Thursday, August 22, 2013

See, The Thing Is...

Running out of ways to obstruct President Obama's agenda and to screw the poor, and those who'd prefer to be educated, people who'd like to have roads and bridges to drive on, citizens who might benefit from medical and other scientific research, or access to health care, teabaggRs are offloading new forms of crazy.

At least, back in the day, Rs had a blowjob and a lie, of sorts, over which to impeach Bill Clinton. Nowadays, they really don't care over what offense to go about it; don't even seem to think there's a need, other than, well, let's just say they don't like him.

Their ranks now include presumptive presidential candidate, former Canadian, and not very well-informed Ted Cruz. There's some other guy, too. No doubt, given the characteristics of our teabagging legislators, many more as well.

But the thing is, hating the brother (same link, but the hate is clear) isn't enough, according to that pesky document to which teabaggers claim sole fealty among Americans. You'd think, therefore, that in a breath adjacent to the one that expired the thought, there'd be a couple of exhalations of high crimes and/or misdemeanors.

You'd be wrong.

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