Thursday, December 24, 2020

I'm Hardly A Poet, And This Here Will Show It


Rather than writing my usual tome,
I’ll end twenty-twen with a post-Christmas poem.
There’s no point pretending it’s been a good year,
As several things became perfectly clear: 
No longer a nation that’s in it together, 
We won’t be till Trumpists can face up to whether,
They’ll re-value truth and can end their reliance,
On people who’ve told them that such things as science, 
Are kidnapping, cannibal, liberals’ lies.

So it’s perfectly fine to go out for supplies,
With a face that’s defiantly, proudly unmasked.
For Americans’ “freedom” means not being asked,
To consider your neighbors and act within reason,
Not now and not ever, not even this season,
In which we’re reminded that sacrifice still,
Is a virtue worth holding. But few of them will.

To those who are willing to follow the rules,
We’re glad you consider masks worthwhile tools.
But unlike that reindeer’s whose schnozz they say glows, 
Your mask won’t do harm if it covers your nose.
And maybe those saying they’ll not take the vax,
Will go to a care place and help fill the sacks,
That hold victims’ bodies. So sure they’d be fine,
They could sub in for someone out on the front line.

But not just a virus has cleaved the divide;
It’s the concept of letting the people decide,
Who their leaders will be by a time-honored vote,
Then accepting results, not some schemes so remote,
That believing them marks one impossibly dim,
Too easily hoodwinked by flam and by flim.

To claim your vote somehow the Democrats stole,
Just doesn’t hold water, because of a hole,
The size of a Trump-approved garish gold roof:
Despite all their claims they’ve presented no proof.
The reason, of course – and for some it’s too quaint:
Any documentation there simply just ain’t.

Attacking elections for several weeks past,
It’s obvious Trump saved his worst for the last.
He’s gone on TV, he’s petitioned the court,
To ridiculous Rudy he has had to resort.
When judges rejected his lying deceit,
His diehards made clear they would never retreat;
Which bodes very poorly for us who consider,
Our laws more compelling than Trump’s latest Twitter.

To believe in our system you must be all in,
And accept that your candidates won’t always win. 
Patriotism can’t be only partial.
Presidents who lose and consider law martial,
Discredit their party and everyone who,
Thinks it’s what any poor loser should do.

This calls to mind something we’ve known for too long:
We no more agree on what’s right and what’s wrong. 
Trump’s lies just don’t matter, nor how much he steals
Turns donors to suckers whose silence reveals,
Preferring a despot is now what prevails,
In Trumpists, and that’s how democracy fails.
For proof, look to Congress, where plans are in place,
To attempt overturning results of the race.

There’s astoundingly more but we hardly have time,
To list all corruption in one meager rhyme.
Did anyone think we’d be witnessing such a,
“President” clearly beholden to Russia?
Who, with his enablers, have all turned their backs,
On Putin’s malicious and dangerous hacks,
Which accessed our secrets including our nukes.
But Trump has just said it’s a meaningless fluke.

So now it is more than a little suspicious,
That Trump will abscond with his ill-gotten riches,
And head back to Putin whom he can rely on,
To sell him a dacha and promised asylum.
If it means he escapes from the justice he’s due,
We’d accept it because it would also be true,
That enablers might finally be forced to agreeing,
Trump’s crookedness always was there for the seeing.

Like the power of pardon, right there on the books, 
By which he just freed more despicable crooks, 
Than any exec who had gone on before: 
Committers of murder and pols by the score.

To the occasion Trump’s cultists will never arise.
Let’s hope that some others will open their eyes,
To the damage his four years have already done,
And be glad it was Biden who finally won.

Since, like Billy Barr, he’s incurred Donald’s wrath,
By walking in brief on a truth-telling path,
Perhaps after Trump, Mitch will turn back the clock,
To when he and his senate did more than just block.

So now it is time, with no need for Zoom meetings,
To wish Merry Christmas and warm brumal greetings.
The year ends with hope that if rightists pitch in,
We can remake America great once again. 
Notwithstanding how badly Trump’s tenure has sucked,
It looks like we might not be totally … out of options. 


  1. Yay! Fun! I was hoping you'd do something like this.
    I didn't look for acrostics, should I?
    Now, one comment from someone (me) who can't write (but I read): in poetry it is NOT the case all lines should end with punctuation. Remove the commas from those lines that run into the next line per the normal rules of literature, and you'll find it reads much better! (if this is for tomorrow The Herald, do it quick!)

  2. Twas the week after Christmas and all through the land, not a poor family was cared for or given a hand.
    Their stockings hung empty awaiting financial aid, but they soon realized the government check would not be paid.

    And then on the TV they heard a wonderful word that soon we would be free from the "terrible turd". They all laughed as they cried "lock him up and thank God Joe has arrived".

    1. Only a mere 3 weeks and there will be that satisfying sound at the end of the flush of the largest turd since, well, Krakatoa?
      I think people will be utterly amazed at how fast the forget the one we fired.
      But now, for a little while anyway, "Georgia On My Mind".

  3. Dante look out, and Petrarch too, 'cause Dr. "El Sid" Schwab, always knows what to do!

  4. Excellent work Dr. Schwab. Maybe not a second career but I liked it. It included all of the many important criminal and almost criminal things that happened. I love the last line. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure everyone made it through to the last line.

  5. "No longer a nation that’s in it together,"

    That's the most costly thing of all.

    I wonder about these people on the alt right often. I really think about it in an attempt at understanding them.

    The only thing I am somewhat sure of is why they were not aborted.

    These people are cruel and self centered period. How can you separate families and cage children??? You have to be sick. A monster.

    I'm sorry but I am giving no quarter to people like that. None...None. Stay in your "shithole" state and stop taking blue state tax dollars to support your "shithole" state policies.

    Naw, that'll never happen. They want everything. They want what you got and are willing to take it by force after a couple brew-skis.

    I have zero tolerance for these people anymore. You give an inch and they want 'merca. They want you to be subservient to them at the end of an AR-15 barrel. You can't reason with people like that. They are unreasonable therefore you are forced to meet them on that set of terms. I know what cops do...They shoot a hale of bullets at a guy holding nothing but car keys and a cell phone. Thank gawd I never carry keys and a cell phone in my hands at the same time...and I am white...Whewwwww! Lucky me.

    Oh...And tear gassing peaceful protestors...Tear gassing in war is against the Geneva Convention. It's a war crime to use CS gas in war. But if ya got a pesky clump of protestors ruining your tee time? Gas them into submission is always the first response. Clubs and guns soon to follow. And if the cops seem to be idolizing the alt right...Well too bad. They have a tough job so there. Having a tough job allows you to be above the law. Especially if you are in fact the law.

    We got a lot of stuff to fix and it won't get done with the people we have in charge. I'm tired of these macabre marathons with time where people hang on because the wrong person is POTUS. Being 70 is not the prime of anyone's career. I'm sick of it. Our country deserves better.

  6. Here's the skinny on the alt right and their twisted "beliefs"...and yes...Even on their religious hypocrisy.

    Eat up!


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