Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Virtual Reality

Here, at last, is the deal: Barack Obama was "virtually" born in Kenya. Settled. Finally.

Similarly, it turns out Scott Brown, according to John Sununu, was virtually born in New Hampshire. How cool is that? No carpetbagger, he. I mean, other than a silly boundary line, Maine might as well be New Hampshire. Right? Matter of fact, if you want carpetbagging, look no further than current New Hampshire Senator Jean Shaheen. Why, according to Mr Sununu, since, like most Democrats most of the time, she votes similarly to the Massachusetts delegation, well sir, she's damn near the "Senator from Massachusetts." Says he, evidently forgetting that only a couple of years ago, that Scott Brown fella was the actual senator from Massachusetts. You wanna go with the born-there native candidate, though, you'll have to look entirely elsewhere.

That, folks, is today's R party in all its glorious nut-shelled and nut-cased mendacity. In order to deflect the obvious truth of Brown's carpetbagging, they're gonna run him on the claim that his opponent is the interloper. It's like that Congressional bag-lady of the tea kind who just got up and claimed it's the Republican party that's been fighting for equality for women. I guess all those "no" votes were a rear-guard operation.

That's some industrial grade bullshit on all counts. But do they have reason to think they can get away with it? Well, of course they do. With the entire right-wing media lined up to tell their audience that bullshit tastes like chicken, and with that audience happily reaching for their forks, who the hell wouldn't?

Why those folks who still dare call themselves Republicans haven't awakened by now to the level of disrespect shown them by their "leaders" is beyond me. They can't all be that damaged, can they?

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