Monday, April 27, 2009

F and B

This isn't big news to most of my dozen or so readers, but there are some who have insisted, against all evidence, that Fox News (sic) really really is "fair and balanced." To them, this might be instructive. It's a perfect lesson in dishonest editing to make it appear that a person said the exact opposite of what he in fact said. It's typical of what they do.


Beer Bottle said...

That's just child's play for them! Did you see the fake video where they made it look like Obama was bowing to the Saudi king? What a hoot! Can you imagine?

And those silly stories about how there's no Treasury Dept yet! And no HHS Sec, no Surgeon General and the swine flu outbreak coming upon us! Lies, you know!

And then they made up that stuff about BO's cabinet being a group of tax cheats! How dare they?

It really bothers you when nobody watches Oilybemann, doesn't it? If only the news was all like that! Where's Dan "I'm sure that's what the memo would have looked like" Rather when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Just One Question Sid....

What kind of Ab workout do you do???


Ellen Kimball said...

Sid, thanks for finally revealing that your car is an Acura!

No comment on FOX news story. We have Comcast for broadband, home phone, and cable for YEARS.

If my life depended on it, I couldn't tell you what cable channel they occupy. I watch MSNBC mostly, CNN sometimes and network news infrequently.

Thanks for the tutorial. Digital editing has gone to the place where you just don't have any idea what you are watching.

On the upside of TV and photo technology, you might enjoy seeing this from an engineer friend of mine who emailed it to me yesterday.

This is a robotic photo of the 2009Inauguration. Double-click to make it zoom in to any section of the photo. You can check out everyone at Obama's inauguration - every face in the crowd.

The picture was taken with a robotic camera at 1,474 megapixels - about 295 times the standard 5 megapixel camera.

This camera technology is mind-boggling! Imagine the technology we don't know about. to good buddy Steve Z. in Venice, Florida, for this link.


Ellen Kimball said...

In these comment sections, proved it is an antique. Pretty much every other website automatically SHORTENS and HYPERLINKS URLs.

Cut and paste or do whatever you have to do to see this. The link does actually work:

Warm regards,


Sid Schwab said...

Thanks, Ellen. I've seen that picture, and it's pretty amazing. Fabulous detail. Looks damn cold.

It does annoy me that blogger doesn't automatically make hyperlinks in the comments, but it does allow the HTML code to do it yourself. Makes me feel all techy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and what about those fake photos of Shrub leaning way over to tongue kiss the Saudi king on the mouth.

Smooch, Smooch, KissyKissy - and walking along like a Texas girlyman holding hands with him - so dishonest! You could see the pixels!!!

Oh, right, they didn't show those on Fox! Did they!


Beer Bottle said...

Hey--here's an idea! FOX could fake some video of BO (smells like it sounds) hiring a Treasury Dept to handle the worst economic crisis ever! Or how about the Chosen One hiring a Surgeon General...maybe a HHS director to help with the swine flu thing?

Maybe he could be shown firing Hillary "Reset" Clinton, for being an idiot. Hiring some people at State who speak languages and know local customs.

Maybe they can get right on that.

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