Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Flight Of Fancy

As a Flight Surgeon in Vietnam, I was required to fly a certain number of hours per month, on what were, by military definition, combat missions. I chose to avoid bombing operations; rather, I mostly flew in a spy/electronic warfare plane (EC-47), which was, I admit, fun. Because, since they were boring flights for the pilots, who had to, for hours, fly vectors ordered by the spooks in the back of the plane, they let me do the flying (“Roger, left oh-two-oh. Rollout…”)

On my final flight before DEROS (vets know it), the squadron commander asked who landed the plane. Complimented it. “It was the Doc,” the guys said. Humbly, I accepted the accolade.

I flew some refueling flights, too, during which I got to operate the boom that delivered the gas. Lying on my belly, facing backwards, looking out a small window in the tail of a converted 737 (KC 135) as F-4s appeared, joined up behind the tanker, close enough to see the pilots’ faces. Using a joystick, I directed the hose into an opening on the fighter-bomber’s front. At which point one pilot held up a photo that could be taken as a metaphor. Is all I have to say about that.

One flight took me very close to Hanoi. When the pilot announced “bandits” coming onto our “six,” I reached for my parachute and survival vest. Stupid, really, since we were in a gas tank with wings. Not hard to imagine what would happen, were we hit.

My point, here, is that survival vest. It included several interesting items: a hacksaw blade enclosed in a rubber sleeve so it could be inserted in a less-than-sunny location, if you get the drift. Maps. Minimal rations. Flashlight. A beautiful silk cloth bearing an American flag and several Asian languages stating that my government would reward the finders if they kept me safe. Not super reassuring.

And a .38 pistol, containing six rounds of ammo, two of which were tracers. Fighter pilots found that number wholly inadequate, and added bandoliers with a couple hundred rounds. Me? I figured if I found myself on the ground, in a jungle full of hostiles, armed only with a six-shot pistol, in a situation demanding firing off hundreds, all I really needed was one. Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a Green Beret. 

Reading about the burgeoning market for war-training camps for civilians, brings us to my ultimate point. Militia types, learning urban warfare, are readying to take on libs in a battle to the death. And a Trumpopatriot who, at a recent conservative symposium, asked “When do we get to use the guns.” When, he demanded, can we start killing “those people” who stole the election. The audience cheered. 

The flames are fully fanned, by people lacking any positive ideas, who know they can only win by creating murderous outrage; fueled by which those propagandized patriots, already armed beyond measure, are now practicing for civil war. Our pal Tucker Carlson, for example, is using his latest abomination of a movie, “Patriot Purge,” for no other purpose than that. Creating the America he wants. With his millions, no doubt he’s sure he’ll be safely tuckered away from the rabble, sipping champagne and touching himself. 

In these horrifying times, knowing those people are everywhere now, thanks to believing Trump’s and Tucker’s and Sean’s and Alex’s and so many more’s lies (CRT!! In schools!!!), I think back to circling over Hanoi in that tanker. Reaching for a flimsy, survival-style flak vest, bearing a six-shooter. And today, seriously wondering if is this the time when I ought to arm myself, too. Go out there like a stupefied survivalist, load up with anti-personnel mines, booby traps, full-body armor, ARs and .50 cals, thousands of rounds of ammo, fill a shelter with freeze-dried food. Generators. Water filtration.

I have two deeply adorable grandchildren – I’m sure the only ones more adorable are yours – and, like any loving grandparent, I’d do anything to protect them. Die for them, if it came to that.

But then, would I want to live in a country where mind-controlled militias, itching to kill libs like me, roam the streets? Free to do it because their Congressional and judicial enablers, fearing them, provided the means, despite representing the minority of American citizens. Enraged, brainwashed, believing every lie they’re being told. They’re nearly in charge already, threatening poll workers and school officials, obliterating democracy. Making America exceptionally deplorable.

Fueling that F-4 over Hanoi, looking into its pilot’s eyes, a few seconds after reaching toward that vest, I drew my hand back, empty


  1. "In collaboration with activists from BluePrintNC, including participants from NARAL ProChoice NC, and Bend the Arc, this March Segrest produced a report, “Go There Ready for War—Militia Organizing in North Carolina in the Context of the Insurrection at the US Capitol” which sounded an alarm about what she considers a “para/military industrial complex” growing in the backwoods of this land.

    “I don’t think people had any idea then there would be this kind of secondary or tertiary effect to privatization, where you’d have these ranges all throughout the United States, aligned with the surge in militia and 3 percenters and all these patriot groups,” says North Carolina resident Matthew Hoh, a former Marine who resigned from his post in Afghanistan over the escalation of that war."

    Is this a lie or are they stupid?

    Whoda thunk it? Military privatization can be monetized!

  2. "Through the vehicle of the Republican Party, American conservatism has allied itself with violent elements of the political right, and now it’s begun to advertise the alliance, profit from it, and boast about the relationship to its adherents. Let them entertain you."

    Are you not entertained?

  3. @4:00 he blabbers about 1.75 w/o substance. Then blabbers on more...Then, @4:55 The Man-Chin that does nothing but flap up and down on TV gave away the game. 500 coal power plants vs. 3000 coal power plants. The Man-Chin does not understand why he can't have his 500 "clean" coal plants? The Man-Chin is being victimized and China will win because they don't listen to us and don't have an American constitution. Therefore Man-Chin's voters are victims. It's that simple. See? No worries. Right? CHINA!

    It's about 500 USA coal burning smoggers. His state depends on cuz yunno, CHINA!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!CHINA!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!CHINA!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!CHINA!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!

    Here's the after response from Pram J.

  4. And just now...The Man-Chin shot down family leave...Again...

  5. She's right about a lot. Not something I am used to coming from the alt right.

    Kristen Soltis Anderson - What Democrats Don’t Understand About Republicans | The Daily Show

  6. The Man-Chin is getting hammered already.
    We need more of this.

  7. Here's the disingenuous alt right perspective...

    Among other things this alt right opinioned person said, was this...

    "Substantively, what Pelosi is proposing is bonkers. For a start, there is no “Build Back Better” bill. It remains what it has always been: a slogan, in search of a topline, in search of an agenda.", he,(CHARLES C. W. COOKE) said it all with a straight face

    It's the "Build Back Better AGENDA" of Joe Biden and always has been. It includes everything we are voting for. The infrastructure corporate giveaway bill and the rest of the programs have been talked about to death.

    If the Dems. screw this up it'll be chaos.

    (b)Listen at 1.4 speed(b)

    Pelosi Prepares to Send Her Most Vulnerable Members to the Slaughter
    November 4, 2021 2:47 PM

    1. Yeah. Like "MAGA" wasn't a slogan in search of an agenda.

  8. If we don't come after him with teeth bared we are nothing.
    Kick the crap outta the Man-Chin on the TV he loves so much.

    Here's the history...Note: "Message Discipline" comment on BBB during the campaign.

    "Joe Manchin's paid family leave stance is selfish and misguided"

    "It's hard to believe how wrong Manchin is on this one."

  9. Part 1:

    "What’s the cost of another human being to you?”

    Everyone needs to ask themselves this question. Then answer it.

    This is a result of 40-50 years of neglecting our children. Whether they are YOURS or not, they in fact are OURS in the end.

    In 1955...$22 went to kids for every $1 to the elderly. You can fudge that number a little, but not enough to say it's "wrong".

    Today? That's been flipped. It's $22 for the elderly for every $1 for the kids.

    A lot of people are very comfortable with that.

    The one, (in the article below), that yelled "We want a 1/4 pounder" for example. Too wrapped up in themselves to see that the entire crew is sitting there in the parking lot. Then ask them for a 1/4 pounder? Why not just say "Get your asses in there and make me a 1/4 pounder"? It's the same thing. Yes, it is.

    The crew has quit. I would just ask, "Y'all just walk out?" w/a giggle. Cuz I KNOW WHAT A WALKOUT LOOKS LIKE!!!" Get it? No, I really mean, do you really understand all of that? The who, what, when, where, how and why? The whole story? Naw, there are many who say they do, but actually don't, just never will, and the don't cares. Stop telling me about the old days. Or about "pragmatism". Or I simply don't know. Or whatever else I hear. I just listed the reason "the old days" were so good when THEY were kids. Can you see it?

    A poor persons world is full of bullies. That is a fact. How would you like to be bullied 24/7? Beat into the ground like a circus tent stake and when you fail, a new spike takes your place. "So go f-yourself and give me your apron." Is all you ever will hear from a 'boss'.

    "I always thought they were milking it" I heard a lady say regarding furniture movers.(She's a bus driver working for the county, state, fed).

    As pleasant as a sunny day with a cool breeze, I said "I am sure you've never tried to run a 20 yard dash with 40-100 lbs. in your hands." "Try that once, then try it all day, every day for 8-12 hours a day for years." "Then go home and be the best husband and dad you can be." "BTW, do your best to rest up for tomorrow :O)"

  10. Part 2:

    Inside I thought "I bet your network of people thinks the same as you and you'll give me a shit review because I am "milking it"."

    Thus making my life impossible from every moment after I worked my ass off for nothing but back surgery 15 years later. I started at $8 and never made more than $10 an hour ever. Yet I am "milking it" in her opinion.

    People who are comfortable do not care and worse. "Entitlement society" That's West Virginia! That's Mississippi! That's the whole damn Confederacy! They all take from the fed more than they contribute no matter what age. Then stack on the elderly who are mostly comfy bullies it seems with their federal "entitlements".

    Do you serve customers all day? Then you have no say in whether my experience, judgement and wisdom is somehow misguided. My suggest is quit projecting and deflecting and get a clue. Stop judging others unless you know, really know. Then by all means weigh in! Even if it's opposite opinion of course. Heck, ESPECIALLY if it's opposite. We need intelligent conversation, debate. I mean, just smile and say "PLEASE" make me a 1/4 lb. It makes ALL the difference. I always say "CASH TIP" on my deliveries for pizza and Door Dash, Grub Hub etc. I put $3 on the card and a $5 at the door. I see them coming GPS and wait outside for them to arrive(30 seconds) and hand them $5 (non taxable/non split/sharable) and they give me the food and never have to get out the car and don't lose any time. It's called "making up time". I mean others are waiting behind me for their delivery. The person delivering it doesn't work by the hours. Right? I thank them on the delivery instructions and in person for their hard work. I wish them a great day and drive safe. It matters. It really matters.
    A lousy 300 bucks a month got 40% of kids out of poverty! Remember, up till then it's $22 vs. $1 for the kids. That gap has closed only slightly. Living on the verge of poverty isn't any better really.

    Sorry, but this BBB crap pisses me off. Nobody needs federal help more than the Man-Chin. His state is a shittiest of shithole state and he's been there drawing a public check and corporate bribes for 40 years. Yet he wants to school me on "entitlements"??? Just like Drumpf. He needs to be taken behind the wood shed. That's how they settle things in WV right? Well? I play by your rules and win. That's how I roll no matter what I do. Change the rules? OK...No problemo. I will still win. I almost always win. I think it's because I am right, prepared and don't give up. Not because I am some kinda genius.

    These kids are right, and they didn't, and they won't, give up, ever. Just like all over America. The kids have had enough AND they see clearly the adults don't have their backs. The Earth is dying for Christ sakes and we do nothing but complain about China as a reason. And the comfy folks buy it and the poor folks can go cry me a river.

    History is a bitch and for the last 4-5 decades is enough proof for them kids. I for one will help them any way I can.

  11. This is why my favorite plane ever is a F-4 Phantom. I was born on Hill AFB in 1965. As a young kid (3 yrs.) I sat in my Grandparents yard in Ogden and watched them fly in and out all day. The sound was unmistakable and even at 3 years old thought. "I want to do that". The F-4 will always be my favorite. But the A-10 is a Marines favorite. The F-14 Tomcat is my 3rd. I built a Revel model of that plane. The wings swept back and everything.

    I love the C130's with the 105 Howitzer in them.

  12. Everyone needs to know why we are here and exactly who we are dealing with.

    Nov 4, 2016

    Just because they have cleaned up their verbiage doesn't mean they've changed their minds. In fact they are cemented in their poisonous thoughts

    Trump Supporter Defends Slavery as Benevolent

    Jesus Wants Trump, & No Female Leaders!
    Oct 27, 2016


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