Thursday, January 14, 2021

They NEED To Be Lied To

You don’t just have to be delusional to believe Trump’s lies about the election. To pillage our nation’s capitol, deface it, destroy treasures, defecate and urinate on it, set up a hangman’s noose and a guillotine, attack and murder cops whose blue lives you once said matter, you NEED to believe them, for reasons so deep-seated that nothing will open your eyes.

Self-evident to those whose eyes aren’t glued shut by Trump’s adhesive mendacity, you have to be – mostly – white, racist, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic. The logo shirts, the signs, the flags, the chants. The faces. The feces. Reenacting George Floyd’s murder. Seven FBI-identified racist groups. In Trump’s madding MAGA terrorists, there’s no mistaking it. Inside and outside the Capitol, in the White House and in their media fantasy-fortresses, democracy is despised for an obvious reason: in increasingly diverse, multicultural America, it threatens white supremacy.

It helps, too, to harbor such devotion to a lying “president” who affirms your hate that you’ll turn with him on people he praised moments earlier. Mike Pence, for whose execution they ghoulishly chanted, swallowing more Trumpdacity about the Constitution. They aimed to kidnap, possibly kill Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress. Impossible? They beat a police officer to death; another, they dragged down stairs and repeatedly struck with an American flagpole. “We love you,” Trump told them. “You are special people.”

Patriotism ended when they began shouting invective and marching to the tune of a criminally dishonest “president,” who even lied about joining their parade; instead, slinking back to the White House to do what he does best: watch TV. He loved seeing his inflamed hoard, it’s reported, desecrating the Capitol. Unmasked and unworried, traitorous Trumpists yelled “this is OUR country!” Not, evidently, Americans’ who, because we’re a democratic republic, voted Trump out overwhelmingly.

Posting their crimes on favored fascist websites, MAGA terrorists were surprised, later, to be hunted down by the FBI. “This is not who I am,” they wept. But it is. Freely, they chose to riot over freedom.

Not only those MAGA terrorists are inimical to America; it’s also Republican lawmakers and pundits who ceaselessly replayed Trump’s big lie, hypnotically exhorting their manipulees to “stop the steal.” They knew the election was fair; confirmation came from everywhere. 

Casting their lot with blood-eyed felons, they peddled the lie even after the insurrection, saying it’s for voters who, deceived into believing, “have questions.” Polls show a majority of Republicans say they’ll never trust elections again. Mission accomplished. The bigger the lie, the better it works on Trumpists. Telling truth to them is a career-killer.

Their lies wed them to Trumpism, forever. Afraid to be honest, most Congressional Republicans went along. (To be fair, in Trump’s un-great America, because of his homegrown MAGA terrorists, to oppose him is to fear for one’s own and one’s families’ lives.) The ten (only ten!) who, this time, voted to impeach, deserve admiration. 

Well-armed came the MAGA terrorists. In the aftermath, we’re hearing of shocking complicity from within. Congressional sergeants-at-arms, Republican state attorneys general. Many Capitol cops, crazed Qanon congress-people. The FBI downplayed explicit online plans for “war.” Even the Pentagon, which sanitized them as “First Amendment protestors,” slow-walked authorizing the National Guard. Does anyone believe Trump was unaware of intelligence warning of insurrection? Is it unlikely he gave orders to stand back, or that his lackeys followed them? 

The difference from responses to Black Lives Matter demonstrations couldn’t be more revelatory. 

Having pushed their divisive dishonesty for months, Trump’s Congressional mouthpieces called for “unity.” Enough to question the existence of G-d, their faces didn’t melt. Stop the divisiveness, they hypocrisize, after perpetuating a “president” who couldn’t survive without it. Let’s not hurt those marauders’ feelings, nor the non-marauders’ who believe our lies. Including our latest, observably false, that the MAGA terrorists were antifa. 

Like debriding a suppurating wound, punishing Trump’s incitement is a prerequisite to healing. If “unity” is what those guilty Republicans suddenly want, let them state, unambiguously, that Trump’s claims about a stolen election are seditious lies; apologize for waiting so long to say so; renounce their craziest members and stop lying to voters who elected them.

Deadly as a virus, fascism is infecting America: in the White House, in some police, military, Republican legislators, and throughout Trump’s minions. If Trump and the nationwide terrorists he created aren’t punished maximally, our Constitution is meaningless. Demagogues like Trump – there’ll be others – easily create murderous mobs out of “ordinary” people. It can’t happen here? Abetted by millions of self-described conservatives who stood by, on the precipice, silent, it just did.


  1. In Fact, history does repeat itself. The fascist movement is very attractive to people who do not appreciate the freedoms that we enjoy in our precious DEMOCRACY. Germany and Italy militarized their fascism autocracy in the era before WWII by lying and deceiving their gullible populace.

    The task of restoring our wonderful nation to pre-trump greatness won't be easy, but wise and dedicated patriots are now in command of the forces who will legally and certainly "get it done".

    It would be much easier to restore peace and unity with the help of the religious leaders who aided and abetted the sedition and divisiveness of the un-American MAGA cult.

  2. AOC...The Alt Rights antichrist...

  3. Bernie was on Colbert last night...He laid out the plan for us to work on...The alt right is going to white power themselves back into obscurity. They are already running. The FBI and Homeland declared right wing idiots as our nations greatest threat.

    We got work to do...

    1. I just watched that segment of Colbert, and Bernie is not playin'. Sometimes, he gets a look in his eye (gimlet eye?), you just know he's thought it through. He's going to be excellent as Chair of the Budget Committee!

    2. Bernie is the chosen one...I love that lil' glint he has goin' on when he knows something good might happen. An outbreak of anti austerity perhaps?

  4. There hasn't been much said about it, but I would be very surprised if the new Congress doesn't move quickly to get some legislation on the books for dealing with Domestic Terrorism. It's long overdue. The FBI can then designate and entire division of the Counter-Terrorism unit to hunt down the Bubbas and Bubbettes keeping the hate groups alive.

    Of course, that will be after the impeachment trial, confirming Biden's Cabinet, and passing the next Covid-19 relief and recovery package.

    1. Mary Ellen,
      The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) will be a tremendous source of information on the domestic terrorist leaders. These militant groups have been visible for years, but the MAGA white separatists and KKK racists were welcomed by the Drumpf regime.

      The new administration will pursue them (and Drumpf) through the courts for tax evasion.

    2. The SPLC is among several organizations to which we've been giving monthly since Trump's "election."

    3. I of course agree with you.

      It's different this time than any other.

      We are in the digital age...That is the difference.

      Also, the 'other than white' Americans are in much larger numbers. The number of educated 'others' is at an all time high in numbers and quality of education.(comparatively). We are all connected. We all see and hear what we want for the most part. Shit, even me and my FBI agent are on OK, but still not talking terms and Area 51 "officially" exists! It's a new time this time!

      White supremacy AKA Nationalism is a world wide thing. We as Americans are best equipped to deal with it. We have everything we need and more, just name it. This is something we can lead the world in. SHOW them democracy at work. SHOW them justice under the law. SHOW them change and innovation regarding social issues that affect the entire world. SHOW them that the US military is not a hammer that sees all as nails. That it all belongs to the people and not a POTUS.

      Poverty and wealth disparity is a major issue that fuels all kinds of bad stuff. The powerful and wealthy see that the monster they created has suddenly turned on them. The wealthy only wants to know one thing. "How much to make them go away?" It's all they've ever asked and the answer manifests itself into things like FOX 'news' and elected politicians. Well then it's cops and on down the line. Well, that can also manifest itself in good things too.

      That's all changed...

      The cops can't gas and kill peaceful protestors anymore. We can't warehouse 'others' in for profit prisons anymore. Caging 'others' and separating kids from parents is a non starter in place of what was "the policy". Vaccination vs "Herd immunity" is another nonstarter instead of political policy. The policies that were in place and the people that supported them. Never forget!

      As you know...I'll be back here again, but for now...I got to carry on. I just wanted to pop in for 30 mins. and squawk for Super Chicken.

      Seems almost prophetic now 4 years later ;O)

    4. Smoothtooperate,

      Welcome back! We need optimism always. Have you read Trevor Noah's book "Born a Crime"?

    5. I have not read his book. I as a general rule don't read books. I read everything else pretty much.
      My kids are book readers and I supply them with as many books as I can find that they like on

      I just don't think I am wired for that longform type stuff. I will generally fall asleep during a movie. Second and third editions of books and movies are ultra scarce. All that said I do sneak a book in once a decade or so, although I can't tell ya when the last read woulda been. My book is taking shape in extraordinary ways. Gotta love the digital age.

    6. Smooth, I have a large collection of hard cover literature that I have no place to display and I can't use anymore. The arthritis in my hands is so bad that holding onto a big, hard cover book is sort of painful after a period of time. I'm mostly a Kindle person now. Would you like them for your kids? Steinbeck, Hemingway, and many more classics which I cannot remember right now! All safely tucked into 7 big boxes. I have been wanting to find them a good home. I've thought about Senior homes, but they may have the same problems I do. I offered them to the high school where I used to work, but they already had many of them. I thought about the Cocoon House, but they have a book program already. Would you like them? I won't be hurt if you say no.

    7. I may take you up on it! Let me consult my readers.

  5. The Republican quislings who enabled Trump who call for "unity" remind me of the guy who murders his parents, then begs mercy from the court because he is an orphan.

  6. The alt right is gonna flip!(meaning some will become democrat voters.)

  7. Only a few days left of the reign of terror.
    It's my hope our new administration spends 0 time, as in zero time, apologizing for the past.
    Everyone on the planet knows we are headed for better days, and they will appreciate it accordingly.
    In the meantime, has anyone considered the recent announcement, that our very own "savior" of the world has been buying up farmland and is now the leading landowner in the United States. Think about that next time anyone throws darts at the "flyover states".
    Here's an interesting web for those who might be...
    I'm pretty sure he thinks this is philanthropy. :-)

    1. Ummm...I didn't get too far before I realized this was a political hit job and not a statistical analysis of anything.

      Who is this guy?

    2. Anonymous (aka antigateswomanks)

      Although your nemesis is the leading FARM land owner, he isn't even in the top ten land owners in the USA. Why don't you trust his motive for amassing this acreage? I believe he and the Gates Foundation organization have beneficent humanitarian goals. There is no credible evidence of selfish evil doing.

    3. I agree. One may argue with his ill-fated plans for public schools, but, like the other massive projects of the Gates Foundation, I think it's pretty obvious that the intention is to improve lives. He's all but wiped out malaria, for example. And I don't know of vanity projects a la Bezos: space flight, eg. At least Musk's space patrol is doing good things for the ISS. Settling on Mars? Not so much.

    4. Interesting thoughts. Grain industry is somewhat skeptical of Gates, and not complimentary of their effectiveness. is who I used for years in the I/C world of processing for information on farming. Notice, too, the Gates push GMO's and the like, not that I'm against those at all.

      "all but wiped out malaria" is a statement worth checking. Two reports from WHO to help out with that:

      And, the journey to Mars at this stage is for those who want to commit suicide in the interest of glory on Earth for their brief moment. Still no achievable plan for how to come home once there.

      And, can you believe it? One more day! Wow!

    5. Yikes. Those spreadsheets are too cluttered for my poor brain.

    6. Understandable. You will experience immediate relief on January 20, kind of like my wife how upon giving birth was told she was no longer pre-natal diabetic.
      It's unfortunate gestation for our country was 4 years.
      Tomorrow will be a wild day. I look forward to the calming of the next day.

    7. "Interesting thoughts. Grain industry is somewhat skeptical of Gates, and not complimentary of their effectiveness."

      Still doesn't change the fact that your information is a hit job and I don't care what any "industry" AKA private business has to say about much of anything.

      When your rebuttal is "But the grain industry..." Sorry, that's not supporting evidence other than what I said it was. An obvious hit piece and clearly at the hands of privatized monied interests. You said so yourself.

      It's stats salad and nothing more. Handpicked at that.

      Sorry man...It just is.

    8. When you're on the plane when it goes through the sound barrier you don't feel a thing. But, on the ground, the boom (or BOOM!). I like the actions in quiet reversing all sorts of things. Just as some elected T-he for what he did, we elected Joe for what he's doing. Turnabout, is fun depending on which side of the pendulum you're on. I trust that our new administration will get into the things of our nation, and avoid the diarrhea that is what just passed.
      As for Mr. Gates and the grain industry, here's a critical relationship in a somewhat old article to help:
      It's kinda old, 2009, but it's the perspective that's important. A figure in the text that needs to be emphasized (i.e. not in the chart), is that Monsanto's 23% market share covers 87% of farmland devoted to GMO. Realize, a $20B market is interesting to a guy like Bill, but it's the influence that matters so much more. He wants to save the world from ourselves you know. And, he wants it done his way. It's his legacy.

  8. The consequences of Trump's actions in his final days continue to mount. It looks like there may be secondary and tertiary cleansing effects: major retailers are cancelling their accounts with the My Pillow guy.

    That orange is hard to hide; even harder to wash off.

    1. Moscow Mitch gave it a try this morning, saying the insurrection was based on lies coming from Trump.

      Suddenly interested in cooperation. Rings a little hollow.


    3. I'm sure that McConnell will return to some of the same tactics he employed for Obama, but right now he certainly looks like he's going to scrub off as much orange as he possibly can. He has to. It's the only option with any kind of future.

    4. Banned for life!

  9. Well, at least the MAGAt militias seem reluctant to take on the National Guard... so far.

    FWIW I don't think they ever will, but they can still commit plenty of domestic terrorism.

    1. Back to bombing abortion clinics and other soft targets.

  10. You once wrote your record in surgery was removal of 50 lbs. of _____. (?)
    Our country just got rid of 300+ lbs.
    Welcome, new era! Welcome!


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