Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I wonder if the same right-wing screamers who had no problems with illegal wire-tapping of suspected terrorists will have a problem with legal wire-tapping of right-wing militias, if it comes to that.

It seems I'm not the only one worried that the anti-American fury being whipped by those screamers (I should develop a shorthand, like RWS™ for "Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Cavuto, Savage, Coulter, Ingraham, Malkin, Bachmann, Gingrich, Delay, Boehner...." It gets pretty tiresome typing it out each time) could be getting to the point of inciting violence. If/when something horrible happens, it wouldn't be the first time.

Naturally, the report has generated a lot of righteous anger from the righteous right. Probably won't do anything to quell the claim of secret concentration camps for rounding up conservatives.

Well, the slope is slippery on both sides. I'd rather live in a country where even the RWS™ have a voice, than one in which all anti-government talk is stifled, as was attempted when Bush was in office. (Funny, isn't it, that none of the RWS™ types were upset at Ari Fleisher.) But, like the cliché, there are limits.

Maybe I've posted too much on this theme -- the idea that the extreme right wing and their RWS™ seem not to understand the concept of "democracy" and "elections" -- but I have a hard time finding the best way to express it, and it eats at me. On some level, it's laughable -- funny, even. But I don't find myself chuckling much. Depressed, worried, angry, baffled: those are closer to it. It's one thing to be appalled at the direction the country is headed: for the last eight years, I certainly was. By the end of it, so were 80% of my countrypersons. But I don't recall anyone on the left grabbing the airwaves every night and literally calling for violent overthrow, stakes in hearts, or demonstrating what Bush was doing by fake-pouring gasoline on someone and holding a match.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Matthews and the other LWT--left wing tinglers. Are all the screamers on the right, you think? (Hint: Ed Shultz, Olbermann, Maddow, Grand Dragon Robert Byrd, Michael Moore.............)

Don't waste time with wiretaps, though--just send in Janet Reno and her tanks.

I suppose it could come to violence some day, though the only model we have to go by is Bill Ayers and Obama's other friends. Violence must not be so bad, since they're now all college professors and friends of the president.

"the extreme right wing and their RWS™ seem not to understand the concept of "democracy" and "elections" " Maybe you missed the eight years of "this president was selected, not elected". Or don't you care about the Constitution, either?

Anonymous said...

78...Seventy Eight... thats how many American Servicemen have been killed in Iraq/Afghanistan since your lover took over...Funny, how I don't hear anyone talkin about THAT...I thought he was gonna bring the boys/girls home, I guess he is, in a way..


Anonymous said...

What is the exit strategy from Afghanistan??? Not important to know anymore? How many teen-aged pirates will Obama kill?

I. N. Esher

Anonymous said...

In my mind, you are no better than the “RWS’s” you list. The difference being that they have sizable audiences: you have me and a few others that have followed you here from “Surgeons Blog”. Your comments on that blog were insightful, many times humorous, and always thought provoking. Now you merely spue the venom of the DNC talking points, the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. You have lost your way. You should consider some help and perhaps some medication to smooth out the tortured road you are on before you crash.

Anonymous said...

From Rush's bunghole straight to your mouth. How many teen-aged pirates will Obama kill? You forgot the "Muslims" part.

What, no 'Bring it on?' Where did all the republican bravado go? What a picture - First you gloat about Obama being unable to act, and when he does you and Rush start weeping about "Poor Black Muslim Kids".

Republicans moaning for pirates - delicious! I guess you feel a certain kinship, being no strangers to pillage and plunder.

Who would have guessed that deep within your stony little hearts there live tender hearted lib'ruls

How many teen-aged pirates would Bush kill? All of them, to frantic republican cheering.

It's a little late in the game to assume a faux mantle of morality - there is not enough material to cover your wizened hypocritical little asses.

Anonymous said...

HUH ???


Anonymous said...

What Syd is doing on this blog is a perfect parallel to his work on Surgeons Blog. He’s a Surgeon you see, and he can diagnose cancer when he sees it.

In the case of the Republican Party, I think he sees a terminal case, and he has the courage to tell the patient the truth about his condition. Still, he is willing to do what he can to remove and repair as much as possible.

The voters have excised the main tumor, but it is the way of the disease that some malignant cells remain, lurking on blogs, ready to metastasize and threaten the patient again.

As I watch from the gallery, I greatly enjoy seeing a man of hand and mind at work.

Keep it up Syd.

Eugene in San Diego

Anonymous said...

You can complain about Republicans, or you can boast about the dems' achievements. Unfortunately, with your guy in the White House and your own Congress, you have nothing about which to boast.


The best anonymous

Anonymous said...

Eugene in San Diego wrote, in part:

".....can diagnose cancer when he sees it."

".....he sees a terminal case...."

"....do what he can....."

"....threaten the patient...."

All reasons for a wise patient to seek another opinion.


Anonymous said...

HUH ???

Anybody can take words out of context to ridicule an argument; for example

HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ???
HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ??? HUH ???

Substance and originality are something else.

Eugene In San Diego

Anonymous said...

Or do an Obama speech:


And that's with the teleprompter.

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