Thursday, June 28, 2018

This Is How It Works

Two days ago, right-wing hero and modern-day Nazi Milos Yiannopoulos called for assassinating journalists. Today, it happened.

Fox "news" archetype and Donald Trump's night-time whisperer Sean Hannity immediately blamed Maxine Waters, not even mentioning Milos.

That's how they do it.

Lionized by Trumpists (and Trump), these people are as horrible as humans can get. Their sort put into office such miscreants as Mitch "shameless" McConnell and the rest of the R senators, who'll select the next S.C. Justice.

If no one at Fox, no R congressperson, no one in the all-White House condemns what Hannity and Milos said, let's just kiss America goodbye and find a way to be happy about it.

Trump, of course, reached into that fermenting bin of thoughts and prayers that Republicans keep around for these occasions. That was after informing his cultists that journalists are America's enemies.

So there's that.

But Maxine Waters.

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