Monday, August 28, 2017

The 411 On The New 911

Anyone see a pattern here? Trump speaks to cops, tells them it's okay to rough up people they arrest. Trump calls people who protest him (or Nazis) lawless thugs. And now he reverses Obama's restrictions on the military giving offensive weapons to police forces. Tanks, grenade launchers, bayonets (!). Not only rescinds but makes it easier. This, after pardoning a lawless sheriff who bragged about that very lawlessness.

Anyone remember when Foxolimjonesians were warning that Obama was coming for us in tanks? That he'd suspend our government and impose martial law?

Railing against the press, against those who oppose him, against free and fair voting. Invoking all manner of conspiracies meant to frighten people into relinquishing the protections afforded us all in a democracy. And now, turning police forces around the country into extensions of the military. "Serve and protect" becomes "seek out and destroy."

Nope. No pattern at all. Nothing to worry about. Move along. Now. Or you'll get a bayonet up your nose.

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  1. Thanks for scaring the crap outta me this morning...It's got to turn around.

  2. "Making Democrat voters one cop murder at a time" TM


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