Thursday, April 28, 2016

No, The Other One

Brilliant. Could Ted "Anointed-by-God" Cruz have picked a more perfect running mate than Carly Fiorina? Since Trump wasn't available, he found the only other presidential candidate who lies with the fluidity and disregard that he does; and if likeability were oxygen, when the two of them entered a room together, everyone in it would turn blue and decerebrate.

Carly Fiorina. She of the non-existent video that she refuses to admit she never saw. Like Cruz, it's immaterial to her when someone points out her lies, and not just that one. She just plows ahead, either oblivious or, more likely, cynical to an unseen degree, even among today's Republicans. This isn't politics as usual. It's pathology. The two of them together ought to cause something cataclysmic, a physical force previously unknown, a mini-black hole, the appearance of dark matter that swallows them up. If only.

That poor Marco Rubio wasn't up to the job became evident early on. Cruz's panicky missteps are a more recent phenomenon (although God knows he was a scary and indecent person from the get-go.) Colluding with Kasich. Clumsy pandering, embarrassing even, in Indiana. And now this. Carly Fking Fiorina. It's as if he's being face-melted by the Ark.

Hearing Ted Cruz speak is mind-numbing, as he repeats falsehoods like whistles in the dark; but actually watching him as he utters his despicable deceptions, is painful. His clumsy facial expressions, painted on by the numbers, looking as if he's entirely unfamiliar with how Earthlings behave; you can almost hear him reminding himself, "Appear human, Ted. Smile at appropriate times... now... and make it look natural. By turning the corners of your mouth upward. You can do it. You practiced it in the mirror..."

Which, come to think of it, explains a lot: he probably can't see his reflection in mirrors.

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Smoothtooperate said...

Singing Carol King, Helen Reddy, Karen Carpenter and Carly Simon in the back of my moms '63 bug. An AM only radio, (uno speaker in the dash) monophonic sounds enhanced by an exhaust note (AKA noise only a '63 Bug can make) singing every song that came on the radio...Singing over all the noise, every trip. Captain and Tennile Muscrat Love, Elton John "Saturday night's awright for fighting". My two younger brothers never sang much. American Pie they sang. Big Bad Leroy Brown they'd sing.

To this day I do it at home. Music is my

Sidney Schwab said...

Like Janis, eh? Freedom. "We sang every song that driver knew..."

Dr Strangelove said...

Until Cruz selected Fiorina, I was simply encouraged that the Trumposter has been looking like the top dog for the GOP nomination. Now I'm really worried. Not because I think that Trump will get the nod - I think that this cements Trump's nomination and eventual defeat. But my gut still is twisting in knots that such an unholy alliance would have even half a chance at something that neither one deserves. Heaven, if you exist and are listening, help us!

I can honestly say that I have never worked with or known anyone who I would call Lucifer in the flesh. It's hard to imagine, too. Thank goodness they both come with appropriate looks, mannerisms and speech. If they didn't we'd be in trouble.

Smoothtooperate said...

Trump will be nominated. Trump will win and the Tpub tickets in general unless democrats come out to vote. I am serious about that.

Never underestimate the guy who over estimates himself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes >>
(About Man)
"Never underestimate a man who overestimates himself."

Story of my life. I take it very seriously.

Smoothtooperate said...

Any artist from that era I listened to. Neil Diamond was moms favorite. I liked Simon and Garfunkel for some reason. My grandma had The Seekers album with Georgy Girl on it. My grandma let me listen to it over and over and over and over, every day I came over to see her. For ABBA I got hooked on right away too. Elton John was my first real favorite performer. I was 7-9 years old aboutish years old. Paul McCartney and Wings was my second fave at that age.

Joni Mitchell, Sweet Baby James Taylor...I just really love music. All I ever wanted to do was be a DJ so I could pick out what I want to listen I did and was Valedictorian.

My first gig was at a well known classic rock station in Seattle. I had a couple side gigs doing production for bands. The second week I got to work with Duff Mcgagan from Guns and Roses. Real professional, fast learner and a genuine good guy. I'd let him babysit my kids. I hear he's still playing bass. I did alot of promotions a few commercials. So yeah, I got to live my dream out of all that and do some really cool stuff with some really great people.

Nicest guy I ever met? George Carlin hands down end of argument. He spent the time and was always present with fans and made them feel important, like they really mattered...Everyone him eating with his family and he's spend the time and sign autographs "I didn't say I'd stop eating but your welcome to join us."...LMAO! If you had to hang out with for a day, you could do alot worse than George Carlin.

What were we talking about again?

Sidney Schwab said...

George Carlin!! My hero. I envy you!

As to Trump winning the general election, my fears are the same as yours. I no longer think it impossible at all. Especially if Bernie supporters throw in the towel and stay home.

Smoothtooperate said...

I am of the opinion that voter suppression laws, gerrymandering and low voter turnout.

Trump wins.

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