Friday, August 9, 2013


So, is this another example of Obama reaching out and getting his hand bitten off; or is it the McCain/Graham act going rogue on their own; or might have it somehow been the plan all along?

The Obama administration sends the dysfunctional duo to Egypt, for some reason. The jets not yet cool on their plane, they set about doing whatever they can to make things worse. As we know, the White House has, rightly or wrongly, and pretty unconvincingly no matter what, has studiously avoided referring to whatever happened over there as a "coup." Because foreign aid. So Mutt and Muttonhead immediately state it was a coup, and threaten cutting off aid. It does not go over well.

“We share the democratic aspirations and the criticisms of the Morsi government that led millions of Egyptians into the streets,” Mr. McCain said. But “the circumstances of the former government’s president’s removal were a coup, and we have said that we cannot expect Egypt or any other country to abide by its laws if we do not abide by ours in the United States.” 
The new government rebuffed them. The Web site of the flagship Egyptian newspaper, Al Ahram, said Tuesday night that a top government spokesman had accused Mr. McCain of “falsifying the facts” and said his “foolish statements are unacceptable.”

Whatever respect I had for John McPOW evaporated well before he chose the abstruse Alaskan to be first in line to the presidency should he have burst his own brain under the pressure of actual governance. And super-sincere Lindsey "It pains me to say this" Graham is about the most simpering, self-absorbed, phony there is in the world's greatest deliberative body. Why President Obama chose them I have no idea and probably never will; they claim they weren't speaking for him when they stepped so heavily on their tiny dicks. But it's somewhere on that spectrum of American politics that runs between riotously funny and suicidal-thought-provoking indescribably depressing.

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