Thursday, August 22, 2013

As Horrible As It Was...

That thrill killing of an Australian student studying in America by three teenagers, because they were bored, is a lot of horrible and depressing things. But one thing it's not is an example of black on white hate crime, proof of double standard by leaders who abhorred the killing of Trayvon Martin as racially motivated and haven't condemned this incident in the same terms. Because one of the three was white. That fact, of course, hasn't stopped the usual RWS™ from waving the incident like a red (or is it black?) flag, while claiming all three were black.

It could be an argument about guns. It could be an example of prejudice and the law, since the white kid is charged with a lesser crime despite his claim that he pulled the trigger. But it's not an example of hypocrisy on the part of black leaders. Not that that'll ever sink in among those who prefer to fit it into their world-view no matter what.

I'll say this, though: much as I agree with Eric Holder that drug laws need revising and that mandatory minimum sentences are a bad thing; much as I hate to see some kid who was caught with a joint have his whole future taken away because of it, I'd say these three kids are lost causes. Like certain sexual predators: whatever perversion allowed them to do what they did can't be punished away, or therapized away. In my view, anyway. Those three should never walk the earth outside of prison walls.

I suppose I could be wrong. I guess they deserve some sort of hearing. But if any one of them were my kid, I think I'd kill myself.

[Update: on the other hand, there's this.]

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