Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A Party Gone Nuts

If the revelations of the past several days haven’t convinced the convincible that the Republican Party, as currently unconstituted, is a clear and present danger to America, cares only about party power, and gone completely over to embracing the worst among us, well, nothing will. It’s hard to know where to start.

When President Biden accomplished what Trump couldn’t, namely getting an infrastructure bill through Congress; and, worse, when thirteen members of their party voted for it, Republicans lost their minds. Called them traitors. Acted as if they’d let Trump’s pal Putin annex the country. Sent death threats like Harry and David fruit baskets.

Georgia’s Congress-defiler Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who, because of her full-time, unproductive nastiness, has become an object of Republican adoration, published the home addresses and phone numbers of the thirteen, deliberately endangering them. Hoping for it. Now they and their families are so vilely threatened that some feared being seen at the signing ceremony.

For what? For deciding that bringing jobs to their districts, along with needed improvements in too many necessities to mention here, was important enough to risk their jobs. For improving their constituents’ lives. As Congresspeople are supposed to do. Risky only in a party that’s gone insane.

But, thanks to Trump et ilk, that’s where we are: a country in which bipartisanship, even in something formerly as uncontroversial as bringing infrastructure toward levels seen in more advanced societies, is political suicide. Because half the country has been convinced, by media doing the work of our international rivals, that it’s socialism or communism, the definitions of which they could no more recite than Critical Race Theory or the Bill of Rights.

Because, metaphorically, they’d happily live in a moldy, cold house without power, under a leaking roof, stranded by a fallen bridge, in order to “stick it to the libs.” Most of the jobs created, of course, will be private-sector. It’s capitalism! Self-harm for political gain: the new definition of insanity.

And whereas they’re attacking their infrastructure-approving members, Republican leaders have been silent on one of their top candidates, in a crowded field, for most horrible member, Arizona’s Paul Gosar, after he posted an anime of himself killing AOC. Across the spectrum and well-received by their voters, Republican advocacy of violence has become a signature element. The more outrage they get from sane people, the better they like it. Tucker Carlson has become the pyrite standard of Foxotrumpian fomentation by falsehood

There’s more. Long overdue, deserved also by several of Trump’s other anti-democracy co-conspirators, Steve Bannon was finally indicted for refusing a Congressional subpoena. Because, you know, law. The Constitution. Bulwarks against autocracy. Things Republicans once valued. Allegedly. Their response? Promises to do the same when they regain control. Because holding lawbreakers to account is something deserving of retaliation. Res, as they say, ipsa loquitur.

Then there’s Trump’s first-choice, best-people, National Security Advisor, pardoned criminal, insurrection facilitator, Q-believer Michael Flynn, calling for Christianity to be the single and only religion in America. To the usual combination of cheers from Trumpists and silence from everyone else on that side. If Trump, our least godly “president,” ever, returns to office, don’t think it couldn’t happen. And don’t expect objections from his party.

Also, even as Trump tries desperately to conceal the truth, facts keep falling like Autumn leaves, as House committees investigate January’s attempted coup. Revelations of how close we came. The clandestine planning leading up to and during January 6. Convolutedly crazy but seriously-proposed justifications for overturning a legitimate, fraud-free election. The fact that Trump defended those chanting “Hang Mike Pence;” that at least one Republican senator, Doctor (to my shame) Barrasso of Wyoming, refused to speak ill of it. Amoral cowardice. 

We’ve also seen more clearly Trump’s malfeasance in addressing the pandemic. The suppression of facts, the silencing of CDC scientists, the outright lies about the seriousness facing the country. How many thousand deaths were due to dereliction even greater than previously understood? 400,000, evidently.

Finally, the revealed memo detailing that Trump fired SecDef Esper because he balked at turning our military into Trump’s personal hit squad against lawful protesters. Had he succeeded, can anyone doubt Trumpists, glued to their TVs, would have watched enraptured? 

This is the guy and these are the people that eighty-plus percent of Republicans want to return to power. A party of, by, for, and about criminality. How any decent person can retain membership is mystifying. Especially in our state, where some respectable conservatives remain. Elsewhere, the crazies have all the power. It bodes ill.

And we haven’t even mentioned covering up a war crime. 


  1. This is an amazing little window into the people who are in the MAGA-verse.

    I support Emma so I watch these videos maybe once a week, maybe twice.

    QAnon Shaman’s Lawyer Is Fresh Outta F***s To Give

  2. You've prolly seen this already but I found @2:14 the looks on everyone's faces tells a story.
    Doocy HA! Owning the libs baby!
    Chick in the middle sporting her "mean face of faux anger".
    And that phoney on the right knows it's a doctored piece.

  3. Intriguing, at least to me, is a book referral from Chris Hayes. No, we're not besties, but on his show a few nights ago he mentioned a book by Dr. Joanne Freeman which details the violence and animosity in Congress leading up to the Civil War. "The Field of Blood" is next on my reading list.

    Still here. Still concerned. Still afraid.


  4. I found this little blurb from 2018...

    Before the Civil War, Congress Was a Hotbed of Violence
    A new book from historian Joanne Freeman chronicles the viciousness with which elected officials treated each other

    It's basically a story about how the north fought back against the bullies from what I can gather.

    These alt right types are not "brainy" by any definition. The playbook has already been written and it's an embarrassingly thin playbook at that. Much like the wizard behind the curtain.

    Thanks for posting that! Now that I am near a library, I can actually check out books w/o buying I don't read books. I do read a ton, just not books.

    1. Books are my soul food! I had a beautiful collection of hard-cover books which I recently donated to the Cascadian Place retirement home. They have a library area on the second floor but also small alcoves in many areas around the living spaces with comfy chairs and bookshelves. The reason I know so much about the Cascadian is that my wonderful mother used to get her hair done there every week, and since she lived with me, and I was the chauffeur, I was in that building a lot. My collection was mostly literature but also poetry, history, and biographies. I now read only on my Kindle because my arthritis makes holding books difficult.

      The Right-Wingers are frightening to me, mostly because they are misinformed and armed. People like Bannon who inflame and mislead them are the worst kind of traitors. I wonder when he decided to stop honoring his oaths taken as a Naval officer and a lawyer? I asked the same thing of my brother who was a Marine Corps officer and lawyer, but got no answer. I didn't think reneging on an oath was a thing, but I guess I was wrong. Situational ethics?

    2. Marine vs Everyone else.


      A Marine will tell you. Everyone else it's optional.
      Marines do the right thing period. Everyone else is trying to get away with something when they think nobody is looking.

      There's more to it but...Marines see the world differently than the rest. There's a reason the US Marines are so badass. Discipline.

      Bah, I think ol Merrick "I have chinks of grim reapers in my stool" Garland is going for the grand salami. I think he's not at all afraid and might get Drumpf. Watch them lock up tangerine

      I think Bannon is in deep shit. Seriously.

      There's a ray of hope. We'll see what happens with Bannon. That will be the tell.

  5. Leaked NRA Recordings From 1999 Reveal Leadership Referred To Members As ‘Hillbillies and Idiots’
    By John Boch -November 9, 202189

  6. Because, metaphorically, they’d happily live in a moldy, cold house without power, under a leaking roof, stranded by a fallen bridge, in order to “stick it to the libs.”

    Or, as Davis X. Machina put it back in 2008, "The salient fact of American politics is that there are, at any given time, enough people to elect a president who would also volunteer to live with their family in a cardboard box under a bridge, and eat sparrows toasted on an old curtain rod, if you only promise them that the black-gay-foreign-liberal-Mexican in the next box over doesn't even get the sparrow."

    1. I learned a new werd...


      That was 2008. The dude nailed it in his comment(I read all the comments too)

      I look at it through the historical lens simply because I find it really fun and it always provides great perspective. And 99 times outta 100 their take is better than mine. Hindsight being 20/20.

      Trying to solve the puzzle that is Drumpf is a whole new ballgame the media never before encountered. They used Drumpf like a credit card, the press, media, everyone. Focus the camera on the podium and watch talking heads stretch on live TV cuz Drumpf is "late". When reality is he has a TV in the office and is savoring every moment. Like a creepy voyeur. The more he found it worked...The more he did it. Having his name constantly mentioned w/o him ever doing anything, except drool at the TV.

      Folks are scared. They are uncertain. Both sides are afraid of losing the country to the other side. That spells big trouble. The deal is this...

      The Confederacy has not completely pissed off the North. It's all fun and games until you piss us off. The fact you can't even leave us alone is too much for anyone. Having to end it seems like an unnecessary task. But, lawd, help them if progressives opinion changes to "Let's get this over with and kick their asses back to their little shacks in the hills." Also, the military would never allow it. This ain't 1865. The military is badass in 2021. The POTUS will be watching on his own personal channel :O)...

      White Nationalist Terror. The power of menace.

      Yeah, good luck on that is all I gotta say. Good luck on the whole entire grift. We ain't fooled and we ain't happy...and oh, BTW. If we progressives don't have guns? Getting one is no problemo. Also? Some of us are experts. not the "experts" deep in Alabama somewhere. We are talking actual professionals. They don't want to wake up those folks. There's 10 x the number of folks that will put down little insurrections and the FBI will be on alert. These people have forgotten what an ass whoopin' is like and what it does to a region for generations after they lose. There will be no statues this time either. I know they'll get their hopes up.

  7. This is an interesting conversation with Bob Woodard.

    Merrick Garland is going for the jugular.

  8. This made me

    My Grandma was my whole world. I'd be dead w/o her. I miss her.

  9. I am sick of seeing this shit in our schools...

    This is text book. Common. I know 1st hand. Nothing has changed, other than it has gotten worse. A lot worse.

    When I was in school I got swung around by my long blond hair, into a 4 drawer steel file cab...The corner of it, in the 6th grade. In front of the whole class. Mr. Bond at Nimitz elementary in Sunnyvale CA. I was 12. Got hit with boards at school numerous times in the 4th grade. Mr. Cole and Mr. Meyers. They were a team. I was 10.

    My football coach that year. Kicked my brother in the butt, and he quit that day before we ever played a game. And I never played a down all year. I went to every practice but one. I had no way to get there.

    Mr. White in the 7th grade accused me of "smoking" something. For real. Like I was stoned all the time at 14 years old? I wasn't allowed outside after school.

    He didn't know. I wasn't allowed out after dark. I was not allowed to go to friends houses. They were not allowed to come to mine w/o my Mom being home. Imagine the ladies man I was at that age? I wasn't allowed to have friends and I never did anything wrong. It's just the way it was. I was a prisoner to an abusive life.

    Well some people just have not seen what I've seen and experienced what I've experienced. They simply don't get it because they've never seen it for all it's worth. The sum total says we need to keep the frickin' cops out of the frickin' schools! I'm just sayin'...It worked just fine for a reallly reallly long time. It's only lately that cops in schools has become some sort of requirement to make everyone not in school feel good.

    We need councilors. We need curriculum that fits everyone's needs. We desperately need the people who are willing to work in our schools. This is NOT how to recruit the best talent! Nobody knows better than me man. Nothing like tons of first hand experiences to shape your perspective. I got a lot more stories like the highlights above. A lot more. All of it 100% real fact. I've had my wrist broken. Mr. Bond again. In front of a terrified class. I mean seriously man. I can go on and on and on. Then tie in what I've seen other kids have to deal with and it ain't cool.

    That's why I like this video...Perspective. The students are fighting for their lives. Fighting for their own. They are all holding phones documenting crisis. They are doing courageous acts of self to save their classmate. This is why I dropped out at 15. There was nothing there for me or at home so one day, I just left and never came back. Both home and school. I went alone all by myself. I didn't know anyone and didn't want to be around anyone. So I made sure of it. And it was the middle of winter, and I was 15.

    After a while you just have had enough.

  10. This matters because it's a political move. The actual price can't be jimmied for long. The actual effect won't give us $2.50 gas. The Arabs are gonna freak. Also, the alt right will scream for more drilling, fracking etc. They are immediately making enemies and competition. It also is political, of course. We are going around telling people to increase production and lower prices. Ok...So what are "WE" offering in return? Oil companies gouge AND GET REWARDED. Commit atrocities and get rewarded. I mean why even tax the oil gods at all?

    But it's a political move at it's heart. Nothing more and it is good. It shows me that Biden is willing to fight. If you are going to be blamed anyway, ya mine as well try to do something. POTUS' have resisted the oil reserves in the past. So this is a good sign that Biden understands he needs to do stuff and sell it to the American voters. NOT the American people. AMERICAN VOTERS. It's the same playbook the alts use. Go to the base and build from there and stop playing around about it.

    Biden authorizes use of strategic oil reserves to combat high U.S. gasoline prices
    The Department of Energy will release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

    "In 2020, the United States consumed an average of about 18.19 million barrels of petroleum per day, or a total of about 6.66 billion barrels of petroleum."

  11. And then once they are in our communities, then what? Expect someone to fire them later? Running around in rental SUV's snatching people up off the streets? Let's put the disciplined ones in the schools because they can't work ICE anymore. Then when the alt right comes to your town, they have built in friends.

    People need to wake tfu

    Under Trump, ICE aggressively recruited
    sheriffs as partners to question and
    detain undocumented immigrants
    Emails reveal efforts to expand controversial 287(g) program despite longstanding concerns about discriminatory policing

  12. Hillary on Rachel's show.

    Yunno...If Hillary was more like this(more herself) during the campaign she may have won. Stupid political stunts like hot sauce in the purse lost the election. Phoney ass political BS lost her the Presidency.

    1. Republican cheating lost her the election.

    2. I agree...2000 Bush election was a dress rehearsal. It fell into their laps because Jeb. Then he had the balls to run himself. They all got smashed by Drumpf. He was a far better criminal mind than they were at the time. Nothing on that has changed.

      They will try to steal everything they can get their hands on till they are stopped.

  13. This is very strange and very interesting. A twist of fate at the end.

    We'll be OK if we stick together. People like this are few and far between. There's only so many Kamikaze pilots. Only so many bomb vest wearing believers. Only so many Q-anon nut jobs.

  14. Alex Petri did a 100 best Christmas songs. I call it 94 crappy Christmas songs...But the 6 that are the gems are hidden.

    This is easily one of my top 5. Maybe even top 3!

    18. “This Christmas.” But only the Patti “Where My Background Singers?” LaBelle version.


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