eyes, removing the cast for the clomper, and seeing Doc for the after-checkup to see if all the cancer was removed(?).
    I'm not worried at all about the Senate, I actually think they will respond to the new situation, now that they've seen the depths of despair possible.
    This, even if Georgia does the unthinkable...
    (my prediction is that Kamala will never need to cast a deciding's that for audacity!).
    (and, that SCOTUS will NEVER vote in Trump's favor on anything, since, they don't need to be concerned with him ever again)
    On January 20, we'll all get that satisfying sound at the end of the flush, and the tank will fill again.
    I'm even on to imagining what things are possible in what will be a spectacular rebound for our great nation!

    1. I appreciate, but don't entirely share your optimism. We'll see. I'd love to be wrong.

      Kamala would be casting a deciding vote only if both Ds win in GA. Otherwise, Mitch will be able to do what he did when Biden was VP. I don't recall seeing him doing what's right when the public need is greater than his own.

    2. I'm enough of an optimist, that I think both in Georgia will go D, and, that certain R's will always vote bipartisan such that Kamala will not need to cast a decider.
      Foolish optimism? Perhaps.
      But we've been "governed" by a fool for enough time that it will leave lasting impression on Senate R's (not just Collins and Romney, btw).
      The swing of the pendulum includes the swing from lunacy to clear-thinking, and the pendulum has been on the lunatic side long enough that it is on the way back for a just-as-long pause on clear-thinking.

    3. I agree with Anonymous' analogy regarding the "satisfying sound at the end of the flush, and the tank will fill again". I worry though that the tank might "overflow". if not properly adjusted.

    4. :-) I'm overjoyed that the biggest turd this countrary (play on country) has ever produced is fitting through the pipes without backing things up.
      ...though I can think of some effective plungers to make him fit through if it scums (comes) to that.
      Good point on the "overflow", since the pendulum swings from high point through the low point to the other high point.
      I'll hope for moderation to dampen things, and, I think that it will. I trust that Biden/Harris will satisfy the fringes to the extent possible.
      And, frankly, I'm beginning to like AOC. I think she has a good chance of becoming relevant.

  2. My hope is for Biden to immediately sign executive orders transferring funds allocated for building "the great wall" to funds necessary for returning the children in his nazi style concentration camps to their families.

    The world and all American's with a humane conscience will rejoice and be glad.

  3. About Trump's "Transparency"
    He's absolutely transparent: anyone with eyes attached to a brain, can see right through him!


  4. Anonymous,
    I'm gratified that our resistance contributed to the laxative that aided in removing the "Big Turd" from his throne in the White House. His "gut feeling" decision making process was constipating our beloved democracy.

  5. I think this is extremely insightful...

    "If Trump’s “presidency” is a stain on America that could conceivably fade, the devolution of his party, absent total tearing-down and rebuilding, is permanent. This post-election period has confirmed their disdain for democracy. Party to a minority of our population, it’s in their interest to discredit voting, as they resume what began with the swearing-in of President Obama: obstructing, complaining, offering nothing, no matter the harm."

    They can't change if they wanted to. They've all been blackmailed, bribed, threatened etc. This is not a case of "Whewwww, we can go back to normal now that Drumpf's gone."

    They will talk about it, but never do it. Their actions will always be the actions they've been taking. They have to for numerous reasons. They have to, forever.

    What will likely happen is a handful will go back to playing the long con good cop, as the rest of them cut everyone off at the knees. Always fundraising to continue the political war on Democracy.

    We are now fighting a war folks. It's not the pew pew pew kind of war that the Confederate Nazi's are all litterally praying for. It's a war for the future of Democracy. We fight at the ballot box.

    1. Yes, I agree. I've read several pieces lately saying essentially, this is who Republicans are. They are okay with the cheating, lying, grift, subverting Democracy--all of it--if it means they stay in power. They do not love our country and they do not care about Americans.

      This cranky old broad is still up for the fight because I hate them with a white-hot passion I never hated anyone with before--not even my sociopathic ex-husband (now deceased but not my fault).

  6. I'm somewhere in between RE: optimism.

    I can see a good agenda should we win the 2 seats. I can also see total disaster if the alt right owns the senate for 2 more years. Govt. shutdowns unless they get their way, just as it ever was. Use the nations credit rating to get what they want. "Give us what we want or 'merica will die."...Like literally die...Dead for real. They do not care about life. It's power they want and they are getting it.

    Are we tired of being hostages yet? We shall see brother. It can go either way at this point.

    There will be NO negotiating if we get all 3 Potus, house, senate. There will be a blizzard of laws passed and reforms by the train load.


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