Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Truth Shall Set You Unfree

Not that there's been any doubt; nor is this guy the first to rip open the bag to let the cat out. But it's useful for the fully Foxified to hear the truth once in a while.


  1. Having grown up in Wisconsin and with family still living there I still feel a strong emotional connection with the state. It saddens and angers me to see how Scott Walker is destroying Wisconsin as he remakes it his radical Republican wasteland.

    Reading Charles Pierce's last blog post on Walker yesterday was too much. So I sent the link to one of my two brothers. Not to the one married to a rabid Republican because that would be a complete waste of time. I sent it to the brother who, together with his wife, has suffered significant income loss as a result of Walker's prior actions against the public unions. I suspect that my brother still votes "R" (it's hard to come out from under the family umbrella), but I really want to see how he responds. I haven't received a reply.

    There's a comment on WTMJ's website about this brief Grothman interview accusing the reporter of leaning right because he didn't follow up on Grothman's blatant slip-up. Apparently he did not give a pass to a Democrat in a different but similar circumstance. Too bad for him. Too bad for for the country. He should have stood up straight and backed Grothman right into a corner.

  2. I received my brother's somewhat unexpected reply: "Will try to get time to read the article on Scumbag Walker tomorrow night." No love lost there. Progress.

  3. Dr. S-
    I too suffer from family (other than my sister)who vote strictly republican no matter what, and whom they put their "X" on. All have benefited from Obamacare and all hate Obama (no racism involved, just ignorance). All are heavily influenced by their respective churches. My current fear is that they will vote for Cruz....

  4. Mike - while I don't think that all my family members would vote for Trump, I have no doubt that they would vote for Cruz. But not because they know him and or anything of his ideology, because they really know nothing about him. For them it's just loyalty to the team.

    I'm afraid of Cruz, too, especially after seeing prominent Republicans fall in line to support someone they once considered a pariah. I keep hoping that Trump can somehow manage to seize the nomination. With Trump I think that I'd have half a chance of convincing my mother to vote Democrat for the first time in her life!


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