Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rabbi, Run

In Portland visiting my mom again, I picked up a copy of "The Jewish Review," a paper with which I'd not been familiar. In it, there's an article that sheds much light on the non-mosque at non-ground-zero question. Based on a speech in Portland by a Rabbi Michael Paley (referred to in the article as "one of the 50 most influential rabbis in America") it revealed several things I'd not known; and, living in NYC and a friend of Faisal Rauf, the rabbi ought to be a reliable source.

There was also this:

Assuming the rabbi isn't a liar (after all, I've been told that all Jews are America-hating collaboraters with our enemies) it sheds some light that I, for one, had not seen in other media: the origin of the idea, the fact that there'd been a prayer center there that pre-dated 9/11 by twenty years.

It sort of puts the lie to the Newtonian "triumphalism" meme, doesn't it? Or so you'd think, in a fact-based world. A world that doesn't exist in the penumbra of Fox "news" and the teabagging RWS™. A world in which there'd be half a chance of surviving. A world long-since lost to the most crazed among us, and their chosen leaders.


Frank Drackman said...

Thanks Sid, I've been waiting to use this line(s) for ummm weeks...
Howcome your always like 2 months behind the issues??? Must be that Mountain Time Zone..
Soooooooooo,,Whats next? a "Jimmy Earl Ray's real Memphis Pit BBQ & Shootin Range" across from the Lorraine Motel????

A "Lee Harvey Oswald Petting Zoo" in Dealey Plaza??

A "Baruch Goldstein Kosher Deli & Temple" 2 blocks from the "Kabba" in Mecca??

actually got to meet "Barry" during 4th year med school, nice guy, before he became a Mass Murderer/Hero depending on your World View...


my "Word Verification" is "Bible" dammit, how DO you do that???

Sid Schwab said...

Bible? Damn. I'd ordered "STFU."

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