Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bag. Cat. Out.

Thanks to Margaret WV for pointing me to this:
[Originally, I had just provided a link, which was working. I now find it takes one to Salon but not to the cartoon, leaving, I assume, readers wondering what the heck I had in mind. So above is the actual cartoon to which I referred. It's from, and I hope I'm not breaching some sort of rule. I tried. I really did.]



Sili said...

Oh dear.

You just know that the Republans are gonna latch onto this to distance themselves from the Shrubbery, don't you?

Sid Schwab said...

Sili: you might want to look at the post again. I have a feeling you followed the link, which was no longer going where I thought it was....

MargaretWV said...

Here's the link to the Tom Tomorrow website:

The link to the cartoon is in the archive, 9/20/05, "Deep undercover:"

Sili said...

No, I did see the entire cartoon (click "Enter Salon" on the initial splash page).

Point is that I can all too easily see the Right talking about Bush not being a 'true Scotsman' the minute he's out of office. From there it's just as skip and a hop to saying that he's was an undercover leftie all the time (you all know what kind of man Rove's father was after all).

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