Monday, October 4, 2010

Check, Please

The above, from a serious proposal, has been making the rounds among various political blogs, and I think it's an excellent idea to send an official and accurate version to every taxpayer. (Thanks, Timmyson, for reminding me.) Some would be outraged, I suppose. Everyone, though, ought to find it informative. To me, the expenses seem reasonable.

It also shows the extent to which the items over which teabaggers and other RWS™ get so exercised are almost negligible, in terms of what they want to eliminate to justify their unneeded and unjustifiable tax cuts. By which I mean the NEA, early childhood education, etc. Whereas there are some that dance around the edges of entitlement reform, the response of congressional Rs when Obama actually proposed doing something about it was to cry "death panels." Now, campaigning, when asked where they'd cut spending, they change the subject. In my state, political ads against a D Senator claim she cut billions from Medicare.

These tax-cutting budget balancers actually use attempts at addressing real numbers against those who do it. While claiming they're the ones to restore fiscal balance.

It can't be done. Not, at any rate, by teabagging.

Sadly, according to the receipt, getting rid of Congress entirely would result in barely a blip. And what a crew we'll have there if the teabagger candidates win their races.


Frank Drackman said...

Thats why I'm rich, and your just the sunsetting of the Bush Tax Cuts away from eating "Ol Roy"(Brand of Cheap Dog Food)
Cause I WOULD bend down to pick up a penny I see on the sidewalk(OK, I haven't walked on a sidewalk since grade school, it's the concept)and I TAKE pennys from those "Need a Penny/Take a Penny" change cups at the 7-11, which are getting scarce since the Indians took over the convenience store racket(HT Joe Biden)
You put 19 cents in a good no-load agressive stock growth mutual fund, and let that Bitch's called compound interest, like how the Indians would have 800 trillion dollars if they'd invested that $26 we paid for Manhattan instead of blowin it on Malt Liquor and Lottery Tickets...
and all politics aside, don't you find Patty Murphy's appearance disturbing???
OK, I don't mean Barbara Mickuski, cover your eyes/Hiroshima Fireball disturbing, but you know what I mean...

Frank "Pinchin More Pennies than Bill Clinton at a Costume Party where all the hot chicks are dressed up in Penny Costumes" Drackman

Margaret WV said...

I would like to see a line item for agricultural subsidies.

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