Wednesday, December 8, 2021

"Earthen Vessels," He Called Them

Overtly or co-, every one of the conservatives currently on the Supreme Court lied during their confirmation hearings. They knew it, Senators knew it, those of us watching knew it. With big-money backing and, in the cases of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett, by way of cosmic hypocrisy on the part of Mitch McConnell, each was specifically selected to end legal abortion. Which, by all accounts, is about to happen.

So let’s talk about it. I can take it if you can.

First, some mostly non-controversial statements: 1) Polls show only 20% of Americans believe abortion should be banned under all circumstances, which is fewer than those who think it should be completely unrestricted; and far less than those who think it should be legal until some gestational point. 2) Establishing a universally agreed-upon point is impossible. 3) Where birth control and realistic sex education are available, abortions are much less common than where they aren’t. 4) It’s inconsistent to be “pro-life” yet unwilling to provide those things, or help for children forced to be born into poverty. 5) Late-term abortion is both disturbing and extremely rare.

6) Few, if any, women make the choice lightly. More often than not, it’s heart-rending. 7) Carrying an unwanted or fatally deformed pregnancy to term is likely to be life-long traumatic. The younger the mom, the more so. 8) If the Court effectively makes abortion illegal, it will contravene the wishes of 80% of the population, spurring countless illegal abortions, with attendant maternal death and disability. 9) Like Congressional Republicans, holding minority views which prevail in our dysfunctional system, they don’t need to care.

The following IS controversial, despite its obviousness: 10) Arguments against early abortion are 100% religious. And specifically religion-based opinions don’t belong in civil law. 

Okay. We’re off to a great start.

That there’s no distinction between an embryo smaller than your pinkie, having no measurable brain function or sensory life, and a fully-formed, viable baby is a religious concept. To which people are most certainly entitled. But it’s not universally held, not even among the religious. To so believe, one must claim God knows us before we’re born and has a plan for us all. Again: perfectly fine. Commonly held. But not universal.

Nor consistent. Because if it’s true, God also pre-plans stillbirths and birth defects that kill postpartum. And, since we know that as many as a third of all conceptuses are expelled, often before women even know they’re pregnant, medically referred to as “spontaneous abortion,” He had to have planned those as well. There’s no logical middle ground. In fact, doesn’t that mean anti-abortion laws are anti-God?

Don’t take my word about the religious basis for banning abortion. Here’s North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn, excessive Trumpist, incendiary liar, multi-alleged sexual harasser, performing an abortion speech last week on the floor of Congress, describing women as “… Eternal souls woven into earthen vessels sanctified by almighty God and endowed with the miracle of life …” His rhetoric echoes “pro-life” arguments made by all who make them. Not everyone, however, reveals so unambiguously the subservient role in which they view women.

At least until Republicans like Cawthorn are fully in charge (not far off), Americans are (theoretically) free to practice and express divergent religious views. People who see conspiracies to force Sharia law upon us have no problem doing so with their personal interpretations of Biblical law. Of which there are many. Interpretations. Some of which include being pro-choice.

Respect for divergent religious views is maintained when public law remains out of it. There's no reason “pro-life” and pro-choice can’t share space in our democracy. (What’s left of it.)
If your beliefs direct you, don’t use birth control, don’t have an abortion, don’t have sex outside marriage; and then, only for procreation. Banish from your houses of worship those who fail. It’s your right. What’s not, though, is compelling those religious prohibitions on others by force of law.

Everyone would prefer that there were no abortions. Not because they’re illegal, but because they’re no longer needed. Which would require Republicans ending their “pro-life” hypocrisy when it comes to birth control and sex education, and refusing to fund child-help programs. Even then, unwanted pregnancies are bound to occur. The force is strong…

Those who disapprove of abortion don’t need to outlaw it. Their God will know where they stood. Leave the consequences of having an abortion, if such there be, to Him who’s so familiar with them. Having a plan for us all means the innocent embryos from medical abortions surely will have the same afterlife as those of His “spontaneous” ones.


  1. Here we go...We will all fund religious cults soon.

    "The Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared likely to rule that state programs providing money to parents for their children's high school tuition cannot exclude schools offering religious education. Such a ruling would loosen longstanding restrictions on using taxpayer money to pay for religious instruction, further lowering the wall of separation between church and state."

    "At one point yesterday, Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the outnumbered progressive minority, said, "We don't want to get into a situation where a state will pay for the teaching of religion."

    "But by some measures, that's precisely the "situation" some on the right, including Breyer's colleagues, are looking for. "The parents are seeking equal treatment. They're saying, 'Don't discriminate against me because I'm religious,'" Justice Brett Kavanaugh said."

  2. "Having a plan for us all means the innocent embryos from medical abortions surely will have the same afterlife as those of His “spontaneous” ones."

    I have a question...So if you die as an embryo, do you still get the 40 virgins or?

    Signed, asking for a friend.

  3. "The parents are seeking equal treatment. They're saying, 'Don't discriminate against me because I'm religious,'" Justice Brett Kavanaugh said."

    That! is his %U@#I%G ARGUMENT!?!?!????

    The argument is church and state see no difference. Like asking fish about water. Religion is tax free and govt. subsidized!

    Somewhere in Mississippi ant alt right militia man is catchin' wood over the news!

    I'm gonna do my part and be ready for whatever comes. I am a highly capable dipshit and tend to succeed a lot on things I care about most.

    Here in my new digs, Kshama Sawant is gonna keep her job. The East SPD precinct is just down the street. It's still closed.

    People around here don't let the cops run roughshod over us. It's all for one and one for all. If someone is truly working to lift up the most vulnerable Americans, then I am 100% all in. There's signs posted around here in every building to immediately notify management if there's any cop activity. People don't play with the cops.

    I see them all the time and fire too. Like a parade every once to twice a week. A shooting or bank robbery prolly. But generally speaking the cops are not needed until they are needed around here. No need to hang around. There's security guards in every major store. There's security guards walking a beat. Like Amazon hires hundreds of security persons and other janitorial persons. At Dick's? Yup, A security guard outside to monitor the line. Yes there's homeless, of course there's crime. But it's dealt with now, one person at a time. You can't arrest your way out of a mental health epidemic.

    It's nice I tell ya. No more cop cars decorating the streets while questioning someone for no real reason. People are no longer stalked by them. No more harassing homeless folks. Slowly but surly it is getting better around here.

    Nobody messes with my $600.00 scooter here in Seattle/Downtown. I lock it in the bike rack and return w/o worries. I went to my old address to see some folks and run a wally whirled shopping spree. Did that and went to the Safeway to get booster and flu shot. Someone jammed a screwdriver in the lock while I was inside. I had to walk 1/2 mile to the ACE hardware for a saw and a new lock. 34 bucks + $16.00 for the old lock. So the whole Seattle crime thing is a hoax. In RED counties like Skagit it's a meth fueled crime spree 24/7/365. I would know.

    It will affect us last here in WA.
    Climate change, Economy, politics...Name it...Adverse affects will not hit us here as much as the Confederacy and the free states at their borders.

    The cops should arrest them all.

  4. Stickin' it to the lemmings...

  5. I hope this guy is right. If he is, we may come out of this better than ever before. They are coming in January with a minute by minute narrative of 1/6. But also what happened minute by minute in the White House.

  6. Hello! Earthen Vessel, here.

    I thought I'd endured all the insults and misogyny I had to in my 67 years, but here comes this yahoo, Cawthorn, telling me my only purpose on the planet was to incubate? Well, how well did that Oxford HS shooter's Earthen Vessel do? Not too well, IMHO. As we've all said before, the Republicans are only interested in lives before they are born unless they ae male and white. Even my very traditional dad and his 9 brothers (not a typo) valued, honored, and supported the possibilities for their daughters. My dad had 6 daughters (one son) and there was nothing to be discussed re: college degrees, meaningful work, and a purpose to be fulfilled. Yes, marriage and family if we chose that. I did not.

    I knew from the age of 15 that I didn't want children. Perhaps that's because one of my sisters had her first baby then, and I did enough diaper changing, walking and rocking, and babysitting to inform me in detail what motherhood would be like. I never felt the pull to have a child, and I'm glad I didn't. I'm also very glad Roe was in place when I needed it to safely correct what were two accidents of birth control. No one in the mid-70s got to tell me what I could or should do, and I've never regretted my decisions.

    Every shred of hope I hold right now is that the Democrats are playing possum until they get the BBB act passed and signed. Then they will unleash hell's own fury in passing the voting rights acts by either striking down the filibuster completely or at least, carving out exceptions to it for support of democratic principles. They did it the other day for the debt ceiling and apparently Rafael Teddy Cruz was livid--well, we think so because that seems to be his natural color and status--about it being a slippery slope. Let's hope so. Let's pray there is a toboggan on that slippery slope and either 10 Republicans are on it or Manchin finally comes to the party. I also want Biden to bolster the SCOTUS with at least 4 more justices.

    Man, I'm long-winded this morning. Three cups of Italian Roast is my limit. Now, for breakfast and finishing the quilt I've been working on.

    Oh, one more thing! I've recently been listening to Thom Hartmann podcasts and he is wicked smart. The one that I watched last night is about not how the Left has gone further left, but how since about 1954 the Right has gone way farther to the right. He has lots of detail and facts (imagine that). Very good stuff.

    1. Thanks for this, MEH. Powerful. As to Ds playing possum, well, I hope so, too. But doubt it. There are fury-leashers in the Senate, in the form of Manchin and Sinema.

      I agree about Thom Hartmann, tho I'm not a regular follower, which I think I should be.

    2. "The one that I watched last night is about not how the Left has gone further left, but how since about 1954 the Right has gone way farther to the right."

      Uhuh...That's the truth.

    3. Thom Hartmann: The Hidden History of the Oligarchy

      I harp about this constantly. Because almost nothing is more important. Watch the first 7 minutes...Blow by the looong introduction

  7. I can think of a few laws I want to enact....or force on people.

    1. LMAO! That didn't take long.

      Newsom seeks to crack down on assault weapons using tactics of Texas’ abortion law

    2. Newsom's a cool dude, even if he eats fancy during a pandemic. Good for him!

  8. This is off topic sorta but important just the same...


    I am watching a video about Rich Froning. His wife and him want a baby. It's heart breaking, but, they end up making the best argument I have ever seen or will ever see for not having abortions and giving babies for adoption.

    @25:30 - @32:00 is the snippet.

    I am sure there's folks here that have seen a similar pitch, but never presented properly. The best pitch or the worst pitch needs the best pitchman to make it real. Rich Froning is an amazing human and is an interesting person. He does super human stuff for a living. If you are interested in Cross Fit or athletics in general, this video is a really good one. He was the right pitchman I think. It's real.

    1. Yeah, well, tell it to the underage girl impregnated by her uncle. And the black girl whose baby is unlikely to be adopted. Or any girl forced to carry a pregnancy and give birth and give the baby away like it was a rental car she drove for a while.

      It's complicated. And the complications have complications.

    2. Exactly...I'm just sayin' this is way better than their usual.

      I have 3 daughters and was raised by mostly single women. They do as they please as far as I am concerned. I just think it's a woman's right and nobody else. You need to draw a line somewhere and that's my line. It starts and stops with the woman.

      What happened in the SCOTUS is sickening. But, when you get lemons, make lemonade. Let's start rolling back all the courts decisions starting with everything.

    3. This is awesome!
      Kate McKinnon is so smart. She's a comedy genius imo

  9. @1:47 an ancient lemming gives away the game.
    It's a "hate crime" because???

  10. Now this is efforts turned into action!

    The poor are fighting back. Business is about to pick up I think.

    "Overdraft fees have become a plague. Regulators need to step in."

    "Overdraft fee horror stories are well known: A mom goes to the store to buy milk and peanut butter. She doesn’t have enough money in her account. Her bank charges an overdraft fee, making a $5 purchase suddenly cost $40."

    "These fees are often referred to as a “poverty tax” and a reverse Robin Hood scheme since it’s overwhelmingly low-income customers who pay them, and the charges have resulted in substantial profits for many banks and credit unions. A former bank executive even named his boat “Overdraft.”

    "It’s welcome news that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra plans to enhance scrutiny on overdraft and non-sufficient-fund fees. Already, his threat of action appears to be driving change."

    "Capital One just announced that it will scrap overdraft fees entirely in 2022. Chief executive Richard Fairbank said it would bring “simplicity and humanity” to banking. He’s right. Why aren’t Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase doing the same?"

    This is the reason why I have never had an account past my first one that I was forced to get via my first divorce. They are crap. If you are poor that is.

  11. YES!!!!!

    'They're flat-out lying': Lemon rips Fox News hosts over texts


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