Thursday, December 23, 2021

Good Tidings And Nog

(My newspaper column, that will be/is/was published on Xmas eve day.)

On this, the morning of the day of the night before Christmas, good tidings we bring. Figgy pudding, which is to say the minds of those whose only news sources taste like Trump, we set aside. For they won’t have been privy to the tidings, nor would they see them as good if they had.

We begin with a Scrooge who has seen the Ghost of Politics Future. Mitch McConnell, whose credo has always placed personal benefit above our country’s, who once spoke in the highest of dudgeon against creating the January 6 Commission, now says its findings are “something the public needs to know,” even as most Congressional Republicans dissemble, ignore, and refuse cooperation. 

From which we conclude Mitch’s finger drips wet in the winter wind. Recognizing the significance, seeing a loser in the looming, he concluded it’s time to disembark the Trump train. Indeed, those findings are exceptionally serious. (This eggnog is very tasty.)

The hardest-core Trumpofoxified will never see it that way; he’ll always have his thirty-five percent, despite or, just as likely, because of his exposed crimes. But ‘tis the season for belief. Surely, there exist enough rational conservatives, if not Republicans (mistletoe and lumps of coal), who see the Commission’s revelations for what they are: damning. Of Trump and the amoral, unqualified sycophants with whom he protectively surrounded himself. How they tried to subvert and overturn a legitimate, fraud-free election –- the fundament of democracy -- by whatever extra-constitutional means necessary, is now as clear as Mount Baker on winter’s cloudless days. So is the “fraud-free” part. (Think I’ll have another.)

Trump wasn’t the first. Nixon, too, worked to overturn an election, the one he lost to JFK. The difference is that, nasty and dishonest as he was, in the end, he could place America’s good above his own; be convinced by people around him not wholly devoid of morality. Same with impeachment. Which stands in snow-white contrast to Trump and his atramentous mobsters.

We’ve also learned that several Fox “news” talkers privately understood the horror of the insurrection, while publicly dismissing its seriousness. This will convince the cogent of how dishonest and damaging the network is and always has been; now, they’ll look elsewhere.

Tucker and Laura and Sean, never fans of fair elections, won’t change, nor will their psychically attached viewers. But true conservatives, by definition, should be fans; and, like Mitch (not that he fits the definition), they must have had enough of Trump, in sufficient numbers to keep him foundering in Florida. (Maybe one more.)

The denouement of his power to corrupt is good tiding, indeed, if not necessarily for democracy. Fully given over to preventing opposition voting, Republicans are likely to nominate someone equally dangerous, but smart. Like Raging Ron DeSantis, who is to Florida, Covid-wise, as Trump was to all states. Obvious even as it unfolded, the degree to which Trump politicized the pandemic and muzzled scientists has now been laid out, in black and white. Or is it blue and red? More reasons to ho-ho-hope for the slumbering to awaken. 

Same, dare we say, with climate change. Hardly a haven of liberalism, the Pentagon recently released a statement detailing the ways in which global warming threatens national security. Last week we read of the degree to which it’s destabilizing Earth’s poles, imperiling the entire planet. Only science-denying anti-vaxers can dismiss the evidence; and whereas they have the numbers to keep the pandemic alive, they may no longer have the votes to do the same for climate denialism. In time for Christmas, its existence is real to everyone having accessible intelligence. 

There’s good news, too, in Joe “Owns-and-Owned-by-Coal” Manchin’s sabotage of President Biden’s Build Back Better Bill. His West Virginia is the second-poorest and unhealthy state in the Union. When its citizens realize how they’d have benefitted, and that Manchin joined every single R in voting against it, and that he thinks they spend tax credits on drugs, they’ll make their state reliably blue again, as once it was. Thanks to demographics and to its leaders, unconcerned for its Tiny Tims, Texas is getting there as well. Joyeux Noel. (Yes, please.)

Sarah of Wasilla provided heimal tidings, too, pledging to Turning Point USA’s death-cult gathering that she’d be vaccinated “over my dead body.” Sorry, Sarah: no one vaccinates dead bodies. Saner than she, I’m triple vaccinated. You should be, too. Research confirms it’s highly protective from omicron. 

So, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. Season’s Greetings and/or Happy Holidays to those who don’t. (Hey, how much booze was in that eggnog, and how many did I have?)


  1. I think that you must have had fun writing this week's. I certainly enjoyed reading it.

    I am beginning to believe that climate change will ultimately doom humanity, or at least civilization. I found it surprising that the linked article concerning the warming of the Arctic and Antarctic made no mention of the huge amount of methane that will be released as the Arctic's frozen peat begins to thaw. I don't believe that there is any way to stop it.

    I think that a column devoted to climate change would be a good thing. A recent letter to the Herald complained about their bias in coverage of climate change, bemoaning the lack of "pro-climate-hoax" coverage (my terminology)! I just read today that biologists have discovered that birds in the Amazon are getting smaller. If you live there and are unlucky enough to not have sweat glands as the climate gets hotter, well, being tinier makes it easier to dump heat.

    1. In fact, I've been collecting articles for a column to be devoted to climate change more fully.

  2. Merry and Happy to all who view this little message! As a recovering alcoholic, I don't partake of egg nog but I raise my glass of iced tea--made from our own family recipe which is a secret!--to you all, especially our good doctor.

    Another letter in the Herald yesterday complaining about the liberal lefty bent of their publishing has stirred me to action in response. Since my last letter didn't get published though, I'll have to make sure I tone down my sarcasm and insinuations. My main thought is this: those who complain about the liberal leanings of the Herald need to realize that they are not avoiding "right wing" POV merely from spite, but from the right wing dearth of factual information. If it's lies, the paper won't publish, correct? If the righties want to have something put into print and disseminated to the masses, they need to stop telling lies. Pretty simple, but then, I'm just a simple gal from the great PNW.

    Again, Merriness and Happiness to all within the reach of this little message. Being of an age, my siblings and I have long since stopped buying Christmas gifts for one another so when people have asked me if I'm ready for Christmas, I am always able to say "yes!". Even as early as my September birthday, the answer is "yes, I'm ready for Christmas!". I spend that money on fabric.

    1. Back atcha, M.E. Merry Christmas!

      I think those letter-writers confuse opinion with news. To the extent that the sad remnants of the Herald publishes news, it's, well, news. Which is apolitical. But those people aren't interested in actual news. They want their prejudices validated, and can't stand having to question them.

    2. Merry Merry to you too Mary. And you too everybody!

      I am having a nice quiet holiday in my new bachelor bin. I threw away all my xmas crap minus my Jeff Gordon stocking and some paper and ribbon x3 rolls. A giant furry door stocking. But everything else went to the trash. It's nice I tell ya. I am down to the bare minimum of "stuff" and it's a huge improvement. It took months to get here and it was a heartache a minute at times but, I did it with the moral support and advice of my friends. That's Christmas to me.

      No egg nog? Not even the non alcho kind? Try Southern Comfort brand. It's non alky and it's the bomb! It is expensive, but well worth it.

      As for those right wingers...This hit my box this morning. Just in time for Christmas...

      It has a fun factoid @5:22 if you just want to hear that. But it's stuff I always harp about with maximum backlash cuz...I have a special way of communicating. :OP right?

      The Right-Wing Can't Stop Talking About Civil War

    3. "I think those letter-writers confuse opinion with news."

      I agree...The critical thinking is seriously lacking on the alt right. They've been lied to so thoroughly that they are lost. There's no "convincing" them of anything other than what they know already.

      Anyone who's traveled to these places knows they are lost. It's that bad. Me, a total stranger comes into random flyover/Confederate state. You wonder how people live like that, and enjoy it, fight for it even. They don't know any better.


      Their kids do know. They know their parents are lost. They know the area they live in is a SH state. So they leave for more enlightened areas. Thus further accelerating their shared demise. They may miss their family, but they don't miss the way of life.

      This is how we get an ignorant minority ruling the enlightened majority. The Confederacy and flyovers have been, and still are being emptied of any redeeming qualities they have left.

      They all know it. But they refuse to change.

      Without a massive reboot. There's no way these people figure it out. They lack the necessities as Jimmy the Greek once said...about a whole other issue. It got him fired too...These people have clearly not evolved into decent humans with straight morals. They are still in mutual "Jimmy the Greek" think.

    4. No non-alcoholic substitutes at all. No fake beer. No fake wine. Here's my theory: The tastebuds are a powerful vehicle to trigger memories. And behaviors. I take NO chances with my sobriety, ever. Being a drunk was the one thing that threatened my entire life, family--my existence. When I was admitted to the Providence rehab outpatient program, my lab work indicated I was at "the beginning of the end-stages" of alcoholism. Even writing those words now, I am flattened by their meaning and I will never forget hearing them from the Chief of Staff, who was a specialist in addiction. He didn't even want me to do outpatient at first--he wanted me in detox--and he monitored me every day for the first two weeks. I had Mom living with me so I couldn't be in the hospital, but that all scared the living bejeesus outta me, that I can say.

      Now, I have since had chicken marsala, beef bourginon, and other food items where the alcohol is cooked out and the flavor is an undertone, but trust me--I will never take a chance. I'm lucky to be alive and making you all miserable with my meanderings and life stories. What a bore!

      Happy day to all here, and enjoy your health and family to the highest levels you can stand! I just got done having morning coffee and watching the Kennedy Center Honors on demand. Highly, highly recommended. Stevie Wonder closes the show. Need I say more?

  3. On Santa tracking call, Biden is told 'Let's go Brandon' - and says he agrees

    "Dec 24 (Reuters) - A vulgar anti-Biden slogan made for an awkward moment on Friday during President Joe Biden's phone calls with children tracking Santa's flight when a father said, "Let's Go Brandon.""

    It goes on for another 60 seconds read but, I guess they are in full hate mode. People just don't care anymore. Their lives are not complete w/o shitting on the Christmas spirit during a call from the POTUS.

    These people will always be this way and there's nothing anyone can do to change it.

    1. A cursory glance through Twitter yesterday revealed that this guy was identified and harassed throughout the day. He was oh, so upset!

      I'm of two minds on his persecution, as I was one of millions who used unflattering and vulgar terminology toward TFG--heck, I still do!--but I don't think I ever complained about having been called out for it.

      Snowflakes. We had plenty of those in multiple ways yesterday!

  4. These folks sound like regular people with the same issues we have with the alt right. I found it interesting that the congregation turns to menacing when they express their opinions on 'politics' AKA getting vaxxed.

    The alt right is destroying themselves from within. They've been doing it for generations. They only know how to lie, cheat, steal and menace to get their way. It works well as we all can attest to. However, just like any bully, they too will meet their maker. These folks are not "saved". They have to recognize the sin first and then ask for forgiveness. Those two things ain't happnin' for 98% of the alt right. They are the selfish, the ignorant and the just plain stupid. All those years of God in their life and they all are wretched creatures. It's hypocrisy that they cling to. Their "faith" is like the 'ol "I have a black friend". It's a preemptive strike to anyone who'd question their clearly hypocritically selfish life they thrust on to others unwillingly. Something like an 'adult' putting a mask on brings out the petulant 2 year old we all know they were taught to be. Brow beating your pastor because he doesn't agree with "Trump voters". These people are lost. Funny how God can't seem to save 98% of them. Maybe these pastors finally need to look at themselves? Naw, it's a grift that is golden. They'll hang on as long as it's financially possible for most of them.

    So here's the story...

    The first Christmas as a layperson: Burned out by the pandemic, many clergy quit in the past year

  5. This looks like a legit way to save America.

    This 232-year-old power has never been used by Congress — but it could save the republic

    1. Yes. I have a similar article ready for a column:


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