Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Of The Fallen

I don't know about you, but every election year is the same for me: they make me want to turn off my TV for about three months. Even my shiny new LED crisp sharp awesome luminous sparkling delicious flatscreen HDTV, on which I like watching pretty much anything that moves or doesn't.

Neither party covers itself with glory in its political ads. With nearly no exceptions, they're despicable and disingenuous distortions. Naturally, though, I find the Republican ads particularly egregious. Filled with implications that Democrats are responsible for every nickel of the national debt, suggesting it was Obama who authored the bank bailouts (which have nearly paid for themselves) (credit to Bush for that, despite his failure to prevent outrageous boni for the worst offenders), referring to the stimulus as "failed" despite the fact that economists are nearly unanimous in stating that it prevented devastation, the right-wing ads are the sine qua non of lying on the assumption that voters are idiots.

Around here there's an ad which states the exact opposite of the facts, claiming the stimulus lost three million jobs when in fact it created that very number. We'll find out soon enough whether the Republican "voter as idiot" bet will pay off. I'm guessing it will. It's the end game of their deliberate obstructionism: minimizing recovery as political strategy. (Question for those who think Obama is literally trying to destroy the country: What could be more anti-American than harming the economy to enhance one's electoral prospects?)

It's a rancid ratatouille of political poison: there are no legal constraints on political lying, anonymous and unfettered spending by corporate money has recently been declared legal (what defines judicial activism more than the S. Court ruling that multinational corporations are exactly the same, in this context, as individual voters?), and one party has no way to make its arguments while hewing to truth. Case in point: a perpetually failed runner-for-office in these parts is running ads against our three-term senator claiming eighteen years of unrestrained spending. Which sort of ignores the first eight years of balanced budgets under Clinton and the next eight of tumescent travesty when it was the Rs that controlled the writing and signing of budgets. He makes vague references to "government-run health care," when the only brand of health care that fits the description is that given to military, veterans, the indigent, and seniors -- all of which pre-dated her or anyone else currently running for office. Would that "Obamacare" (a misnomer) were more government-run than it is, instead of the giveaway to capitalist insurance companies that it turned out to be. (Socialism? It is to laugh.)

A normal person would be embarrassed. A respectable person would say to himself, if I have to lie to win, I'm not gonna do it. In a country that calls itself a democracy you'd think people asking voters to entrust that democracy to them would feel honor-bound to plant their flag in a foundation of truth. You'd think they'd have enough confidence in their side of the argument to make it without lying about the other side.

You'd think.

But then, if it were about "think" it'd an actual election, based on actual facts, and a clear-eyed assessment of the results of each party's policies; which is the last thing -- so it seems -- the right side wants.


Anonymous said...

So a 1 trillion $ stimulus created 3 million jobs? Of course you could have just paid those 3 million people $333,333.333 apiece and do away with the middleman...
So...... some 20 million un/under employed...its simple...
Pass a 6, wait better make it SEVEN TRILLION DOLLAR stimulus!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Might wanta do it before the new Congress comes in tho..

Frank "I'm being sarcastic, Neurofibrillary Tangle Breath" Drackman

Jim said...

Is it just me or have political ads always been this bad?

Needless to say one would learn absolutely nothing substantive about a candidate's positions based on these ads.

But then, where oh where does one go to learn the truth. The media isn't much help.

My first reaction is that most voters are idiots and that does apply to lots of folks out there. But, it is tough to get to the truth and oh so much easier to believe the prepackaged manure spread before us.

What I find particularly tiresome is each side essentially telling us nothing about their own ideas but telling us what a lowdown scum their opponent is.

Sadly, I believe we will get the government we vote for.

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