Thursday, January 7, 2021

Trump's Terrorists

This week we – and the world -- recognized who Donald Trump has always been, and what he and his party have done to our country. The good thing about Republican senators letting him off the hook after impeachment is that we’ve come to see how right Adam Schiff was when he predicted it. And we’ve learned the price of that party’s descent into insurrection. 

Henceforth, barring an unlikely return to conservatism and respect for the Constitution, today’s Republican Party will be remembered as the outlaw party. The party that chose a racist, xenophobic, lying bully, sex predator, and scamming, tax-cheating “businessman”; and, for four disgraceful years, condoned his contemptuous spurning of the law. That chose authoritarianism over constitutional governance, that embraced Trump’s attempt to delegitimize a fair election Joe Biden won decisively. (It wasn’t Trump’s election most Democrats contested: it was his subsequent criminality.) 

The party that considers any vote not for them to be fraudulent; a win by any Democrat, anywhere, to be, by definition, illegitimate. Whose claims of election fraud have been debunked, their legal arguments dismissed as ridiculous; who didn’t care and kept pushing, right until – and for some, even after – Trump’s riot.

What’s the constituency, other than the psychopath-in-chief, to whom those refusenik R senators and representatives were playing? Violent Proud Boys; the cult of Q-anon; domestic terrorists responding to Trump’s call to “be wild” by storming the Capitol; the millions of Trumpists (including tens who write to me) who, believing his hallucinatory claims of massive fraud, repeat the disproved “evidence” as if it’s implanted in their brains -- not by Bill Gates’ vaccines, but through the neurotoxicity emanating from rightwing radio, internet, and TV.

To secure permanent deregulation and tax cuts for themselves, Republican leaders have created ignorance and suborned rejection of democracy among their voters. To them, our system of governance and its institutions are anathema.

So let’s call them what they’d become, until, maybe, around midnight Wednesday: the party of treason, led by a traitor to the Constitution, who, throughout his entire “presidency,” fomented the violence that occurred during a process that’s always been a testament to America’s tradition of peaceful transfer of presidential power.

The list of those responsible for that seditious despoiling is long, starting and ending with Trump, who’d brutally cleared peaceful, non-violent protestors so he could wave a Bible as if he knows what’s in it, but did less than nothing on Wednesday. Who, after his phalanx of phools responded to his incitement earlier that morning, unconvincingly called for “peace,” then canceled the call by repeating his malignancy about stolen elections and evil people, announcing his “love” for those defiling “special people.”

The list includes Pence, McConnell, Graham. Cruz and fist-raising Hawley. Rightwing media ogres like Hannity, Limbaugh, Carlson, Ingraham, who profit from making their listeners angry and stupid, the success of which we’ve just witnessed. Every complicit Republican who, save but one, either perpetuated Trump’s lies and malfeasance or cowardly ignored them, who forsook their duty during impeachment, who feared telling the truth to their voters. 

Buffoonish Rudy Giuliani, who called for “trial by combat” right before the Capitol was stormed by rioters seemingly confident police wouldn’t stop them or, because they’re white, do them harm. (Some cops, who should be fired, took selfies with the rioters.)

Every brainwashed Trumpist who repeats his lies, refusing, as taught, to become informed. Who swallowed Trump’s mendacity about BLM but cheer rightwing terrorists whose goal – unlike BLM’s – is violence. Who continued to follow him, despite – or maybe because of – his perpetual lying.

How worse than ironic, seeing Trump’s terrorists vandalizing the Capitol, waving the American flag while figuratively burning it; raising Trump and Confederate flags, confirming their rejection of the Constitution. Every one of those delusional subversives, whose hate for America they consider, in their poisoned minds, love, should be arrested, tried, and deported. To a country whose leaders think like they do: North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia. Countries that watch Trump and his traitors attacking America from within and cheer.

On January 6, 2021, the legacy of Trump’s “presidency” and of the sad fall of the Republican Party that led to it, was sealed. The culmination of cultivated ignorance by Republican leaders, at least since Newt Gingrich, it’s the whirlwind they reaped, their fleas from lying down with dogs. MAGA, indeed.

It’s Trumpists’ legacy, too; including those who write to me, slavishly repeating his lies. Even more than Trump, they shame America. And themselves. Maybe Trump’s insurrection will awaken enough Republicans to the damage they’ve facilitated, helping to assure someone like him will never again sit behind the Resolute Desk.

In Congress Wednesday night, after Trump disgraced himself and our nation, it almost seemed like it might. Sudden sententiousness, after years of ignoring the obvious.


  1. The analysis and prophetic summary of the Drumpf fiasco was exactly as you predicted from day one. The opposing views from many of the MAGA cultist posters have proven to be based on political party loyalty not patriotism to our wonderful DEMOCRACY.

    I am grateful to you for courageously resisting the radical authoritarian government we have been subjected to during this regime of terror. The negative responses you receive reveal the challenge we face to remain a nation dedicated to freedom, liberty, and justice for ALL.

  2. We hear encouraging talk about exercising the 25th Amendment, but unless Pence himself stands up and actually leads the parade we'll see nothing but hand wringing and more resignations in response to calls for removal.

    I think that this week has shown that the amendment needs to be revised and given a set of sharper teeth that would make it easier to initiate and include explicit criteria for automatic initiation.

  3. Consider:
    The idiom is obvious, but since this is ongoing, happening history, have you ever wondered where the rats go? (we get to watch!)
    For that matter, which rats desert first? The "respectable ones"? Those who have already squirreled whatever plunder away?
    Shall we be grateful to those who desert early (?), and prop them up on a pedestal for later?
    In a way it would be fun if the 25th happened in one day, since it would cement Pence as the shortest tenure President in U.S. History.
    Only 12 days! I've tracking it on my Christmas little-bear-in-a-pocket kiddy-calendar.
    Remember, T-he is already gone, watch the ones not being watched! That's where corruption crescendos!

  4. Local news reports that the Feds have visited the Mayor of Gravette, Arkansas asking about Richard Barnett. What will come of that is unknown.

  5. So everyone asking for unity can go do what Clint Eastwood said to imaginary Hillary in a chair at the GOP convention. "Go F herself"...They are so cute aren't they?

    I don't want "unity" with these people. Are you nuts???!!! HELLO!
    Wake up people...These people need to be stamped out. Eliminated. Period. There's no compromise. It's Japan on the deck of a battleship. The alt right is a clear and present danger to the republic. Period. Or do we need to wait for the mass assassination's to decide we don't want to be associated with them? And there's the problem...There is NO line they are not willing to cross. They will stop at nothing until there's "unity". That includes killing everyone who disagrees with their politics, religion or anything else the average right wing snowflake says you should die for.

    Sorry, you are all complicit on the right. 78 million people. For you it's the end of the line. We'll never unite with you. It's the progressives way or the highway for those folks. I bet that stings.

    We can't put another conservative in the White House ever again. We must reshape the map and retain power as we gain power. We must wield majority absolutism in the face of tyranny. Anything less is appeasement. We must strip them of political power.

    1. Smooth but wrinkled,

      Prejudice and ignorance are major causes of conflicting political philosophies. I am confident that the elected, intelligent, inclusive, uniting leader will replace the ignorant, exclusive, prejudicial racist idiot next week.

      It is not reality to believe a democracy can eliminate conservative thinking citizens. They will always be with us. We need to prove to them that our liberal political system is better. Guns and power grabs require honorable and honest regulations.

    2. FBI warns 'armed protests' being planned at all 50 state capitols and in Washington DC

      They are proud of them selves and are calling for more violence.

      These people need to be eliminated from the process. Take their voting rights away just like they do black folks. jail them 3 strikes.

    3. Smooth operator,

      We learned 140 years ago that civil wars do not prove or change anything. Everyone loses. There has to be a better way to solve disputes than killing other people.

    4. We can no longer kowtow to the minority when the minority is a mob of violent know-nothings who are not serious players in a true democracy.

      These people depend on their donors for legislation because none of them can do it because they lack the education. The left is full of legislators and wanna be's.

      We need to continue that fight. It didn't end at the end of the civil war, or the civil rights movement of 1968. It's a fight that is clearly in progress and we must win.

      The alt right has made it clear how they want to fight this war. The left has tried to bargain and gotten burned too many times. Now it's time to pay the piper.

      They asked for it brother and they are already running scared.

  6. If anything positive has resulted from the attacks on the Capitol, it is the FBI's evidence gained on the internal terrorist groups involved. The exposure of these criminal groups will show the nation that Drumpf's effort to use them for personal political motives abetted their tyranny.

    1. This is who you want to compromise with?


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