Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Dangerous Demon Doctors


The Dean of Admissions at my medical school liked to ask applicants why they wanted to be a doctor. Given the clich├ęd response, “Because I like people,” he’d ask, “Yes, but do you like SICK people?” I don’t recall that he asked me that one; if he had, I might have answered, “I can’t be a dentist, because my hands are too big to fit in a mouth.” Which reminds me of what I did say when my dad suggested I should consider being a proctologist: “I think I’m too tall for that.” 

In any case, after talking to me for a few minutes, the Dean (Cactus Jack, we called him, for his gravelly voice and no-b.s. attitude) announced “We’ll take ya.” And that was that. 

My point is that it seems there are lots of docs of the Trumpist persuasion who do, indeed, like sick people. So much so that they’re trying extra hard to create them. And there are plenty of state legislatures around the country doing their best to send victims their way. It’s hard to figure. Medical school, after all, is pretty rigorous; hard to get through without at least some understanding of the scientific method; i.e., the ability to distinguish between documentation and doo-doo.

If not all doctors are brilliant, few are downright stupid. Is what I used to think. In Congress are several doctors, at least one of whom falls hard into the stupid category.

That’d be Rand Paul, who had to create his own ophthalmology board to become certified, and who’d need to acquire an additional wit to rise to half-wit level. The Republican remainders, who inveigh against mask and vaccine mandates (not to mention perpetuating Trump’s big lie) and who rarely argue for science-based approaches to the pandemic, have no such excuse. They must know the harm they’re causing.

Elected docs aren’t the worst among my chosen profession. Appearing regularly on rightwing media, other defrauding doctors regale the credulous with fairytale falsehoods, without evident shame. Mysteriously, they’d managed to get their medical degrees. It puzzles me.

All states have medical licensing boards, whose prime directive is to make sure doctors meet standards of competence and ethics. Anyone paying attention knows they’ve hardly covered themselves with glory, historically, in that regard; still, it’s been reassuring to see several state boards clamping down on doctors who spread Covid misinformation. Sadly, it’s happening in only in a third of states. For two-thirds, it must be no big deal. Welcome, even.

As of about a week ago, there’s one fewer doing the good work. Caving to pressure from its Republican-controlled legislature, Tennessee’s medical board has announced it’ll no longer rein in those dangerous docs. Amazing: actual elected representatives of the people, sworn to act in the interest of their citizens, pressured their medical board to stop disciplining lying or incompetent, willfully dangerous doctors. Let ‘em lie; we like it. It serves our interests.

Nor is Tennessee’s the only legislature acting to ensure the pandemic continues. In pretty much every red state, by legislative or gubernatorial mandate, requirements for masking and/or vaccinations are being struck down, going so far as to threaten school districts and private businesses who want to protect employees, customers, teachers, students. So much for freeing them from government overreach, the be-all and end-all raison d’etre of Republican rationalizations for giving their megadonors every bit of hands-off they demand.

By now, even Trumpic Fox-watchers (what took you so long, Chris Wallace?) must know it’s mainly among the unvaccinated that the pandemic rages on. So, what has overtaken their brains? It can’t be those vaccine-embedded microchips; they’re not the ones getting them. And powerful and effective as unabated brainwashing by rightwing has come to be, it can’t have decerebrated so many millions entirely on its own. Even though it’s obvious their disinformation is doing the work of our global adversaries, can those enemies’ activities on antisocial media have been so thoroughly assimilated without some sort of amplifying force?

It’s millions of people, convinced by bad doctors and lying media to harm themselves, their children, their families, friends, and neighbors. Weakening the country to which they claim singular loyalty. There had to be another explanation, and I’ve finally seen the obvious.

Aliens. From outer space. Beaming mind-control rays or drugging our barbeque sauce, softening us up and dumbing us down for the coming invasion. Affecting, ironically, only the unvaccinated. Too crazy? Alex Jones just suggested President Biden used a top-secret “weather weapon” to cause those deadly tornados. He’s proof the aliens are already here. Same with the Trumpofoxified millions: Unknowingly, they’re pod people. Nothing else makes sense.


  1. It's incredible! Your column reminded me of my brother's ridiculous statement, "Dr. Simone Gold is one of my heroes." So I did some brief searching concerning the Frontline Doctors, and discovered this gem in an ABC News story today —

    "In Ohio, the state's medical board automatically renewed the license of Sherri Tenpenny in September after the Cleveland-based osteopathic doctor testified this summer before a state House Health Committee that COVID-19 vaccines cause magnetism.

    Vaccine recipients “can put a key on their forehead; it sticks," Tenpenny said.

    Jerica Stewart, a spokesperson for the state's medical board, said that a recent license renewal doesn't prevent the board from taking action."

    I occasionally forget a few things (according to my wife :) and I received my booster two weeks ago, so I'll have to start wearing handwritten reminders with one of our small neodymium magnets. Who knew???

    1. Yes. When walking past small steel objects, give them plenty of distance. Hard lesson.

    2. So that's why when I slam my head on the desk it sticks!

    3. I am attracted to wooden rake handles! It's NOT just the metal parts.

      I'm tellin' ya...Don't say I didn't warn you.

    4. Cactus Jack is also the nicest person ever in professional rastlin'. A genuine saint, I swear. He's my favorite wrestler of all time and I have watched for 56 years. his match against the Undertaker at Hell in the Cell is considered the best match ever in the history of wrestling. It's amazing...

      And Mary...I got "Have a Nice Day" for my birthday. I asked for it and it's all I wanted that year. It's one of the only books I've ever read cover to cover.

    5. Got a booster and flu shot too. I always feel better after I get them. like no pressure now.

    6. Hmmm, A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, eh? I'll have to see if I can get that on my Kindle! You're funny.

      Glad you got your booster and flu shot. It does give a person a feeling of being as well armed as possible, at least as long as there are still tens of millions of unvaxxed morons in the country.

    7. He wrote that book all by himself too. He's a really bright guy.

  2. Last week, an old friend (all my friends are old, so...) shared a message from someone I don't know. Said person was asking for any referrals from anyone within in FB reach of the message who could give them the name of a doctor who would prescribe and administer ivermectin at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett. None of the staff doctors, not the woman's doctor, no one would do it even when she said she would sign the waiver or whatever it is they sign in order to be given experimental drugs. The hitch was that she was too sick to be moved to another facility and Providence wouldn't release her along with not authorizing the quack science.

    I replied to the message that if I knew of any physician or medical professional affiliated with PRMC that would have performed said quack science, I would report them to the state medical board for malpractice. You know where I'm headed, don't you? All those "good" folks started giving me chapter and verse about it not being quack science, and I should do my research, and I know 3 people who were "cured" by ivermectin, and blah blah.

    I rejoindered with, 'first of all, I don't do research and neither do you unless you are a doctor, lab tech, medical researcher, etc. I read the research THEY do. I READ the results they find through their work. And yes, I know ivermectin is used in other ways for humans but not for Covid'. I then said that I cared much more about the resources this woman was using up in the hospital because she chose not to be vaccinated. I said I cared far less about her than about the staff who have been worked mercilessly because of the ignorant, obstinate choices of these ignoramuses. I said choices have consequences and bad choices have bad consequences.

    Jump to the finish, as people lectured me and attempted to shame me and finally, blocked me with an "OMG, I have no words!". I am unmoved by this faux outrage as these are the same "good" folks who are all-in with ending abortion rights but are just fine with the proliferation of guns.

    Unless and until I know the people I associate with are vaccinated and following safe protocols, I'm sticking with my semi-reclusive socially distanced lifestyle. I guess I'm happy these old friends showed their true colors.

    1. We both know it's a waste of breath and ATP. But good for you, anyway.

      "Cured by ivermectin." Right. It's like the joke about the guy who keeps some voodoo thing on his lawn to keep the elephants away.

      Most people recover from Covid without treatment. Ivermectin is in that category. We know that. They never will.

    2. FB is a cesspool, no doubt. I made a mistake in the runup to my 45th class reunion by making a Class of 1972 FB page. Now, as part of the planning team for my 50th class reunion, it is one of the methods I have used to find and contact people, as well as spread the word about meetings, etc. As soon as the planning and reunion are over, I'm out.

      One thing I do like about FB though, are my "interest pages". I am on several quilting pages, a dahlia enthusiast page, a Ciscoe Morris fan page, and other gardening pages. Getting advice from other like-minded folks quickly is kind of great. And I love seeing other peoples' quilt works. So much creativity!

      But... it is a cesspool. I never see any of that right-wing BS though because my algorhythm is soooo not directed that way!

    3. I agree with the "groups" pages/home sites being the genuinely good part of FB.

      That's what FB should be. It's a real place to gather w/o having to swat away seriously unwanted material. I mean, you are there for quilting. The rest of the group is as well. Any advertising, while it is annoying, it has a real purpose. To pay the bills and make FB free for everyone.

      But the "feed" each person receives is according to their interests and search results that did, or never did happened on FB. Amazon too...Follows you everywhere.

      Ciscoe is a Seattle treasure. Like JP Patches in that regard.

      Interesting quilt fact...My lawyer is into quilting. Her and her friend made all of my kids quilts. I bought all 5 of my kids a baby sized quilt when they were born. I love quilts too. Always have. There's so much going on and they last forever.


    "Joe Manchin MELTS DOWN When Asked About Child Tax Credit"

    He's actively trying to sink BBB. not just delay. he is working to kill the bill.

    1. yup...That didn't take long. He killed it.

      I guess not passing that corporate give away was the best strategy after all.

      Lucy wins again...

      I am so very sick of these limp noodles. You have power but never use it.

  4. Part !

    I have a confession to make...It's people unvaxed, in the Confederacy and/or dying of covid and then being well blended in a tornado type people specifically.

    I don't feel the least bit sorry for them. Not at all. Not a single bit. In fact, I am glad they are dead and dying like flies. I am seriously relieved at the news. They more who die, the more relieved I feel.

    Furthermore, we need laws for these animals. We need them to be watched closely by the Feds. We need special laws for them and them only. They should have to reap what they've sewn in spades. Let them "rise up". Please do. The faster the better.
    but here's the thing. None of them are capable. Which is why the faster the better. They need to be put down.

    Here's the other thing...It's funny how "trigger the libs" suddenly goes silent. Why is that? Where's the "Go Brandon" t-shirts, flags and hats? If it's Drumpf when it's sunny? Then why is there no tornado Drumpf "stickin' it to libs"? Hmmm?
    Because they are cowards who don't walk their talk...So the sooner the better tough guys.

    Their little militia's can't fix what's broken. It will NEVER happen. They will NEVER see the light. They need to be neutered or put down like dogs who bite faces off people...I send my prayers and a middle finger X2.

    I think they should actually have to live their choices. Not have the Blue States soften their stupidity. No, make them suffer the consequences of their ignorant, murderous hate. Is that not how we parent properly? make them suffer the consequences until they change their behavior for good. Not "an improvement over slavery" like we have today. I am talking completely done, and completely 100% finished with hatred of others. We tried appeasing them before the Civil War. That was a mistake too. How about this time we steal a play from the alt right playbook.'s he plan...


    I call up all my buddies. We go to these "militia" camps and visit. We level everyone and everything. Get in the car and go to the next one. or, if it's late? Go home for the night and start fresh. A preemptive assault. Like a car running over protestors only with trained pros and, we simply don't use the car to run them over. That's the difference.

    Ya crawl in...Wait for them to fire all their ammo and say "weapons clear"! and then we say hello! Or maybe just go in with a battalion sized army and overwhelm them...Then there's the old "Come and get us you traitors!". Either way it will not go well for these people.

    There's no chance on Earth these people are going to run me over. There's no chance they ever gain anything but a punt back to the stone age.

    1. I'm in. All the way.

    2. "I don't feel the least bit sorry for them. Not at all. Not a single bit. In fact, I am glad they are dead and dying like flies. I am seriously relieved at the news. They more who die, the more relieved I feel.

      Furthermore, we need laws for these animals. We need them to be watched closely by the Feds. We need special laws for them and them only. They should have to reap what they've sewn in spades. Let them "rise up". Please do. The faster the better.
      but here's the thing. None of them are capable. Which is why the faster the better. They need to be put down."
      Yea, and before they are put down they should be rounded up and put in camps so we can stop them before we put them down. Count me in STO, it is time.

  5. Part @

    It's funny how off put these Confederates are. That we of all people would hate on them. Screaming "I thought I knew you!" like some jilted lover. That we "libs" are the bad people they thought we were. Thus giving themselves full permission to do as they please. Especially if it infringes on the rights of "libs". Especially if it vexes them "libs".

    I am simply using their logic against them. A bully will bully until stopped. Well, stopping bullies is what a lot of folks are seeing right now. Bullies dying of stupidity and hate. Bullies getting a lesson by climate leveling their homes. All of them.

    They had it comin', and they got it comin'. I guess the money they spent getting Drumpf and his minions elected coulda been better spent? Isn't that their logic? The guy in a picture was wearing a $65.00 Under Armor hoodie! They all had big TV's! and like 98% have a fridge! I bet they had cable too and an Xbox. That's the schtick they swallow...Right? tis.

    The faster they die and the more they suffer the happier I am. Just saves me work and my kids from inheriting a SH country.
    I am sick and tired of their BS. I am done with it.

    Bullies wanna bully? Then I will be more than happy to meet them 100% of the way. Because I know they can't.

  6. As fans return to high school sports, officials say student behavior has never been worse

    “We haven’t had structure or routine for two years for kids, so you’ve got that,” Baldwin said. “You’ve also got kids watching adults over the last two years behave in ways that are not upstanding, either. So we’re just calling for people to be kind and more civil.”

    I used to coach. Parents suck. They ruin everything they attend it seems. But I've never heard racist comments. I've never heard a thing. I do here about "playing time" etc. Most parents have no idea what the coach is doing. None.

    But this is why we can't get to them fast enough. Blaming racist kids behavior on the fact that a teacher is not personally babysitting/teaching them in school. They are home with their parents the last 2 years. And guess what? They breed racist kids. They poison their minds. Hate is learned behavior. Big shocker.

    I'd never stop in E. WA. or any Confederate state etc. I don't want them getting my business. I don't want them getting their hands on me. Especially the cops.

  7. I've mentioned before a person I watch via YouTube, Beau of the Fifth Column. He's insightful, eloquent, and very smart. Anyway, look him up and watch his short daily videos.

    The other day he had one about the terms "leftist" and "liberal". I am the latter, and will never be the former, as I think 99% of Democrats are. Beau says we are making a mistake every time we let Trumpists or right wingers call us "leftists". They are ingraining that term in the pea brains of their MAGA dudes and dudettes and we know that it will "stick" with some of them. We have to stop it on the regular and clarify that we are not leftists, but liberals.

    Seems like one more thing we have to stand up for, but as I listened to Beau and thought about it, he's right. Leftists are Marxist and Communist. If we allow the opposition to label us that way over and over, it will stick. My last thought for the week. I have sewing to do!

  8. Okay, people. Ima start deleting comments that I find embarrassing to be seen on my blog. I just rejected one.

    I prefer responses to what I write. Failing that, at least not ones delighting in or calling for death of the opposition, idiots tho they may be.

    1. I hear ya...It wasn't like a call to action or anything.

      It was a confession on how I feel about people who just won't get vaxxed due to brain poisoning and living in N. Korea type conditions.

      So I spontaneously decided to parrot the exact same rants I see and hear on the alt right sites like FOX 'news' in an effort to show the sheer absurdly intense hate they harbor.

      I mean...You have never seen or heard anything about a masked/vaxxed person attacking unvaxxed and unmasked alt right types. It always someone asking them to follow the rules. Then the person asked comes with some BS they were told to say by whomever they worshipped that day. Then they are carted off assaulting everything in their path as they are removed from the store, plane or any other place.

      It was an effort to show the irony of their words and actions. We "libs" may not like these people. We in fact hate these people in some cases. However, not a single 'lib' is literally hunting down alt right wearers of the white hoods and running them over. They are not traveling 300 miles to start trouble or 1500 miles to go to OR. and take over federal parks. There's not a single 'lib' looking for a "second amendment solution". We do not shoot our own signs welcoming folks to WA. On and on and on...

      The bottom line is the unsaid in my rant. Us 'libs' are tolerant even of the people we absolutely hate. And still, the alt right voters are perfectly safe and they know it and count on it. There's no death threats to these people.

      On the other hand...We do nothing but help these people any way we can. Put our pocket books where our priorities are. WV takes nearly $4.00 for every dollar WV puts into the Feds bank. WV is the second neediest state in the USA. WA. is the 49th neediest...WA. voters are only getting 90 cents on the dollar returned. We are among the most vaxxed as well. The 'libs' FOX 'news'"Seattle Flu pandemic" is now suddenly the Confederacy pandemic and is about to get worse for them.

      I will outlive them. That alone is enough for me. They are gonna die anyway. Mine as well they all die tomorrow and get it over with so the rest of us can move on.

      I think we all know that the US military will put down any military type action. They won't need me and my friends. They in fact won't want me and They be like "We know we know we know, but please stay home"...lmao...Or something to that effect.

      But what makes it all real is that we 'libs' are serious and capable. The alt right cons are not capable at all. For all their bravado, they are nothing but a bunch of uneducated drunks and drug addicts mixed with regular folks who are isolated and dirt poor. But with great gun collections!

      These people are going underground now. They are all being charged and sued into oblivian. much like the KKK. All the cult leaders will be charged with RICO bayonets. Just like I said years ago before Drumpf even came into office. I hope it all happens soon. We don't need another 4 years of Drumpf or his acolytes.

    2. My apologies, Sid. I'll keep my need for vengeance to myself.

    3. It wasn't you to whom I was referring, Mary Ellen. I've never deleted one of yours, and I doubt I'd ever feel the need.

  9. See? I doesn't take them long...I am reading literally hundreds of comments like this one on FOX 'news'.

    6 hours ago
    Replying to noballsfatdonnie

    Sore loser. It’s a good day for conservatives. All you liberals can go pound sand.

  10. The Man-Chin flapped...This time the child tax credit will go to WV parents who'll spend it on drugs. The men will take the money and go hunting.

    That's what he thinks of his voters. His opinion is no better than mine. See what I am saying? They all are bought and payed for. These people are as corrupted as anyone. The Man=Chin needs a Maserati and a houseboat to do his drugs.

  11. Here's cops and teachers and administrators all conspiring to lie to this kid. They bully her and it goes from bad to worse. This is the exact same behavior I have seen over and over again my entire life. With my 5 kids I got an up close and personal look from the inside. These people are devious. They destroy families. Cops see schools as their fiefdoms. Every last one of them.

    Just like the cops, they all cover for each other. They get people to follow kids home and show up with food unannounced over and over and over so they can gain entry. I could list a number of ways schools violate rights of kids and parents.

  12. Right’s ‘Celebration Of Violence’ On Full Display At Turning Point USA Convention

    Gin up the violence!
    That's all that is going on here. It's all they know. Menace till they cave. That their game plan.

  13. The alt right FORGED THE DOCS!!! They simply do not care. It'll be the literal death of many. There's zero accountability.

    The most vulnerable citizens will suffer in this new world.

    GOP Runs Roughshod Over Election System In Wisconsin With No Accountability

  14. WV taxes food...LMAO! And they complain about high taxes? The answer???

    The channel 13(fox) news tells locals they need to go to a food bank. Then, said locals lose dignity and will work for anything, for anyone, any time.

    “A lot of people around me, especially in this town of Milton go through that. Especially with the prices of everything taxes going up on food, other things, there’s just no motivation for people,” says Faith Stanley, a West Virginia resident."

  15. I forgot the story link...


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