Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Social Darwinism

In a country gone nuts, providing facts is as effective as bailing a boat with a salad fork. Nevertheless, patriotism and decades of doctoring compel me to try.

What spurred this particular holler into the wind was learning of anti-vaxers who need blood transfusions, demanding they come from unvaccinated donors. Because, you know, human embryonic cells. Or microchips. Or altered DNA. Turn them into "mutants," Alex Jones warns.

Because they care about humanity, people who donate blood are likely to be vaccinated. When I’ve ordered transfusions, the victims were usually mid-exsanguination. “Ten units,” I’d order. “O-negative, stat!!” No preference-polls taken. Also, blood is scarce nationwide. Would they rather die? They’ve said so, vaccine-wise. So, good luck. 

It’s true that development of the Covid-19 vaccines employed a fetal stem cell line, used in research around the world ever since it was cultured in the Netherlands. In 1973. It’s unclear whether that line came from one of countless abortions induced by God – aka “miscarriages” -- or by doctors. More importantly, whereas the vaccines’ safety was initially tested utilizing cells from that venerable line, their production neither uses nor contains them.

Or microchips. And, as anyone with eighth-grade science education knows (this may exclude people who were taught science in certain red states, or here whose parents convinced them to disbelieve), there’s absolutely no way vaccines alter recipients’ genetic material. Zero. Zip. Nil. Nada. None. Convinced? Dumb question number one.

Refusers do, of course, expect all the benefits of their rejected medical science when they get sick. Imagine that.

After five decades toiling in operating rooms, wearing masks for hours, I attest to their safety. It’s our global adversaries and Trumpists (difference?) who, wanting to divide us, spread the lies. Who would equate demanding common sense and common purpose with oppression? Pal Putin, for one. And Trumpublican leaders, and Trump, and rightwing media inciters, all of whom require a steady supply of enraged followers.

Which they have, in a decades-old, in-house-designed, carefully-maintained line of medical-strength, unquestioningly malleable adult humans. Sharing characteristics with that half-century-old embryonic cell line: Lab-tested; reliable; behaviorally predictable. Only the latter, though, was intended to benefit humanity.

Nikki Haley, once and future Trumpublican star, just injected more pretense into the body politic. About President Biden pressuring the Taliban to not interfere with departing US citizens and Afghans who’d helped them, she opined: “Negotiating with the Taliban is like dealing with the devil.” Inexplicably, she didn’t burst into flames.

What a brazen example of expecting stupidity. Trump “negotiated” (stretching the definition) with them bigly, gave them everything, bragging all the way. Pressured Pakistan to free the imprisoned criminal who may become Afghanistan’s new leader; forced the Afghan government to release five-thousand more, now among the takers-over. Got empty promises in return. As with his other favorite tyrants, he still praises them. Does ex-ambassador Haley believe Trumpists are that ignorant? (Me: no comment.)

As he fantasizes “presidency” 2.0, the last thing Trump wants is President Biden succeeding in anything, including the pandemic. So effective was his previous dissembling that, when he half-heartedly suggested vaccination to Alabama rally-goers last week, they booed. They’ll continue dying. Even after ingesting deworming cow paste, which, helplessly Trumpofoxified, they trust over vaccines.

To the same end, Trump continues shoveling his big election lie. Which, even after witnessing the feathery explosion of Pillow Mike’s promised, irrefutable, reinstatement-inflicting evidence, the cult fervently believes. In a country gone nuts.

Across the land and here in Snohomish County, parents storm schools in anti-mask anger, physically attacking teachers, pulling off their masks, hurling racial insults, threatening more violence. Made to believe deliberate falsehoods, from which they’ll never extract themselves. Uncaring who gets infected, including themselves and their children.

It’s conceivable they don’t intend to become killers. Without question, though, some will. The kindest explanation is endless Foxotrumpian lies, leaving them defenseless. Otherwise, it’s that they’re dangerously dim. Or, worse, that they’re inherently malicious.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, anti-mask hero and pandemic down-player, became infected after meeting unmasked (but vaccinated) with a covey of wealthy, unmasked, Texatrumpic donors. Evidently afraid of dying, he started taking Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment, indications for which rarely include people who, like him, are asymptomatic. “I will downplay the seriousness for thee,” says he, “But not for me.”

Trump and Abbott: anti-abortion (Trump, only recently, because…), anti-fetal stem cell research, taking Regeneron’s antibodies. Which – surprise! -- was developed using the very same embryonic stem cells as the vaccines.

Feel silly yet, anti-vaxer/anti-maskers? Used? Deceived? Manipulated? Dumb questions two through five. 

Clearly, they’ve been implanted with ignorance-inducing microchips.


  1. I never trusted Drumpf as a person worthy of being a public leader. When I witnessed his TV unreality show treatment of the contestants, it was obvious to me that he was an egomaniac. He never proved his qualification to lead our democracy. His guru Steven Bannon saw in him a likely candidate to promote an autocratic government to replace democracy.

    The republican party abandoned our checks and balances two- party system and welcomed Drumpf and his pals like Stephen Miller, General Flynn, and all the other unqualified cabinet members. Our country has suffered egregiously during and after his reign of terror. Ronald Reagan would
    never have supported Drumpf.

    The "revolution" the republicans have adopted has an ultimate goal to eliminate democracy and empower autocracy.
    240+ years of progress and self rule by all citizens will be lost, if we don't vote to prevent this unthinkable tragedy.

    1. Seeker of truth, you're always much more polite and kind than I am! I never watched his show. My interest in any "reality" TV was very short-lived--Project Runway, Top Chef, The Sing Off--which were actual skill-based competitions. I could never watch Drumpf because he prompted my defense instincts and I always "saw" his insincerity and falsity. Oh, that I'd had that same reaction to my deceased, former husband. One was never close enough to hurt me--the other close enough to wield the emotional knives.

      But, to Dr. Schwab's column, the anti-vaxxers infiltrate my own life in ways that frankly, just piss me off. I will not be traveling to Northern California for my niece's first anniversary, which is intended to be the wedding celebration she didn't get to have last October. Because of the virus. Now, old folks like me are exercising more caution again because willfully ignorant, or overgrown toddlers insist upon their freedoms--freedoms which impinge on MY freedom.

      I applied to the Everett Public Schools to be a volunteer this year, knowing it would be a difficult transition from the last two years and that there may be teachers and staff who refuse vaccination. I got to go to my old stomping grounds on Thursday and now, the District leadership has put a stop to all volunteers until the county virus numbers are down again. I'm ticked off I can't go back. My former office mates are ticked off I can't go back. For them, having someone with my knowledge and experience to be their extra hands, even for ONE DAY, was a big help. I won't break the rules though, no matter how much I want to.

      I mentioned before that the pandemic changed me. It's doing it again and now I'm even more angry because it isn't just the pandemic, it's the decisions of other Americans who insist upon being obstinate. If they succumb to this virus, I can't really care very much.

    2. "I applied to the Everett Public Schools to be a volunteer this year,"

      YES! That's the spirit. It's also the obvious solution to a major problem.

      The fact you can't pisses me off too. The whole thing is stupid.

      I am angry too. Every time I leave my house angry has turned into, "I got to go to get my meds tomorrow angry." I am pissed off just thinking about it now. Meaning I am pissed off allll the time pretty much. Why? Because I got to ride the bus everywhere I go. The mask rule is NEVER enforced. Now? People are daring people to do or say anything about not wearing a mask on the bus. They WANT to make a statement. To cause the biggest scene possible. Like a flash mob terror attack of vexing anti vaxing alt right violent protestors and the traitors to our nation.

      When they relaxed the mask rules I was furious! "WHY?!" is all I kept saying. The excuses I got in return were anti vax light arguments. It's like me telling my kids they are grounded for killing the neighbors and then letting them go play after they had an hour to "think about it".

      Now I got monsters on my hands and I just constantly scream "Go out and play and leave me alone" onto society with the issues I created in my lil murderous monsters who now kill people w/o fear of any responsibility and don't feel bad at all about it, in fact, they celebrate the freedom to kill. YAY!

      I mean that's what I think in my crazy ass head on the daily. Just the stupid that abounds and the reasons for the stupid continuing and spreading. The fact that the stupid is killing people. That the people killing people treasure that as a freedom.

      Make no mistake. It's life or death and I treat it as such. If there's a God? He better help whomever assaults me cause they will need it. It's come close a couple times. That's why Skagit Transit ignores it. They are afraid. Like the Afghan army. They have all the tools and all the power and chose to do nothing and endanger their entire ridership. I don't know if it's the case everywhere, but here in Skagit County that's the news.

    3. Just please stay safe, Smooth. I know you've likely done the formal complaints to Skagit Transit and you've probably investigated mail delivery of your meds, so I won't make unneeded suggestions.

      Listening to Beau of the 5th Column on YouTube--BTW, I think you would really like his videos--he was talking about the booing of Drumpf at the 'bama rally last week. His take is that now, Dr. Frankenstein realizes his monster is out of his control. You watch Orange Fat Boy scurry backwards when he is booed and it's almost comical. Comical, except it is so freaking dangerous. The mob feels its unrighteous anger and lets it build. I wait and hope for the DOJ and Select Committee to bring the consequences forward that will make them pay.

      Meanwhile, I'm watching as Hurricane Ida aims at Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee and thinking that perhaps, the Republicans will lose a lot more voters. Then I sip my coffee and say, "next".

    4. Thanks for your support. Yeah, I am going round and round with Skat Transit. it'd be one thing if they said "Oh gee nuthin' we can do". But what they do is turn it on you. The I am the problem for demanding they enforce their own rules and the laws of the land. They've ran their course and now it's ignore. "Sue us" is pretty much the default on this covid issue. Everyone is so helpless...but of course, it keeps the profits flowing.

      I am moving to a place that I can walk to the places I need to go. Saving for transportation. I been doing that. But moving will cut into that deeply. But I will be able to walk to the store until I can save the full amount. The place is a walkers/bikers paradise. I should be moved by Oct.1st. we'll see...

      I don't mind it too much being in open spaces or even a grocery store with unmasked people. It's the damn bus. It's the only thing that triggers my flight or fight.

    5. Nora Flanagan is CM Punk's JHS friend. She went with him for moral support to AEW PPV event.

      In her other life she's a teacher...This is from a while ago but it's just as relevant today, if not more so. Like, if misinformation has taught us anything, we need a librarian in every school. We need recess and PE. Art, and counselors. Pandemic teaching has taught us a lot and it's all stuff we already know. How sad is that? It's like people need to be retaught basic life. I know that w/o wholesale changes to education and societal divides like no internet, we are so doomed.

  2. Only two more days for Trump to be reinstated as president, based on August as the most quoted month. Perhaps part of this week's column if you're still sketching, Sid?

  3. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good one, Doctor!

  4. Dr. Schwab referred to "Social Darwinism" such as the world is now confronting. In governance, nations have evolved very slowly in countries like Afghanistan. Their ultra-conservative military theocracy has prevailed once again despite interference by the United Kingdom, Russia, and the USA.
    Our own neo-republican party of today want to emulate Afghanistan's ultra-conservative autocratic theocracy and destroy our democracy. Evolution, as envisioned by Darwin, does not revert to weaker primitive alternatives. Women are considered property and social progress is denied. Let's deny the right-wing efforts to stop progress and liberty here in our unique democracy.

  5. "(CNN)As Covid-19 cases surge across the US, particularly among unvaccinated Americans, hospitals have been pushed to their limits treating the influx of patients -- and five states are nearly out of ICU beds."

    "Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arkansas have less than 10% left of their ICU bed capacity, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services."

    Heyas Cory...Our current leaders in the race to the bottom! AKA Pits of Hell. I hope Kate McKinnon is the Devil cuz my chances are good getting that T-shirt. Why? Because people who won't vax themselves and their kids(whomever is medically eligible via CDC and approved guidelines...Porcupine dewormer is not approved yet).

    Sturgis is efficiently mowing down Drumpf bikers.
    The Confederacy is flooded or whatever else and now must huddle in shelters or relatives homes etc. Church ALWAYS THERE TO HELP. God knows the church is free of covid, cuz yunno, strong faith. We're hillbilly strong dagnabit! If I can eat my mother in laws cooking I can survive covid yee haw!!! I'm so funny and it always triggers the libs! In fact I am gonna make a T-shirt and sell it 20 bucks a pop!

    Also, my main man, Jackson Man of Action...Religion does not make women property. Religion is where they completely eliminate the girls from the process entirely. They are only there to serve...uhhh God. And God speaks thru the head of the cult. Therefore Drumpf is God. Or say your average male who graduated some bible also a fair temporarish replacement surrogate kinda God...

    It's the exact same thing. Don't worry about it kid, move along and, are you gonna pass the plate sometime? At least pass it before Jesus comes back...or do I need to tear it from your evil Satan possessed hands? beautiful young young boy...*cough**barf*

    Sorry, I'm back. I had to decontaminate myself real quick there...and brush my teeth, twice.

    But yes I am a stickler for life and death issues and how they are handled. I treat them as if my life depended on it. I actually know exactly where that particular line is drawn. 99% of the world has no idea, other than a guess, as to where that line is and even less know what needs to be done. In this case...a decent mask and a shot and social distance. Avoid places like bars and restaurants. Now is not the time to take up square dancing or bowling or join the local stitch and bitch aka gang stalkers clubs.

    My search for a spot continues. I just got my head down, move forward, throw punches approach combined with relentless hustle will get me a place to live soon. I got 20 days before they launch me into the

  6. Joe Rogan Has COVID, Is Taking Dewormer & Antibodies

  7. OH! And another thing! RAWR!

    The Kraken will only play to vaxed crowds I bet. The Eagle's are playing 2 sold out shows at the new Climate Pledge Arena. Must show proof of Vaxes. It's precisely why they added a second show I bet. Nobody would come w/o a mandate in Seattle.


    Sweater numbers have just come out...Best in the league! But you can't see them being all sloppy. Ya gotta be an American patriot and get vaxed!

    Ok that's two things.

  8. When he recovers, it'll be attributed to the ivermectin, of course. But he took, as you said, the regeneron immune therapy, same as the previous guy. That'll be ignored.

    1. LOL! Yeah, I can see that now...Of course it'll take credit. *head desk*

      Joe is such a smart guy. Then this...

      Joe has some funny notions about some things. I don't care about the whirly weird conspiracy musings etc. That's just talking. But when lives are involved, that's different. People hang on that dudes every word and action. UFC is where a lot of his new notoriety came from. He's being removed from cards left and right. Joe used to be at every show. Then he'd take off a show here and there. Then it was only the biggest shows. Then covid hit and Joe didn't travel to Fight Island (Abudabi). So he's basically been phased out of the UFC. Joe's podcast does great and Spotify paid him 50 million dollars. But even that has gotten flat. There's still great content, it's just that there's only so many folks to talk to in this world that people want to listen to for 2-4 hours. They've already replaced Joe w/a ton of on air talent.

      I used to listen to his podcasts when someone came on I wanted to hear. I tune in less for that reason. But when I do tune it, it's just not the same. He's not exactly going through the motions. But he's very comfortable, to the point of being nearly comatose at times for long stretches. 20-30 minutes sometimes. Interesting or not, it'll put you to sleep. Noam Chomsky is mild mannered and soft spoken but can capture your attention for 2 hours no problem.

      Joe is a fad I think. Dana White loves Trump....lmao...How embarrassing.

  9. So, I went to Seattle on Thursday. I took several buses. Tons and tons of people downtown. In downtown Seattle, not a single soul had their mask under their nose, or some other stupid shit. Nope, everyone wore a mask the proper way. Once out of downtown I saw 2 people not wearing a mask properly all day long. About 6.2 hours on the bus total for the day.

    I get to Everett to get on the 90X back to Hicksville and lo and behold, several people were not wearing a mask properly. Then something different happened. Hicksville transit security was on the bus! Now, I don't want to take credit, but this is something I've asked for, for about 1.5 years. Of course it's $$$$, so they balk and get annoyed and treat me like shit. Like I am the problem "Why is it always you?" the head of security said once. Well, now his lil gestapo is riding the bus to enforce the mask rule. The guy had to babysit 2 grown men in the back of the bus who kept pulling their mask down. It was like kids misbehaving in the back seat! You are always looking in the mirror. Giving the side eye to catch them waskaly kids in the back seat. The ride home was a heavy lift for the security guy and I just smiled. "It's a new thing they are trying." Oh??? Ya mean having the driver play cop isn't working??? I wonder who called the uni...I mean, I wonder why they all the sudden got concerned about innocent drivers and passengers vs. belligerent passengers wanting a confrontation???? It's the same people every time too. A noob floats in once in a while like the 2 dudes in Everett.

    Yesterday on the bus! 2 dudes drunk. One got belligerent af about wearing a mask. the white guy complied and the cowboy hat Mexican dude did not. They went, did whatever and was at a stop to go home. The gal stopped and didn't swing the door and picked up the phone. A few moments later...She tells white guy you can come on and you have to wait for security. Cowboy does not like that and is forcing his way thru the door that she shut on him to stop him. He got 1/2 way in and a chubby prediabetic Marine was there to great him. "Vamanos!, Nada"...Raised eyebrows..."Nada dude..." And helped him remove his body from the door he pretended to be stuck in as if that was somehow going to change the outcome.

    So I suddenly went from zero to hero. The bus was full of elderly and disabled. Mom and a kid was on board. Drunkin' Bob was in a seat too(He was my first project 1.5 years ago and is fully compliant now!). And that white guy who so quickly abandoned his cowboy friend and didn't say a peep the whole

    We got to the station and I checked her cuz she was shaken. She was fine after I got her laughing about it. I said before I depart on my bus home...Well, we laugh now but it coulda been worse. And she replied "YUhhhhh it coulda" and I could see the tension come back a lil bit in her

    Riding the bus still sucks up here, but they try once you tickle the right spot. Ahem!

    Here's an article about being pissed off. Incognito mode it if you do not subby.

    1. Your story is worthy of a column in the Herald, Smooth! You're a hero!

      Regarding your link, here's a related site:

    2. Thanks brother :O)

      I luv the site...Ya had to know someone would :OP

  10. And here we are...

  11. I figured it out...It's demons and demonic entities! I mean DUH! It was right there in front of us the whole time! The whole "Zombie Apocalypses" was a diversion!

    She reminds us all that we are in charge because yunno...Christ Jesus.


  12. Gotta be vaxed to see the Seattle Kraken. GOOD!


    “This gives some real empirical weight to anecdotal evidence we have been seeing for months and months and months,” says Chris Hayes. “The delta wave is wreaking havoc disproportionately in Red America.”

    1. Aye...

      How the South Skews America
      We’d be less violent, more mobile and in general more normal if not for Dixie.

      By MICHAEL LIND July 03, 2015

    2. The NT book of Galatians says that God is not to be mocked. Coronavirus Delta says that neither is Darwin.

  14. On this somber anniversary, I feel deep sadness that we now have more to fear from many our own countrymen than foreign terrorists...

  15. I'd have lost it.This chick needs an attitude adjustment.

  16. Sid's on vacay so I thought I'd just plug this in randomly cuz Gang Stalking is gonna get uglier before it gets better.
    The mass doxing of democrats via the alt right election fraud bullshit train that's chug chugga chugging it's way across the nation. That's all these recounts are. Stoke hate,fear and gather personal information on the opposition. It's not about policy anymore. It's 100% about power now with the alt right. The GOP is dead and never coming back folks. If we progressives can't save America from a minority that's become a clear and present danger to America, then we are lost. The world is lost. Like it or not, America is still the worlds only hope for lesser capable nations freedom that exsists or may exist in the future. It one of the reasons I went into the Marines. I knew that whatever happened, I'd be there first to do something about it. A lot of guys felt that way. They didn't wanna fight. But they'd fight if they had to so others don't have to fight.Chris Gilliard is cut from the same cloth.

    A Detroit community college professor is fighting Silicon Valley’s surveillance machine. People are listening.
    Chris Gilliard grew up with racist policing in Detroit. He sees a new form of oppression in the tech we use every day.

    “One Ring (Doorbell) to Surveil Them All,”

  17. I'm keeping up with Ben Watanabe and his biking adventures.
    I also noticed while commuting the 510-511 1nd 512 routes all had a mask on. In Seattle on the regular buses as well. Everyone has a mask on. EVERYONE! At all times. There's never a single issue and I felt 100% OK at all times. The minute I get back to Skagit county. The bus has several under the nose masks. Completely unenforced. So this time I just stodd up and walked to the front of the bus away from the Drumpf's. (they had trump gear). I had my echo pods in cranked to 10. Aperantly, (the bus driver who's a chronic offender. Litterally could give a hoot. She holds the wheel and that's about it.) had been telling me to sit down getting louder and louder until she stopped the bus and turned around. Tell's me "Will you sit down?" I said "I am just keeping distance from the people not wearing masks.(I've been told I can't complain about it anymore). I can't wait to leave Skagit County. The good 'ol boys run the place and they don't like being told what to do.

    "Kristin Kinnamon, the president of Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop in Everett and a Marysville resident, was a regular transit rider before the pandemic. But she stopped during most of the pandemic until she said “enough” and resumed taking the bus from Marysville to Everett again in February."

    “Since everyone is wearing masks, spread out and on their smart phones, there is little talking or interaction,” she wrote in an email."

  18. Just when my trusted catch all state of 56 years was looking like it had risin from 50th to 47th most pathetic excuses for humanity in 'merca.

    "The cost of covid incompetence is clear. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you,” Tapper said, “Mississippi this week became the state with the worst number of coronavirus deaths per capita. In fact, if Mississippi were its own country, you would be second in the world only to Peru in terms of deaths per capita. That’s a horrible, horrible, heartbreaking statistic.”

    "When naming the poster child for irresponsible leadership on covid-19, there are plenty of governors to choose from. You could make a strong case for South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R) or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). But the mistakes of another Republican governor, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, haven’t gotten nearly enough attention. Until, that is, a disastrous appearance Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”"

    Then he has the nerve to say this...

    "Trapped by the numbers, Reeves avoided engaging the facts. He replied that cases have fallen in his state in recent days (as they have in many other delta variant hot spots). “Unfortunately, fatalities is a lagging indicator when it comes to the virus. It is a lagging indicator. And so timing has as much to do,” Reeves said, “with that statistic that you used as anything else.”"

    This is why I am kept in cages 23 hours a day. I'd have flat knocked him out live on TV. How can anyone be so calous?

  19. Mississippi is lagging behind again. Only the southiest most population in Mississippi and what looks to be only 1 or 2 counties at that. My baby calls them "exceptional learners". I raised her right and her teachers took it from there.

    The map clearly shows Mississippi is lagging behind TX and FL for most hospitalised and least vaxed. Not sure if Missippi is getting smarter or just the "exceptional learners" meeting Darwin head on splat.

    This'll leave a mark. Watch with some

    Holy crap!

  20. Covid in schools

    Klepper Fingers the Pulse!

  21. The Anti-Vax Ethos of ‘Live and Let Die’
    How do you save people who do not want to be saved?

    1. "browbeating"

      You damn right and I will until everyone who is OK with killing other people are dead or get a clue. And not a single soul has ever told me "Hey you shouldn't be insisting on someone wearing a mask on the bus". I browbeat them into a state of "This sucks" in front of their gawd and everyone else. I don't care one iota about hurt feelings either. Browbeat them and they run to get the security...lmao!

      Next thing ya know, they are told to wear a mask, or don't ride at all. And have to reboard the bus the right way as the security escorts them to their like that girls humble return after being fired as a nurse.

      It took me a lot of browbeating and chain rattling and cage shaking to get things more sanely enforced. But now there's a new guy in charge of security at the Skat Transit station. I knew he'd get promoted, because he's good at his job. Unlike the guy I have so much trouble with, who's gone now. He enforces the rules and people know they can't cheat once they get on the bus and pull their mask down. They know they can't just loiter at the station all day riding the buses around in cirles all day becaus eyou have no life and refuse to wear a mask. Those days are long gone. Everyones life is better for it too. It does make a real positive difference. It's just a long long time to get there and it's a constant headache getting there. But we got em trained finally.

      I see worth, value, in my having a no tolerance policy towards anti vaxers. I do it for all the folks who want to speak up but can't for various reasons. It feels like assault to me too. It feels like bullying people into letting you do your antivax thing.

  22. here we go...Mass survailance.

    Tech at Work
    Keystroke tracking, screenshots, and facial recognition: The boss may be watching long after the pandemic ends
    What workers should know about corporate surveillance software as companies consider permanent remote work policies

  23. Yes, we are all dismayed and disgusted at the reckless irrationality of the anti-vaxxers, yet this guy could be writing about my young niece...

    This is copied from today's

    D.E. in Lancaster, PA, writes: I fear this letter is going to seem redundant, but lately I feel like I'm on some really bad carny ride. Instead of the Tunnel of Love, I'm trapped in the Tunnel of Dumb or the Wheel of Despair. A nightmare of the absurd and unnecessary is distorted in some deranged fun house mirrors.

    I used to work with a young woman who is bright, vivacious and the epitome of a go-getter. We'll call her Jerri, although that's not her name. While I don't know the exact circumstances of her family, I will go out on a limb and suggest her background is not wealthy or affluent and probably struggling lower-middle-class. When Jerri worked with me, she was holding down two jobs while putting herself through school. She was studying to be a nurse and after graduating she landed a job working with young children in a local hospital. This was her dream job and she fought so hard to get it.

    She came into the store about two weeks ago and, as always, I was glad to see her. I asked her about her job and Jerri informed me that she had been let go. I was shocked. While Jerri was always opinionated and tenacious, she was also smart enough to know where the line was, or so I thought. She went on to explain that the hospital had required her to take the COVID vaccine and that she had refused. Something about mumble mumble Freedom mumble mumble spy on us mumble mumble. The hospital then proceeded to terminate her employment. My mouth dropped open in disbelief; she had always seemed so intelligent and driven. As Jerri continued to speak, her voice was filled with righteous indignation. She added that she was going to get a lawyer who would get her reinstated because what the hospital did was against the law. I shook my head and said, "No, Jerri, the hospital is completely within the law to make a vaccine as a condition for employment. I once worked for a company that required all their employees to have the Hepatitis vaccine and they were firmly within their right to do so. Soldiers, teachers and other professionals are all required to be fully vaccinated for a variety of diseases. No lawyer worth their degree is ever going to take your case." She reacted like no one had bothered speaking the truth to her and indignantly went away.
    (break for character limit)

  24. (continued)

    This week, Jerri came back in to the store. She had evidently been to some attorneys who had advised her of the hopelessness of her case. The righteousness was no longer in her voice. Instead there was a tremor of someone grasping for justification. She said that she had never been without a job since she was 14, and she didn't know what to do with herself. She explained that every job she applied to had promptly turned her down on finding out why she had been forced to leave her last job. She added more for herself that she guessed she would just have to wait it out.

    I didn't say anything, but I wanted to say there's no waiting this out. Time will only prove that the vaccine was right and the antivaxxers were on the wrong side of history. I felt such deep sadness that this young woman who was so bright and so focused had just thrown her career away and for what? There was another part that was angry and wanted to tell at her, "You work with sick young children, what did you expect? That the medical field would indulge your deluded fact-free fantasy just because someone told you it is impinging on your freedoms? You should know better!" There was still yet another part that felt disgust in knowing this delusion didn't sprout on its own. Trump, McConnell, Greene, DeSantis, Abbott, Carlson, Hannity and all the rest are playing their little games of deceit and death. Their hands are clean and they're sleeping soundly tonight. Jerri is paying the price for their lies. She has lost her dream job and more than likely will never be hirable in that profession again. If her family was lower-middle-class as I suspect, she will likely not rise any higher. For her the American Dream is dead, and by a self-inflicted wound. What a waste. I've watched the American Dream die for me in that I used to be comfortable middle-class but now struggle to live a poverty-level existence. That is personally depressing, but to see it die for one so young and so full of promise... well, it is dismay of a whole other level. It didn't have to be this way. Decisions were made for all the wrong reasons. Sweet dreams, Trump, McConnell, Greene, DeSantis, Abbott, Carlson, Hannity and all the dreary rest of your infernal lot!

    1. Sky, Cults frequently result in large scale death to their victims. Sad but true.
      I hope your struggle improves soon. Hang in there, we need you.

    2. I admit it. I've been lurking on this thread for a while. Missing Sid. But I do enjoy Smooth, and am happy to read you Skyriver. I've been in Missouri (moved here from Washougal, but we're moving back west soon) for 8 years. I've got two friends, whom both I consider very intelligent. Until last Friday night. One of those friends died of Covid, un-vaccinated. Not so intelligent. Reminds me of Jerri in a way, many similarities. It breaks my heart. I will no longer hold back, or hold hostages when I hear the local folk babble vaccine bullshit. I'm done. My wife who is an ICU nurse in Springfield, the delta ground zero, doesn't hold back. She's done being nice. She's done being pleasant. Saturday, an irritated patient grabbed her by the suit around her neck and shook her. In the covid ward where security can't rush in and help, without 10 minutes of suiting up. It's dangerous in many ways. Most folks don't understand or hear of the violent patients and family of patients. Although not infected, she's a covid victim. The nurses soon to lose their jobs at her hospital because of a coming mandate- "don't let the door hit you on the way out". Foolishly, I watched YouTube yesterday of nurses recording their dismissals because of not being vaccinated. I used to think nurses were rational thinkers, I live with one, right? The comments were worse. I've been to 62 different countries around the world. I expect those making comments regarding tyranny, Marxist governments, armed revolution, god given rights, free will, and liberty, have never been out of their on county's, or states, etc., and I expect few of them vote. Thomas Jefferson mentioned for democracy to work it depended on an informed electorate. To state the obvious, we're in big trouble. I'm assuming our largest corporations have studied how business survives under authoritarian governments and dictatorships, and are completely fine with it. Zuckgobbels would prefer it I'm sure. So much for capitalism. And so goes democracy. And so it goes... Start hoarding large jars of Vaseline, it'll come in handy, and remember, no will give you the courtesy of blowing in your ear.

    3. Can we assume his status would be well known if he HAD been fully vaccinated? I'm really not sure how to feel about this...but it's not good.

  25. Chris Hayes

    Covid grift


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