Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, I guess we now know for what it was that God saved Arlen Specter, twice, from cancer.


Ellen Kimball said...

Great comment, Sid. Any other thoughts about the Arlen Specter defection?

Warm regards,


Ellen Kimball said...


While I have your attention:

1) Are you thinking about or doing anything special to avoid swine flu?

2) I checked out the main site of the link I posted earlier. Displays tonight are: the Alps via a German photographer, downtown Boston, Massachusetts, and a large plaza in Prague plus more.

Go here for the main link to Gigapan.org.



Sid Schwab said...

It was pure pragmatism for Specter; he was looking at a near-certain loss in the primary. I guess it'll be interesting to see how he votes now. He was for the EFCA before he was against it. Sounds like Gov Rendell assured him he'd have no challengers in the Dem primary; but there are plenty on the left who'd want a candidate in favor of the EFCA. He also said he's against Dawn Johnson at OLC. Maybe, at least, he'd not support a filibuster.

As to the swine flu: for now, my plan is to not kiss any pigs.

#1 Dinosaur said...

It was only one cancer: lymphoma. His "brain tumor" was just a meningioma.

Anonymous said...

Another decision made on the basis of retaining "power".


GDad said...

Is that an x-ray of God's right foot?

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