Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How To Lie By Telling The Truth

This is exactly what Fox "news" does, all the time. The numbers are accurate (in this case), the implication pure b.s. But it takes a paragraph or two to explain why, and Fox knows its listeners aren't into that kind of attention. Fox assumes its audience is stupid. (If they're right, is it chicken or egg?)

I bet there are lots of Foxophiles using that very list to make what they think is a persuasive point.

Wonder when Fox will get around to crediting Trump for the worst first-quarter growth rate of the economy in years. He has, after all, taken credit for the job creation in that quarter.


Fonzie said...

Yup, I cannot listen to the warped definition of FOX that does not respect the leadership of 8 years of Obama and the Fed. We have an economy that is built, not on war, not on lies, not on millionaire BS, but on wisdom and patience by and administration put in place in the first 100 days of 2009. Again, thank you Sid for illustrating and contrasting truth vs. crap.

Rob D said...

Hello Sid,

Have you seen this?


pretty shocking for a layman,
but reminded me of some of your surgery posts...

Rob D

Sidney Schwab said...

I've not only seen the article, but also the real thing. Maybe the worst ever was the 00-shotgun fired at close range, used by San Francisco police when I was in training. Devastating. And I saw victims of bullets in Vietnam.

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