Monday, November 20, 2017

As Goes California, So Goes...

As Trump turns the US from a beacon of hope for the world to a cesspool of disappointment, European leaders are turning to individual American states and cities -- those run (and rescued) by Democrats. That's pretty amazing. Giving up on a US president, looking to members of the "opposition" (i.e., the one that hasn't gone completely fking nuts) party for partnerships and sanity:

... Nearly a year into the Trump presidency, countries around the world are scrambling to adapt ... Now some nations are finding that even if they are frustrated by President Trump’s Washington, they can still prosper from robust relations with the California Republic and a constellation of like-minded U.S. cities ...

... The trip followed the California governor’s June decision to sign a joint statement with the German government on climate cooperation... Next September, Brown plans to host a global climate summit in San Francisco intended to support the same Paris climate agreement that Trump plans to exit.
Top officials who met with Brown said they were delighted to encounter a friendly American voice.
“The engagement against climate change must be global,” said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani ... “In the United States, there are several governors working in the right direction, even if the Trump government decided to change the line. What they are trying to do in the government of Mr. Brown is very interesting.”...
Can this be a sliver of light? Maybe. Maybe it'll result in progress and jobs and economic growth that even our most blinkered citizens of our most Foxified states might eventually recognize. But if the comments I get to my newspaper columns are any indication of how Trumpists respond to evidence, there ain't no hammer heavy enough to knock sense.

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  1. I agree great grasshopper. And California would love to be a global presence.

  2. there ain't no hammer heavy enough to knock sense.

    No there ain't. Head over to Duane Graham's blog of [DEL: repentance :DEL] resistance and check out the protributions* of a commenter who rejoices in the sobriquet "ansonburlingame" (though "prestonbrooks" or "rogerbtaney" would be more appropriate). He opposes Trump, but for not being a real Republican. And every time someone uses the phrase "level playing field", he can be counted on to leap in, with both feet firmly planted in his mouth, and explain that this must inevitably lead, and furthermore must inherently be consciously intended to lead, to "the Democrat Party" reenacting Pol Pot's Year Zero, or the Cultural Revolution, or the liquidation of the kulaks, or the guillotining of poor Marie Antoinette who just seemed to touch this globe.

  3. I knew I forgot something!


    * If the opposite of pro is con, and (as the old joke has it) the opposite of progress is Congress, then the opposite of a contribution is...

  4. This is off topic, but I have to say it before I burst:

    There are two things that float to the top: Cream and Scum!

    So let’s have a nice family discussion about, how our troops have just been "Playing" around for the last seventeen years. Here is what The Scum That Slimes The Oval Office had to say about our troops on Thanksgiving.

    "We’re not fighting anymore to just walk around..."

    "They weren’t letting you win before, they were letting you play even, we’re letting you win.”

    “Everybody is talking about the progress you’ve made in the last few months since I opened it up.”

    "They say we’ve made more progress against ISIS than they did in years of the previous administration. And that’s because I’m letting you do your job.”

    So, our troops have just been walking around and playing! Not fighting and dying, not suffering horrific wounds and mental injury. PLAYING!!

    You would think there would just be a spontaneous national move to get out the torches and pitchforks and flood every highway leading to Washington to flush that monster from the seat of power.

    Can't wait to see how The Gang Of Perverts handle this one: Will they run from reporters, hide behind flags or just pretend nothing was said.


  5. He's made the word "despicable" lose its meaning. He's too far beyond it. But you can bet his supporters buy every word.


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