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Well, at least we now know for sure that Trump’s supporters, especially so-called religious ones, will never waver. If you haven’t yet seen the proof, follow this link. For those unable to avail, it’s a courtroom-sketch-like image of Trump, in court. Jesus is at his side, looking grim. He (Trump, not Jesus) shared it on Truth(less) Social, his vanity media platform. With text reading, “This is the most accurate court sketch of all time. Because nobody could have made it this far alone,” the sketch reveals the depth of the cult. (Jesus, of course, would have looked nothing like that image. And “this far” is subject to interpretation.) 

To millions, Trump has been all but deified. In interviews of his supporters, he’s praised for his “deep faith,” for his “love of Jesus.” This, about a man whose entire life has been one of immorality, cheating, flouting the law, and lying; whose Christianity is as fake as his combover. Who was close to a church during his presidency only for a photo-op with a Bible held upside down. So, if the caption is true, it’s because Jesus finally has had enough, making sure Trump gets his comeuppance, sitting close to make it happen.

To hold Trump up as some sort of religious ideal is to fall for the most obvious of obvious scams. Which is the point. If fraud weren’t already a thing, Trump would have invented it. And named it Trump.

Small example: at his recent appearance in Michigan, touted as support for auto workers and their unions, held in a non-union, non-auto-making shop, there were people holding signs saying “Union members for Trump” and “Auto workers for Trump.” Nice signs. Professionally made signs. Spelled correctly, even. Interviewed afterward, those people admitted to being neither union members nor auto workers. Surprise.

Larger example: the fraud case currently being tried in New York. Beneath Trump’s usual cries of “witch hunt,” malicious attacks on everyone involved sits the easily discerned truth: he lied. About the real estate value of Mar-a-Lago, for one, because, by deed, it’s barred from being a private residence (another law broken). In fact, Trump appealed to the local tax authorities to insist that it be valued only as a club, saving him hundreds of millions in property taxes. But, to the banks, he valued it as saleable as a residence. Over-valued, even as such.

More telling was his statement that he could value his properties however he wants, because “the Saudis” would pay whatever he asked. Like when they gave his son-in-law a cool two billion. Raking in millions while in office, his entire “presidency” was a grift.

Unable to keep his mouth shut, Trump has, quite literally, admitted his fraud. Icing the sponging cake, for another example, he deemed square footage a matter of opinion. At this point, it appears all that’s left to decide in the NY fraud case is how much of his holdings he’ll lose. Maybe that’s why Jesus was sitting in: having once said, “Blessed are the poor,” He’s there to make sure Trump joins the ranks.

The cult of Trump exists within the halls of Congress, too, though many of his accomplices appear to see through him but are, like Trump himself, too devoid of integrity to act honorably. Which is why their impeachment “inquiry” has, so far, been a showcase of incompetence on their side and an impressive display of rebuttal from Democrats; particularly their new, young, smart, thoroughly-prepared young members. 

Republican committee people know it doesn’t matter. Proving it, Byron Donalds (R-FLA, of course) flashed a note from President Biden’s brother to Hunter Biden, doctored to suggest the president was involved in illegal payoffs. That it was about helping his troubled son to pay his alimony was edited out.

To the cultists and the Foxified (not mutually exclusive), facts are dismissed out of hand. All they need to know is there’s some sort of impeachment happening. Asked for a show of hands from anyone who agreed if Trump is guilty, he should be punished, not a single Republican hand was raised. And when Ds asked Rs to call Giuliani’s henchman, Lev Parnas as a witness, because he can publicly debunk their Burisma claims, which they know are false, they refused. Behold the work of Jesus?

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