Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Will Said...

It's as if Democrats are determined to lose. We're (they're, more precisely) gonna resurrect the bitterness of the last election over and over until the hardened on both sides (Bernie's, Hillary's) are gonna wall themselves off in moral certainty of their righteousness and shut themselves out. And those of us in the middle, who would vote for a mushroom over anyone the Rs put up, will watch in horror as the chances for sanity prevailing in our government disappear like a Trump campaign promise.

Hillary this. Bernie that. Vote for Trump. That'll show 'em. Wake the country up.

Yeah. How'd that work out? Jesus.

There's nothing -- NOTHING -- more important to the future of democracy than getting Trump (or Pence, or whoever's left) out of the White House and regaining at least one chamber of Congress. Voter suppression. Gerrymandering. Free press. Theocrats in control, of Congress and the Supreme Court. Climate change. Renewable energy. Pollution. Women's rights. Minority rights. Religious freedom. LGBT rights. Healthcare. All of it on the line, dangling over the edge.

If we're not already past the point of no return, it's damn close. If "liberals" can't get their shit together, can't stop relitigating the last election, it's over. Over.

But the hard-core don't seem to care any more than Trumpists care about his lies or his attacks on Constitutional democracy. I no longer give a rat's ass about the last election (well, other than how it was stolen by voter suppression, fake news, possibly direct interference with voting machines.) Let's focus the fk on the next one, okay?

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