Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Mother Of All Conflicts Of Interest

It's the conflict of interest to end all conflicts of interest (possibly literally.) Democrats are focusing on the upcoming Supreme Court nomination by trying to shame Mitch "Shameless" McConnell into following his own "rule" about appointments close to upcoming elections.

They're missing the point: the next Supreme Court Justice may well be called upon to decide the legal status of Trump's various crimes. To allow him to appoint that person is allowing a conflict of interest of cosmic -- possibly existential -- impact. In a democracy where both parties cared more about the rule of law than about their own power, there'd be no question: no appointment till after Mueller has had his say and the issues raised, if necessary, are adjudicated.

In the Republicans-making-the-rules-despite-having-fewer-popular-votes country in which we're living, that truth will most certainly be ignored. Likewise, when the "minority party" (with which the majority of Americans agree on most issues) can't get its head out of its own ass.

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