Saturday, April 25, 2009

For Frankie

Fourteen years old. 195K miles. [Addendum: rare 6-speed stick. I'm cool, and so is my car.]


Frank Drackman said...

Hey!! You drive the same car as Ludacriss!!!
Seriously, nice car, was gonna make a crack bout' buyin' A-murican till I realized I got a Sony Computer, a German Dog, and Taco Bell on my shirt...
My Chevy's15 years old, only 170K on the clock... been bicyclin to work last few years...



Ellen Kimball said...

Aw, gee, Sid.

When you said "Frankie" I thought of Frank Sinatra.

I have no idea what kind of car that is. Want to tell us uninitiated?

Congrats on superior mileage and condition. May you drive it for many more miles!


Ellen Kimball said...

OK, it's a Volvo. I should have known that.

Your blog is set up to only show the most recent post. I had to go back to yesterday's post.

It's the weekend and we're going to the park!


Sid Schwab said...

Nope, not a Volvo. It was Frank who kept guessing that's what I had, so I decided, once again, to show him the error of his ways.

It's nice. Has a 6-speed stick, too. I hope it runs forever.

SeaSpray said...

You and Frank are so funny. Can't get my head deeply into politics now..enough to comment..but I do appreciate your collective humor/sarcasm and from others. :)

Frank Drackman said...

You got a 6 Speed too??!! Finally something we have in common... Manual transmissions are gettin about as rare as an open Choly...Still on my first clutch, but its startin to chatter a bit...
You know you can shift gears without using the clutch??


egomosperficio said...

well, first of all, you've made a tactical error in letting frankenstein see your car. but on the other hand, it is a very nice car, and shows your good taste. =D

i am moving to toronto, so i will be getting rid of my car, which is a tad scary. . . i am, nonetheless, excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Let me M class BMW 500 - 700 series? Might be a european "gray market"? Either way nice ride.

Kellie said...

So, no one can tell that is an Acura? Sure is what it looks like to me. Great cars built by that company :)

Sid Schwab said...

Much as I lust after BMWs (actually had one, a 1971 1600, progenitor to the 3 series, which I kept for 20 years and, after fixing it up to near perfection (well, mechanically anyway, and new paint) donated it to the local Little League auction), this is indeed an Acura Legend LS coupe; in my opinion the prettiest car they've made. Still runs great but could use a little minor body work here and there, and, were I vain enough, new paint.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, I think in his autobiography, Ben Franklin describes how a certain man harbored a dislike for him, for reasons unknown. Franklin's solution was insightful. He borrowed a book from the man. Thereafter they got on fine.

Look who's eager to fetch Sid's newspaper and slippers.

On another note, my heart soared like an eagle upon reading this, and Frank's will too.

--Sam Spade

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