Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Charles In Charge

Other than being a much better and wittier writer, and having an immeasurably larger audience, Charles P. Pierce, whom I've quoted more than once here, and I could be superimposable:

... I continue to maintain that, when the history of this administration is written, its primary flaw is going to be reckoned as having been its assumption that the political opposition was made up of rational men dedicated to the public good. This belief was pretty hilarious to start with, and has only become more laughable the longer we go since the day the country has the audacity to re-elect a (black) president of whom these people, and the shoeless, Bible-bashing mouthbreathers many of them represent, represent. 
(Is that harsh? Tough. We are talking about voters who, by and large, vote against their own economic self-interest time and time again and who, quite honestly, are the biggest suckers in the history of representative democracy. They continue to support policies that render their states into third-world sweatshops for corporations headquartered thousands of miles away. They doom their kids to inadequate schools and themselves to the whims of free-market medicine. The problem, of course, is that the rest of us have to live with the consequences and, it should be noted, pay a fkload of the bills for it besides. You're welcome, idiots.) ...

You gotta love writing like that, and not just because it's 100% accurate and pretty much covers everything I've been trying to say here.

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