Friday, May 27, 2011


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Not that I understand all of the esoterica on this blog, but I think the point is clear enough. The chart above shows average Arctic sea ice thickness for a given month over the years, with projections forward following the trends.

More impressive to me than the data themselves, and the speed with which things are changing, and the science behind it all, is the power of denial in so many of my fellow humans, weak and needy as we all are. And -- at least in the US -- the fact that the denial is based on some combination of politics, of all things, and religion (I guess). That virtually all deniers of climate change are members of the same political party says something very powerful about that party and its relationship with reality, the value it places on factuality as a basis for its policies and opinions.

Scary. Very scary.


  1. Artic Ice thickness??? You sure thats not your # of functioning Frontal Cortex Neurons?....
    OK, Low blow, but with your Alzheimer's you probably didnt even get it...
    For the sake of Argument, lets say Global Warming is Really Happening...Damn AlGore and his fleet of G6's
    The jet I mean, not the Pontiac.
    And lets say the Artic IS getting a little warmer, I LIKE Warm Weather, most normal people do, and somedays I'll sit out on my Deck that probably costs more than you make in a year, crank the hot tub temp up, and simultaneously turn the House AC down to "Cooler than Tipper Gore" so when I go back inside I get Goosebumps, just like I do in that scene from "Scarface"
    You know, "Say Hello to my Leet-le Friend!"
    used that line with Mrs. D one night, she didn't get it...
    and admit it Sid, your just afraid a few degrees increase will make Seattle more alluring to minorities....
    Seriously, watched a few minutes from a Mariner's game the other night on my 70 inch Japanese Market Plasma, Whiter Crowd than the Nurnburg rallys...

    Frank "its gettin hot in here" Drackman

  2. Ummm sorry,
    meant to say "More Blue-eyed-blonde-haired-Aryans than the Nurnburg rallys"
    No wonder you guys don't have an NBA team...

    sorry bout that,


  3. It's guys like Frank (I LIKE warm weather!) who scare me as they are so unwilling to consider the impact of more extreme weather with such an off-the-cuff comment.


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