Thursday, March 25, 2021

Guns, Lies, Excuses, And Sidney

Two weeks, two mass murders using America’s massacre weapon of choice; at least one of which was purchased only six days before putting it to the only use for which it was designed. And ten days after a judge, adjudicating a lawsuit filed by the NRA, struck down a ban on its sales in Boulder, where the most recent murders occurred.

Last year was one of our deadliest ever for gun violence. Nothing will change, of course, as long as senators like Ted Cruz resort to the usual “Democrats want to take all guns from everyone” falsehoods, as he did this week. Nor as long as the NRA contributes millions in campaign donations, 98.1% of which, in 2020, went to Republicans. When Cruz began his deluge of deceit with “Every time there’s a mass shooting…” a lot more was revealed than he intended about America’s exceptional production and tolerance of slaughter by combat-style weaponry.

Also making a strong bid for the hearing’s b.s. prize was Louisiana’s Senator Kennedy, who equated restrictions on gun purchases with banning all law-abiding citizens from driving in order to stop drunk ones. It shouldn’t need explaining how dishonest and, if he believes it, stupid that is.

Rather than repeating calls for a minimal amount of sanity, which will inevitably fall upon filibustered ears, let’s talk about the lying that’s come to characterize the right side of our political spectrum, and not just about gun-control.

As a starting point, consider Trump-hired election-cancelation attorney Sidney (embarrassing, right?) Powell. Splattered like blood over the crime scene of right-wing media, her high-volume claims that Dominion Voting Systems conspired to steal the election from Trump, led to being named in a billion-dollar lawsuit by the defamed company. Her novel defense could become the template for all the liars up with whom we’ve had to put since the election of Trump. Especially Trump. 

And it should definitely supplant the ever-changing definition of “chutzpah,” the most recent iteration of which was Trump referring to House Democrats as “do-nothing” after Moscow Mitch spiked every bill they produced.

Strap yourselves in, dear readers. Here it comes, in a filing to the court by her lawyers: "No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact…” In other words, they argue, she can’t be held to account because her lies were so ridiculous that “reasonable” people would know she was blowing smoke up their assumptions. 

Well, it’s bold. But here’s the thing: I knew, and I’d guess most people reading this did, too. Trumpists didn’t, though, and they still number in the millions. Sid-the-other’s prevarication was aimed straight at them, and, accustomed to devouring mendacity un-masticated, manna from the heaven-sent, they gorged on it. Stormed the capitol over it. Refuse over it, even now, to admit President Biden was legitimately elected. Which is why it’s necessary, contra a recent letter, to keep calling out Trumpism: like the carcinogens he deregulated, the poison remains, and will for decades.

Were Ms. Powell’s lies any more grievous than Trump’s about the election, the pandemic, climate change, immigrants, Democrats and socialism, China, Russia, and every other word that caused his lips to move? By no measure. One assumes her lawyers would argue he’s off the hook, too. Not his fault his followers aren’t “reasonable” people.

Among Republicans there’s rarely a political cost for lies as effluvious as Powell’s, Cruz’s, Kennedy’s, and Trump’s. In fact, they’re what keep getting them elected. And now we’re to believe there should be no legal consequences, either, because no one but idiots – their idiots, they’re confirming -- would believe. We may well see the theory tested in the coming months and years. When the full measure of Trump’s corruption is revealed, along with that of those he extracted from the swamp and sluiced into his “administration,” will his followers come to recognize how badly and cynically they’d been deceived? We should live so long.

Like those about Covid-19, Trumpist’s voting fabrications are existentially dangerous, and yet another definition of chutzpah: lying for months about the ubiquity of fraud, specifically and intentionally to destroy confidence in the process, they justify their newly-hatched, nationwide voter-suppression laws by saying confidence needs to be restored.

HR-1 is the bill written by House Democrats to ensure election fairness. Knowing they can’t win when it’s as easy for Democratic constituencies to vote as it is for theirs, Republicans will make it another victim of the fairnessbuster, while Ted Cruz, true to form, lies about it

Equitable election laws and reasonable gun-control: prevented by Republicans since ink dried on the quills. The devolution continues.


  1. In addition to the deplorables you mention in this column, I am continually offended by the support given to the "twice impeached a**h*l*" from so many religious industry personalities.
    For them to excuse him for his habitual assaults on biblical truths is literally unbelievable. They give license to all liars to benefit from deception and untruthful teaching.

    1. Religion is the original grift.

    2. Nope. True religion is living in right relationship with God and with one's fellow human beings. Unfortunately, the grifters are hogging the press.

    3. Riiiight...and we are talking about specifically what God and or Gods?

  2. Here's the shithole states way of keeping white supremacy alive.

    We are under attack from within. We need to smash this now.

  3. If you think Cruz is nuts, you should check out Matt Walsh. (Twitter: @MattWalshBlog) He considers gun ownership to be a more important right than voting. Which means he's totally OK with what's happening in GA re: voting laws, but he'll b**ch and moan his heart out if anyone even raises a thought about putting limitations on gun ownership. I don't know whether he's a lunatic or just an elitist a***ole. Maybe he's both.

    1. Anymore it's just a grift. They are appealing only to those people who are so stupid and gullible and unreasonable that they'll keep sending money under any and all circumstances. In fact, when someone is caught and convicted, the lemmings send MORE


      There's so many who've caught onto the grift that nobody knows where to send their money or whom they are sending it too or for whatever purpose. They all THINK they know, but never read the fine print. Because they are gullible, and stupid and fuel it with rage.

      They good news is that enough people have recognized it to change their votes. If we pass voting rights it'll be over.

  4. I keep thinking how embarrassing it must be for Republicans to continue this behavior. They have no party platform. They have erstwhile "Policies" that the majority of Americans do not want or agree with. It's like we're saying "we're just not that into you" and they're the moony teenager trying to win over the boy or girl who looks at them with pity. Other people have said, and it's true, they are not listening. The famous autopsy after their 2012 drudging went unheeded. Now they pay for not giving credence to its results.

    Not that I care how they feel. They are standing in the way of progress and even this old woman knows only fools do that. They're dreaming they're on stage naked and when they wake up--yep, they're on stage naked.

    1. They've given up on policy-making and making no attempt to hide it. Figure they can win by lying and by suppressing opposition votes. It has worked in every red state except GA recently; and they've seen to it that that won't happen again.

      If any of them say they love America and democracy, the words should set their faces aflame.

    2. The latest push for the last couple weeks+ is "The Harris Administration".

      But they are not racist. You don't hear "Biden Administration" all day. It's not a one off. This is the new talking point on "FT" 'news' all day on a loop. It's shameless, as you'd imagine.

    3. Well, kudos to you, Smooth, for being able to listen to that tripe! I can't anymore. I can make it approximately 90 seconds. They do keep trying to smear Joe with something/ anything and "The Harris Administration" is part of that, obviously. Trying to say Joe is feeble or unwell. I like very much that the VP is taking on a high-profile issue on the border problem. She'll handle it ably. She may be the new Foreign policy tool, coached by Joe, which will bolster her credibility when it IS her turn to take the helm in 2024. IMHO, Joe won't run, and he's going to help her get the chops and positioning for that. He knows 82 is too old for that job, no matter how capable and experienced the governmental staff is.

      Anyway, thanks for slogging through the slime to report on all the right wing "ideas???". You can always trust a Marine to do the hard work. I know, because my brother is a Marine!

    4. "She'll handle it ably."

      She's the secret weapon. Her husband is part of that. We all saw what a badass she was running for POTUS. Someone like Drumpf or any alty running would get ground up into fine bits debating her.

      I agree, I think the smart money is Joe not running. If he feels the country is in good hands with Kamala as POTUS he'll bow out. She's got the "green light" on immigration. The alts are really really really gonna hate her because she's gonna knock it out of the park. Joe is gonna go down as the LBJ of our era. LBJ was my first POTUS :O)

      As for "FT" 'news' channel. I have been like you for a long while. 2 minutes in and I'm correcting them in my head. Then out loud. Then change it before I break my stuff. Then as a producer. I see how bad they suck and how contrived it is. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me in that regard.

      So what's changed? Their narratives. The on air faces.
      So I have decided to go back, grit my teeth and hear the same crap on a loop with more and more extreme guests basically saying it'll be hillbilly Armageddon if the "libs" are no longer owned by us Confederates.

      Also, once a Marine always a Marine if you ever were a true Marine to the bone. The nation needs people like me to sort through the stuff. Jon Stewart called it "Turd Mining". It about killed him until he quit and Trever took over.

      But yes, your service never ends. You carry on as a Marine civilian. For example. I always open doors for ladies especially but anyone who's on my heals. They go first. Just a couple months ago two ladies were coming into the train/bus station. I was coming out. So I deliberately beat them to the door and held it open. All bundled they cont. and were so thrilled! "Well thank you" they said in unison with a huge smile. The older folks appreciate that gesture. I always let people ahead of me in line if they are employees or disabled folks I get stuff off top shelves. Help moms with strollers and kids and 3 bags get on the bus and off the bus. I use whatever my "skills" are as a Marine in a civilian world. My oldest kids were in high school before they knew if I was a veteran. My youngest asked me if I was in the military. It was for an assembly on Veterans day and she is not only the brains of this outfit. She LOVES being in the spotlight so she took a chance...lmao. And yes she told all her friends etc. I showed them pictures and such. It gave them a whole new
      So I'm not overly helpful or just always hovering around. I am sooper aware of stuff around me is the difference and I can empathize easily in most cases. So I ask politely if I can carry the stroller and groceries so you get the kids seated. I never get turned Moms are badasses'. All teachers and nurses are badasses. Over and above a Marine easily. A Marines job is the job. That job is making sure our super heroes can do theirs. Marines are always first in and last out. That's what being a Marine is to me anyway. The ex military types that are idiots are few and far between.

    5. Here's the face of evil on "FT" 'news' Sunday. Pay close attention to what happens at 30 seconds in.

      Watch the deflection to race when it was never mentioned and even if it was his denial is telling as well. He never answers questions. And it's all day long this feeling of wanting to punch one of them. "Sick" is the perfect description of these animals. Watch till 31 seconds and see the face of evil. You'll see and hear it.

  5. Sid- Speaking of voter suppression. Parts one and deux
    Rachel Maddow...But Limp Lindsey isn't a racist?????? Go back and see the face of evil in my previous post.

    People need to wise up quick and they have but, the Nazi's are in charge of the hen house and coming out of the woodwork. It's war on Democracy. They know it, so why don't we know it? This isn't a tiny thing here or there. It's a winner take all thing. It's time we treat it as such.

  6. I would accept this apology and forgive them instantly...

    “It is regrettable that the sense of urgency came after the legislation was passed and signed into law,” said Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation and a board member at Ralph Lauren, Pepsi and Square."

    I mean c'mon man. The world ain't perfect. They acknowledged it, fixed it and are moving on in a new way from here. If ANYONE apologized like that I'd say "Hey men, we are all a little crazy." and move on.
    Delta and Coca-Cola Reverse Course on Georgia Voting Law, Stating ‘Crystal Clear’ Opposition
    Prominent Black executives had called on companies to publicly oppose a wave of similarly restrictive voting bills that Republicans are advancing in almost every state."

    It's on now! Coca freakin Cola??? Are you kidding me right now? Delta? That's a ton of pressure.

    The south is rising up. This summer will be telling. The shithole states might be finally getting the picture. They've been screwed and didn't enjoy it, clearly. From "Right to work for less" to fighting for unions. DUH! And they wonder why they have a stereotype of being slow and stupid? HELLO! They dang near murdered nobody knows how many legislators. Especially the "libs". What do we think would have happened to "The Squad"? Or Pelosi etc? We all saw what they did to the cops at the capitol.

    I can't wait till these people go to jail.

    1. Words only, so far. How 'bout they pull a Boeing and pack up?


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