Friday, May 20, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

As Congressional Rs, feeling flush with power and convinced there's nothing they could say or do that would turn teabaggers against them, reveal their real agenda without even pretending it's otherwise, I simply can't figure out how anyone other than crats from Pluto still supports them. Latest in the parade of outrages is Eric Cantor's address in Chicago:

Yesterday morning, House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) visited the Chicago headquarters of the CME Group, “the world’s largest owner and operator” of private exchanges for derivatives products. CME Group specializes in a number of markets, including trading futures contracts for various blends of crude oil and food commodities. Cantor met with executives, and at one point, gave brief remarks before CME Group employees and various commodity speculators.

Cantor told the audience of speculators that his Republican caucus would “do our part” to block the implementation of financial reforms passed last year as part of the sweeping Dodd-Frank law. He even called out the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the regulators in charge of overseeing derivatives and energy speculation, and promised to stop regulations from going online.

Which is not to disregard their filibuster of a bill to end the tax exemptions for oil companies. You know: voting against even allowing a vote on it.

I get that Rs are counting on, and most certainly will get, a flood of money from Wall Street; but isn't obvious by now that they don't care what happens to everyone else? Blatantly telling the purveyors of their main money stream that they'll see to it that they can do whatever they want; overtly indifferent to the Bushorepublican calamities the stench of which has yet to waft away; clearly preferring increasing the wealth of their donors and pals over securing the needs of common folk: how is it that they receive any support at all from regular folk? Even the Obama-as-terrorist crowd.

I'd be less mystified if the NRA came out against assault rifles, or if PETA began carrying ads for KFC. For anyone but a Wall Streeter or a corporate poobah to support these guys simply makes no sense.

In a world where people could turn off Fox "news" and think for themselves, that is.

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