Thursday, December 1, 2016


I missed this remarkable little gem, a window through which we've already looked, into the mind of our president-elect:
A longtime ally of President-elect Donald Trump says the Hillary Clintoncampaign joining recount efforts increases the chances that Clinton will face criminal prosecution. 
“I think Hillary increases her chances of prosecution by acting this way,” Roger Stone said Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.” ...
Not long ago the egregious Kellyanne Conway informed us how "magnanimous" der Donald was being in not unleashing the Justice Department on Hillary, making the same implication of what happens if you make dear leader f├╝hrerious. Let that be a warning, subtle as a sledgehammer.

Forget, for the moment, that in theory the Justice Department is supposed to act independently and not at the behest of the president; that siccing them on a person who offends the president's delicate sensibilities is not how it works. Just consider that Donald J. Trump and his closest cohorts are perfectly fine with America having a president that seeks vengeance on those who don't toe the line he's drawn in the muck.

If anyone reading this is among those who hoped the gravity of the office will cause Trump and his surroundees to moderate their autocratic views, this ought to disavow them of that obvious misconception, which happens to have been obvious well before the election. But, sure, let's "give him a chance."

Any remaining true conservatives should be as appalled as the rest of us. And if they managed to twist their morals and squeeze them out like water in a wet rag, and voted for him, they should be feeling shame beyond words.

Except, well, of course not.

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blogsnooper said...

Gotta love the visual links you put into your posts . . . too funny [unicorn]

Sidney Schwab said...

You're among the very few who seem to notice. So thanks!

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