Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Bad; It Would Have Been Fun


SeaSpray said...

That's funny! :)

I try to figure out what he does ..just not sure. Hate comb overs though. It's creative for sure. Maybe being light also helps. Dark hair would look weirder like that.

BTW ...I thought it was so classless when he publicly used the m f-er words. It was as if he was TRYING to sabotage himself.

Obviously they all swear, but intentionally in public ..not a smooth move. It would've been colorful if he ran, but also a distraction.

Dr S, I did not intend to ask this, just thought your post was funny. But, I am puzzled by something regarding my friend with lung ca.

I just brought her for a chemo treatment Tuesday. I was there when doc listened to her lungs. She was taking long, strong, deep breaths. The doc even commented and asked me if I saw that and I said I can tell even without a stethoscope. She seemed fine.

24 hrs later, she was taken via ambulance with difficulty breathing and had a BP of 84/40, fever and CT shows r lobe pneumonia and she's in ICU. they *may* put her on a vent if doesn't break up,to keep things moving. I saw her tonight and she went from clear lungs to coughing, gurgling and rattling. I didn't hear the gurgle but she commented it bothers her. I understand that she has an aggressive cancer, and also her immune system is compromised from the chemo.

But, I don't understand how a person can have a pneumonia that serious in such a short span of time? her husband told me the pulmonologist said they saw a lot of white and hard to determine how much tumor vs pneumonia.

I know you don't know her specifics. I am just perplexed it could happen so fast. I assume she is in icu because she could just bottom out and is why she is being monitored so carefully. And how is it you can have a pneumonia in only one lung ..which is good I guess?

And I am thinking a hospital puts her more at risk for infection, but she has to be there.

I guess this is what this disease does and no rhyme or reason to it. So many variables.

Sid Schwab said...

Stethoscopes more accurate if the user is extremely thorough, listening front and back, moving deliberately up and down each side.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lung; whether it's one or both sides depends on the source and underlying pathology. If it's a virus, it's most likely to be both side; bacterial infections usually start on one side, especially where there's underlying pathology, like an airway blocked by tumor.

I'd assume there was some infection already in place, and that it finally reached a "tipping point," or that an opportunistic and more virulent bug got involved.

I sort of thought you'd comment on my "Sunday" post, which, I think, raised a serious and not facetious question about the teachings of Jesus. But it's okay: I realize Donald Trump was more exciting to teabaggers than Jesus, for a while anyway. I guess when something is as obvious as the empty phoniness of Donald Trump, even a few teabaggers will get it. Eventually.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Thank you Dr S.

Oh STOP Dr S! I know you are goading me on that one. I did not even look at it. Sometimes I just skim or read comments. And sometimes I choose not to comment.

But.. I have a crazy busy day into evening and only came on the computer to read your answer.

Trump over Jesus? I know even you do not seriously believe that. :)

SeaSpray said...

I'm going to respond to BOTH posts when I can. the rapture one and the one you refer to in here. Have to do other things now. Your rapture post is funny. I have my opinions for sure.

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