Sunday, February 8, 2015

Craziness Is Next To Godliness

These are not healthy people. They're seriously disturbed, and damn scary. Their ranks include some leading lights in today's Republican Party, and many, many more among that party's followers.

Without doubt, these paranoid fanatics are a much greater threat to our democracy than all the terrorists in all the countries on the planet. Because they're already here. They vote. In increasing numbers, they're running the show. And, all the while, claiming persecution, failing to understand the difference between being unable to force their views on everyone, and actual persecution.


  1. A key question to all these Bible- thumping heterosexuals: Did you individually choose to be hetero because the Bible told you it was normal only to lust after the opposite sex, or were you born that way? Most of us realize that gays were born that way.....and most heterosexuals were also.
    Mark V

  2. I've heard people being asked when they chose to be heterosexual and respond with entirely stupefied looks. And then, sometimes, slowly, it dawns on them...


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