Monday, January 26, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

Barack Obama has wisdom, depth of understanding, clarity, that belies his "inexperience." He's so far beyond what we've seen that many simply won't be able to get their heads around it. Won't trust him. Even in this, where the planet depends on it, hope he fails. But to me, this antithesis to reflexive bravado and narrow-minded thinking that has characterized the last eight years, is clearly the better approach. It's one that at least has a chance of success, despite how far in the opposite direction we've been taken of late.

And as I've been saying innumerable times, success, in the final analysis, means getting the majority in the Muslim world to reject the hatred and destructiveness of al Queda and the like; and that requires regaining our former stature in the world. This sounds like a start.

[The sound on the video is not great. A transcript of the interview is here.]



  1. Jeez Sid, why don't you just marry him already??? Oh Yeah, cause he doesn't support SSM..
    Guess he's not that perfect


  2. Frankie, you've done the "marry him" thing already. Running out of witticisms? (Describing your commetary as generously as possible.)

    But I can't help it if I'm immeasurably relieved to have a president who thinks, who understands, who behaves like a statesman instead of a pig. (Describing it as generously as possible.)


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