Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I have a couple of theories.

First, regarding Trump's curtsey for the king: I think his handlers minders custodians sitters caretakers advisers had told him not to bow, but to remain vertical while bending his knees. Not being one to dwell deeply on advice or process information, he realized well into it that he was, in fact, bowing. Remembering his instructions, he began to bend his knee, but, as his cerebral axons slowly depolarized, realized it was too late.

Alternatively, he was dropping to his knees before he noticed it wasn't Putin and there was no unzipping involved.

Theory number two: while at the Wailing Wall, post pensive palpation, the note he stuck in there read "To whoever built this: Call me. I'd like a bid for making another one."

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  1. That photo edit is a great touch. Nice work!

  2. Found a website where all I had to do was type it in.


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