Monday, April 28, 2014

By George

Everything he says, every single word, every fleck of spittle, each perfectly placed profanity, is exactly correct. Particularly, as I've written till I'm sick of it, the part about deliberately dumbing us down. And the why and the how. Fox "news." Right wing radio. Theocratizing our schools, our halls of government. The better informed, the more educated the public, the worse their prospects.

Why repeat the obvious at this point, when the people who ought to be rising up and fighting back clearly don't give a shit and never will? When red states and red districts keep electing those sorts most deserving of Carlin's tirade?

Well, only because of this little dustup, wherein the Heartland Institute, like the Tea Party cleverly named to evoke red-blooded patriotism of the Bundy Ranch sort and faux grass-roots gestation while actually funded by the Kochs and other oligarchs, tried to hijack ol' George's rant, Foxifying it by cropping out the context*, and selling it to their predicably propagandized and mendaciously misinformed substrate.

What better example (except for all the others) of their soulless manipulations, of their complete disrespect for their careful creation, the Tea Party? They (the manipulators) assume they (their target audience) are idiots, because they've spent years making it so.

And, as usual, they're right.
* Hannity played parts of Stewart's takedown, leaving out the clips, as he's done before, that showed his (Hannity's) hypocrisy.

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