Thursday, August 15, 2013

Home To Roost

A major theme here has been the destructive effects of teabaggR economic policies; namely, their only-too-happy-to-do-it defunding of everything we need to have a future. Hard to imagine, therefore, that anyone on that side of the aisle cares about this (every damn one of them on the House Science Committee is, after all, a climate-change denier and -- I'd bet -- a young-earther):

... Inside these incubators Dr. Anindya Dutta stores cell cultures that he believes hold the key to a massive advancement in health care. He has identified the specific strands of microRNA, the molecule that plays a large role in gene expression, that are responsible for promoting the formation and fusion of muscular tissue... 

... Late last month he was told that there would be no funding. UVA has stepped in to help, but Dutta estimates that 40 of his colleagues are in the same boat. "I am living off of fumes," he says.
A feeling of despair has taken hold within research communities like Dutta's, Top officials at academic and medical institutions have grown convinced that years of stagnant budgets and recent cuts have ushered in the dark ages of science in America. 
"It is like a slowly growing cancer," Steven Warren, vice chancellor for research at the University of Kansas said of sequestration at a recent gathering of academic officials in Washington, D.C. "It's going to do a lot of destruction over time."
Oh well. Long as the oligarchy gets their tax cuts, and the military gets its unwanted tanks, we're cool. Right?

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