Thursday, August 1, 2013

Balance Of Power

So Halliburton, with its lying and cheating and law-breaking, the corporate embodiment of its malefactor maven Dick Cheney, pleads guilty to shitty work and destroying the evidence of its part in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In return for pleading guilty, it gets the maximum fine of $200,000 bucks (roughly four minutes' worth of profits), and an agreement from the Justice Department to drop further investigation and litigation. Wow. Two hundred grand. That'll show them. It makes a slap on the wrist seem like a beheading. (Note: after the announcement, Halliburton stock jumped nearly 4%!)

Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong, no angel but hardly the devastator of all living things that Halliburton is,   after whose transgressions, unlike those of Halliburton, life goes on pretty much unchanged, is being sued by our government, on behalf of the cyclically-wronged Postal Service, for north of $100,000,000.

I don't what that says, but whatever it is, it says it real loud.

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