Thursday, October 11, 2012

Well Done, Joe

In this debate, I guess each side could argue their guy won. Ryan is smooth, and has well-practiced ways to avoid the fact that there's no math in this particular universe in which their plan adds up. He's good at that, but to anyone paying attention it's obvious he has no answers.

Biden was the best version of himself: smart, knew his stuff, didn't let Ryan get away with anything. Clearly I'm not entirely objective: but Joe Biden had both style and substance; Paul Ryan had style and substitutes.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I imagined it, but did I not see Paul Ryan last night claim that a party devoid of ideas could only demonize and disparage the other side to scare voters away, and in the same breath proceed to demonize and disparage the current administration???
Mark V

Sid Schwab said...

Nah, I think you imagined it, Mark. Because that would be... hypocrisy.

Same with claims of "failure to lead" while refusing to suggest a dime of spending cuts or tax loopholes to close... (well, beyond Big Bird and Planned Parenthood, that is...)

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