Monday, April 18, 2016

Geeks Gone Wild

This is an interesting read. It's impressive on its own, and also (in a world where reality would be considered important, which for half of the country it isn't) as a response to those who think because President Obama isn't sending in tens of thousands of troops he's doing nothing to fight ISIS.
...President Obama confirmed for the first time last week that the U.S. is conducting “cyber operations” against ISIS, in order to disrupt the group’s “command-and-control and communications.” 
But the American military’s campaign of cyber attacks against ISIS is far more serious than what the president laid out in his bland description. Three U.S. officials told The Daily Beast that those operations have moved beyond mere disruption and are entering a new, more aggressive phase that is targeted at individuals and is gleaning intelligence that could help capture and kill more ISIS fighters. 
As the U.S. ratchets up its online offensive against the terror group, U.S. military hackers are now breaking into the computers of individual ISIS fighters. Once inside the machines, these hackers are implanting viruses and malicious software that allow them to mine their devices for intelligence, such as names of members and their contacts, as well as insights into the group’s plans...
I'm sure ISIS has smart guys in its networks; but for some reason I believe the more computer literate geeks are on our side, and I like the idea of them doing their thing.

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  1. Also from the article:

    " ... this new effort against ISIS looks relatively modest, the former officers said.

    And in Obama and other top officials’ willingness to talk openly about cyber attacks, the former officers sensed a public relations effort."

    Officers, including former officers, are a very conservative group. The majority lean Republican and they do not care for Obama. I am not surprised at these reactions. File those comments in the same "Obama's Not Doing Anything" folder along with those from the rest of the Right.

  2. Also, a security hallmark of the NSA and intelligence operations is compartmentalization. Unless those former officers were at the highest levels, they would have little or no knowledge about anything except what fell under their direct responsibility. It's not a case of the left hand versus the right hand not knowing about the other, as much as adjacent fingers also not knowing. (Dumb metaphor, I know.) And if they don't know, you know that the political types have no idea what's actually happening.


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