Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I'll Vote

It's typical election year stuff, but it happens to be true. More importantly, as President Obama said yesterday, Republican/teabagger tax plans threaten the death coup of our country. (He didn't put it quite like that.) With another $700 billion added to the deficit as the full continuation of all of the Bush tax cuts would do, we'd simply have no way to address our most central problems. Forget about infrastructure or climate change. Perhaps most disastrous of all, forget about addressing the steady decline in our education.

This, as the President did say, is not just about money. It's about our national security and our future. There's simply no way to get there if we follow the path of the fiscally irresponsible teabaggers and the selfish and cynical Republican leaders. It's simple math.

Which is the problem: a party that as policy rejects science, and as promised would substitute the Bible for the Constitution can't be expected to do even the most rudimentary calculations. Like, you know, arithmetic.

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Anonymous said...

Sid, Sid, Sid, I know its tough bein the poster boy for Aricept.....
again with the T-Word??? Oh well, grandpa didn't wipe his ass the last few years, and he didn't even take Aricept...
Look at it like wasn't a Bush Tax Cut, it was the "Bush Stimulus" OK, I put most of my $425,000 in Tax Free Munis, but I bought stuff too, Private School Tuition, Riding Lessons, Dog Grooming...and what Mrs D/my daughters spent on shoes/clothes/hair/nails could probably buy your house...
Seriously, are you in the market? alot of elders are "Smart-Sizin" do you really wanta be in your basement when your Femur snaps???
and you bought stuff too, or did you pay for your snazzy LED(its really just a LCD) with "Wampum"???

Reminds me of an old Johnny Carson Karnac the Great line...

Karnac:the answer is "Wampum"
Question: "What did Tonto do when the Long Ranger put itching powder in his bed roll"

Get it??? "Whomp Em"


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