Friday, October 22, 2010

Self Interest

Could it be any clearer? Of the many times I've pointed out how the teabaggers have been deceived and manipulated into acting against their own interests, is there any better proof than this?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it received an "outpouring of support" that crashed its servers Thursday morning after conservative host Glenn Beck pledged $10,000 on the air to the organization and urged his listeners to donate what they can afford.

So why say teabaggers are being played? Hardly a tough one:

Prudential Financial sent in a $2 million donation last year as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched a national advertising campaign to weaken the historic rewrite of the nation’s financial regulations.

Dow Chemical delivered $1.7 million to the chamber last year as the group took a leading role in aggressively fighting proposed new rules that would impose tighter security requirements on chemical facilities.

And Goldman Sachs, Chevron Texaco, and Aegon, a multinational insurance company based in the Netherlands, donated more than $8 million in recent years to a chamber foundation that has helped wage a national campaign to limit the ability of trial lawyers to sue businesses....

... To support the effort, the chamber has adopted an all-hands-on-deck approach to fund-raising. Mr. Josten said he makes many of the fund-raising calls to corporations nationwide, as does Mr. Donohue. (Both men are well compensated for their work: Mr. Donohue was paid $3.7 million in 2008, and has access to a corporate jet and chauffeur, while Mr. Josten was paid $1.1 million, tax records show.) But those aggressive pitches have turned off some business executives.

“There was an arrogance to it like they were the 800-pound gorilla and I was either with them with this big number or I just did not matter,” said Mr. Tyree, of Chicago.

Another corporate executive, who asked not to be named, said the chamber risks alienating its members.

“Unless you spend $250,000 to $500,000 a year, that is what they want for you to be one of their pooh-bahs, otherwise, they don’t pay any attention to you at all,” the executive said, asking that the company not be identified.

This is the group to which Glenn Beck asks his faith-full followers to send their nickels and dimes! No wonder their site crashed: they have no need of or interest in such piddling proffers from the internetted. And yet, donate the Becked-up did.

To me, it remains absolutely inexplicable. Even the frightened and gullible ought not be so eager to stab themselves. Left alone, people tend to act in their own interest. Don't they? Such self-destructive behavior on the part of so many can only come from careful, well-orchestrated, and deliberate deception. But the media keep buying and selling the myth of a grassroots movement.

For most of the season, I have a pretty nice-looking lawn. Every year, it gets aerated; I fertilize it about three times, spray some moss-killer here and there, pluck weeds when I find them. With my environmentally friendly cordless electric machine, I mow and mulch every five days or so. I water just enough to keep the roots deep. Until the cedar tree's roots start sucking water faster than I can put it in, it looks damn good, clean and green.

Whatever else is true about it, it sure as hell didn't grow itself.


Frank Drackman said...

See Sid, no way you were cool in High School..and how many People of Color voted for you for Student Body Prez??? I'm guessin 1 or 2 at most, and they probably looked more like Dr. Sanjay Gupta than Jocelyn Elder...
BTW I gave $1,000 to Kristie Oconnell, even took s*** from my wife who only gave $35.
How much did YOU give???
Not to Kristie, anyone.
and since Uncle Sam was gonna take %35 of it, its like I really only gave... S*** its still $1,000, political donations aren't tax deductible:(
and before you call me a Sucker, who "Aerates" there lawn?? Air's Free in God's Ccountry(every state in the former Confederacy calls themselves "God's Country)
Fertilizer(you know what they make it from OIL?) Moss Killer? and you'll be the first one blamin Agent Orange when you get the Leukemia from all those damn Intraoperative Cholangiograms...
OK, I don't know what the Nicaraguans who do my Lawn/Pool use to keep it so green/clear, do they ask me for the MSDS for Desflurane when they need there appendix out???
Acutally they do, those Nicaraguans are pretty smart.

Frank "future Surgeon General in a Palin-Oconnell administration" Drackman M.D.

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...In a previous post you claimed your wife gave $800.00.

Keep lying like that and you will be a shoo-in for:

"future Surgeon General in a Palin-Oconnell [sic]* administration" DrekMan M.D.

*(Including it's homophone "sick".


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