Monday, May 1, 2017

Shall We Also Raise Our Right Arm To Him?

This, from the man who'd break up the judiciary, who'd change the way Congress works, who regularly demeans our free press:
President Donald Trump on Friday proclaimed May 1 as 'Loyalty Day' as a way to "recognize and reaffirm our allegiance to the principles" upon which America was built and express pride in those ideals, according to a release of the proclamation from the White House.  
“The United States stands as the world's leader in upholding the ideals of freedom, equality, and justice. Together, and with these fundamental concepts enshrined in our Constitution, our Nation perseveres in the face of those who would seek to harm it," the proclamation reads. 
"We humbly thank our brave service members and veterans who have worn our Nation's uniform from the American Revolution to the present day. Their unwavering loyalty and fidelity has made the world a safer, more free, and more just place. We are inspired by their pride in our country's principles, their devotion to our freedom, and their solemn pledge to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." 
The proclamation goes on to say that in order to express our country's loyalty to "individual liberties, to limited government, and to the inherent dignity of every human being," May 1 will be known as 'Loyalty Day.'
Trump called on Americans to observe this day with ceremonies in schools and other public places, including reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He also called upon all government officials to display the flag of the United States on all government buildings and grounds on May 1.
I suppose it's just coincidence that it falls on May Day, the Russian day of patriotism. Shall we expect parades of military hardware, too, like he wanted at his inaugural?

"Allegiance to the principles..." In a just world, had he spoken those words, they'd have burned through his tongue like hot coals and rendered him mute.

Okay, it didn't entirely start with him. But I hadn't heard of any president emphasizing it since Ike. And coming from Trump, "irony" doesn't begin to describe it.

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