Monday, April 25, 2011

Hearts And Minds

Looking good. Other than the fact that he let 480 Taliban escape through a thousand-foot tunnel built over a few months, under his nose, within sight of the towers, he's a model guard.
A man who claimed he helped organize those inside the prison told The Associated Press in a phone call that he and his accomplices obtained copies of the keys for the cells ahead of time from "friends." He did not say who those friends were, but his comments suggested possible collusion by prison guards.
"Possible collusion." Ya think?
"This is a blow," presidential spokesman Waheed Omar said. "A prison break of this magnitude of course points to a vulnerability."

Vulnerability. Yes.

When I think of war, I think of sides. Two of them, for simplicity's sake. In Afghanistan, there are no sides. It's just a soup of tribes and local allegiances, with self-preservation above nation. (Hmm.... Sounds a little like teabaggers...)

I suppose a few hundred prisoners one way or the other doesn't tip the battle one way or the other; but it sure as hell tells a story. "Winning," over there, is just a word.

And as long as we're talking truth, the latest leaks, while not really surprising, just reinforce the shame of Gitmo. Doubly shameful, because it was, as usual, the stupidity and demagoguery of members of Congress, especially, but not limited to, the Rs, who whipped up the ridiculous notion that housing prisoners on US soil was somehow dangerous, effectively keeping Obama from closing the place. Idiots. Cynical, dishonest, useless idiots. Whatever else might be true, ain't no way they'd be tunneled out of a supermax.

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