Friday, February 13, 2015

Come The Pigeons, Home To Roost

There are so many things going on that were predictable once Rs got control of both houses and had, finally, to produce stuff rather than block it. That Senatorial Rs would suddenly find that whole filibuster thing a little unseemly was as obvious as snow in Boston; and, therefore, hardly newsworthy.

But the amusing (if that's the word) part is the similarly predictable eventuality that it'd be impossible to keep their cynicism and stupidity in check. They are, after all, who they are.

So John Boehner thought he'd be cute: block Obama's immigration moves by hooking it to funding of DHS. Brilliant. Because, you know, what could go wrong? Other than backfiring and the spectacle of trying to blame it on Democrats. And revolt among the troops. My freude is as schaden as the next guy's, and part of me looks forward to their next fkup and many more to come. But no matter who's in charge, there is, after all, a certain need to govern by producing thoughtful legislation. The time when elected Rs were capable of such a thing, on the national level anyway, is long past.

That we'll see more of this clown show is as clear as the mountaintops around here. (That's why they call it climate change, Boston.) The only question is whether the next two years will be enough time for them to produce enough embarrassment for enough voters to realize they need to take the keys away. The good news: Congressional Rs, being made up mostly of paranoid and none-too-bright religious zealots, will provide plenty of evidence. The bad news: our Foxified public has been carefully made not to care.

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  1. The TP/GOP will care when members of their family that are on SSD get cut. Then they will have no choice but pickup the costs of their family member and possible relocate them to their house to live. This combined with the cut in food stamps will hit these families like a 2x4 in between their eyes and hopefully wake them up!

  2. Like The_​​Scarlet_​​Pimpernel said on TPM -- and this bears repeating:

    So let me get this straight. When Democrats were the majority party in the Senate impending government shutdowns were all Senate Democrats' fault because they were the majority party but couldn't govern.

    Now, Republicans are in the majority in the Senate, impending government shutdowns are still the Democrats' fault, because they are doing what Republicans did for 6 years. Have I got that right?

    Let's hope that by the time the next census rolls around in 2020 all the Dem voters who were mad at BHO for some reason or another in 2010 get off their duffs and vote like their future depended on it.

    Assuming, of course, we still have a democratic republic that's still having elections.

  3. Curious, KaJo: what part of the Northern Oregon Coast do you inhabit. I ask as a native Oregonian and lover of Cannon Beach, where we had/have a family home for the past 50+ years.


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